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Over the last century, Rolex has become an iconic brand that’s associated with style and luxury. The company was started in 1905 by twenty-four-year-old inventor and entrepreneur, Hans Wildorf. While Wildorf was growing up, clocks were only available that hung on the wall or were attached to a chain and hung at a gentleman’s hip. Hans Wildorf’s dream was to design and manufacture a stylish, good quality watch that could be worn on the wrist.

With a lot of hard work and dedication, Hans Wildorf, not only invented the wristwatch but also created a luxury watch brand that has stood the test of time.

Rolex has a fascinating history from its beginnings in the early 18th century to the present day. This article will tell you everything you need to know about the Rolex watch brand.

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Hans Wilsdorf

Hans Wilsdorf was a Swiss-born German who appreciated the finer things in life. He loved fashion and style from a young age and received an excellent education due to his family’s successful business. After leaving school, Wilsdorf did an apprenticeship at an international pearl company before getting a prestigious watchmaker job.

Swiss watchmaking is well known for its quality and style, and Wilsdorf was lucky enough to be mentored by a watchmaker, Cuno Korten. In the early 1900’s he decided to move to the UK, where he opened a watchmaker’s shop in London.

Wilsdorf’s dream was to bring wristwatches to the masses, and he was the man who invented the wristwatch, which is still worn today. He started to manufacture good quality wristwatches that were stylish and reliable.

The Rolex Brand Name

When Wilsdorf first started his company, he chose his surname to use as a brand name. There are a few different theories about why he changed the name to Rolex. IN 1914, he changed his business trading name to The Rolex Watch Company, which was copyrighted in Switzerland.

This change of name happened simultaneously with world war one, and it’s thought that Wilsdorf wanted to get rid of his association with Germany. Wilsdorf came up with Rolex’s name, as he wanted something straightforward and easy to pronounce in any language. He also wanted a name that was short enough to be written across the face of a watch.

Rolex a Reliable Brand

Rolex made a name for itself-amongst other clockmakers, but it wasn’t until 1926 that watches started appearing on the general public’s wrists. At first, people were suspicious of wristwatches, and they were even considered unrespectable.

Rolex came up with a marketing campaign to make wristwatches seem more sophisticated and popular. They invented a waterproof wristwatch, which at the time was a fantastic achievement. This watch was named the Rolex Oyster.

A famous swimmer named Mercedes Gleitze wore the Oyster while she swam across the English Channel, a feat that took ten hours. Her watch amazed the general public as it still worked after being in the water all that time.

Rolex then decided to test the Oyster’s strength and durability in a variety of challenging environments. The Oyster was tested by being plunged deep into the English Channel and was taken to the top of Mt. Everest. It also accompanied race car drivers, and pilots and performed flawlessly in all situations. The Rolex brand was suddenly seen as being desirable and has become a legend ever since.

Thanks to Rolex, wristwatches became the norm for much of society. To this day, the brand continues to lead the way. Wearing a Rolex is very stylish and sophisticated.

Rolex Oysters

Since the launch of the first Rolex Oyster, there have been many different models that were designed with different functions in mind. In 1953 Rolex designed a watch that could withstand altitudes and adverse weather conditions. It was worn by a climber who scaled Everest.

Rolex also designed a watch called the submariner, which was waterproof to a distance of 660 feet under the water and was able to be used by deep-sea divers.

Rolex was also the first watchmaker to display both the date and time on the watch face. The Oyster Day-Date made history by including a date feature.

The Rolex Brand Changed the World

Rolex is a very well-known brand which is known worldwide. Hans Wilsdorf was an innovative inventor who came up with some revolutionary ideas that worked.

Today Rolex is the world’s most famous and valuable watch brand. It’s also one of the best-known brands of all time. Rolex is now estimated to be worth over four billion dollars.

Rolex Watch Repair

If you own a Rolex, it’s a good idea to have it serviced regularly and carry out the necessary watch repairs to keep it in good condition. If you own a vintage Rolex, you should look for a watchmaker who’s experienced in working with older timepieces.

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