Choosing the Right Watch Repair | Highlands Ranch, CO

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When it comes to your watch you don’t want just anyone working on it. After all, you want to make sure that your watch is in perfect condition when you get it back. Well, that’s actually easier than you think, if you know how to find the right watch repair shop in Highlands Ranch, CO. We can help you with the process of getting exactly what you’re looking for whether you need a major repair or something minor. After all, a quality watch is an important thing to have.

Who You’re Looking For

You’re looking for someone who is going to help you take care of your watch and keep it in perfect, working order. But how are you going to make sure that you have exactly that? Well, you’re going to need to look at their qualifications and definitely at their track record for working with watches that are very similar to yours. From there, you’ll be able to make sure that you’re working with someone that you can trust and that you actually want to come back to time after time (because your watch will need additional repairs).

Check Their Qualifications

There are plenty of different types of qualifications that watch repair shops can have and you want to take a look at them. You want to make sure that you have someone who is actually trained to work on watches. After all, if you have a good watch you want to be sure it stays that way. Someone who doesn’t really know what they’re doing or who has only worked on inexpensive watches in the past may not be able to work with your needs because they don’t understand the way that a mechanical watch works.

Check Their References

Especially if you’re getting any major repairs done or you’re having any work done on an expensive or antique watch you want to make absolutely certain that the repair shop you’re working with knows what they are doing. That’s why you may ask for references to help you get a better idea of what you’re getting from their work. If they can provide you with references you’ll be better able to see what you’re really getting and prove that they’ve done similar work before. You’ll also find out more about who they are as an individual.

Gauge Your Comfort Level

How good a watch repair shop is doesn’t mean anything if you don’t really like the individual and want to work with them. Now, a watch repair, unlike some other types of work you might need now and again, don’t require you to interact with the person doing the repair very frequently. But that doesn’t mean that being able to relate to them isn’t important. You still want to make sure that you feel comfortable with them and that you want to work with them. After all, you’re going to be leaving something that’s important to you in their care.

Get a Quote

Most jobs you can get some type of quote for. Keep in mind that more extensive work or jobs where it’s impossible to know what’s wrong without getting started might have variable quotes while other tasks, like a general cleaning or winding, might have set rates. You want to have an idea of what the cost will be so you can compare between a few different shops. But make sure you know what’s included in that cost as well. Not every repair shop will charge in the exact same way.

Start Small

If you need something major done on your watch or you’re going to get watch repair on an antique you may want to start with something small. Bring another watch to the repair shop and have a general cleaning done. This will allow you to get a better idea of the shop and it will allow you to see what they return to you. Once you’ve gotten a better idea you’ll be able to feel more comfortable with a larger task or with a more personal watch. After all, how comfortable you feel is the most important thing.

Ask Questions

Don’t be afraid to ask questions when you’re going to get a job done. After all, you want to make sure that you’re working with someone who knows what they’re doing. So, talk to them about their work or about your watch and see how you feel about their knowledge. Ask them about what needs to be done and how they’re going to do it. This will help you feel more comfortable with what’s happening to your watch as well. After all, if you were getting surgery for yourself you’d want to know what they were doing. The same is true for anything else you own as well.

Hiring the Right Team

When you’re ready to get started with any type of watch repair make sure that you’re working with a team that you can trust. At Matheu’s Fine Watches of Highlands Ranch, CO we can help you get everything that you’re looking for and more. No matter what kind of watch repair you need, we can take care of it and we can do it quickly as well. After all, you don’t want to be without your watch any more than you need to be.

Watch repair is extremely important to make sure that your watch keeps running the way that it should for a very long time. And all you have to do is call the right people to get you started. You’ll be more than happy with the work that we do, no matter what you need and no matter what type of watch you want us to work on. The only thing you have to worry about is figuring out just when you want to bring your watch in. Your watch repair is the only thing that matters to us, so just give us a call and schedule your next appointment to get started.