Stylish Watches for Women – Part Two | Watch Repair in Breckenridge, CO

5. Patek Philippe Ladies’ Calatrava


Whether you are at a business meeting, at a formal dinner or at the grocery store, a Patek Philippe makes a bold statement. The statement that the Ladies’ Calatrava makes is pure unadulterated sophistication. This line has been the flagship timepiece for the Swiss watchmaker for almost 100 years, ever since the 1930s, and to this date this gorgeous piece still conveys the minimalist elegance it was designed with so long ago.

 It has a white gold case, with 48 small baguette diamonds that are set in its bezel and six baguette diamonds along the prong buckle set. There is a midnight blue dial and a dark blue brushed satin strap. There are six other timepieces in the Calatrava line, including one with a more fascinating looking dark purple lacquered face and violet-colored alligator leather strap that has 20 diamonds, plus a draped-shaped white gold case set with more than five carats of diamonds; a total of 162 of them to exact!


4. Bulgari Serpenti Incantati


Bulgari has been known for their impeccable quality for their jewelry and watches for a very long time. Their motif has become the company’s creative symbol; the serpent. Bulgari has been producing their Serpenti jewelry and watch line since as early as the 1930s, but it is their latest iteration of women’s watches that are the first to actually feature a serpent winding itself around the dial. The look is significant and unlike any timepiece, you’ve ever seen before.

 If you want to be inconspicuous at your next formal gathering then the Serpenti Incantati is not for you. It is Haute Joaillerie at its finest, with a choice between either pink or a white gold case, and 116 brilliant-cut pavé diamonds set along the length of the serpent and the tourbillon dial. The satin strap has another 20 brilliant-cut diamonds to finish of this high-precision watch that will stop a crowd in their tracks.


3. A. Lange and Sohne Saxonia Mother-Of-Pearl and Diamond Watch


When it comes to A. Lange and Sohne, you will expect two things from them and that is technical perfection and heavenly elegance. Their Saxonia line significantly delivers both. This German watchmaker fell on hard times and was put out of business after World War II but it was resurrected by a family member and several other notable Swiss watchmakers in the 1990s.  Thus, once again they are producing truly outstanding high-end European timepieces that are a marvel to behold.

The 18K white gold case on the women’s Saxonia is a delight, but what makes this timepiece significantly stand out is the divine mother-of-pearl dial, with a smaller mother-of-pearl second-hand dial at the bottom. This is not just any watch – it is a work of art. Small, sparkling diamonds mounted on the bezel surrounding the face, and a white alligator leather strap completes this undertated yet angelic timepiece.


2. Blancpain Women Jour Nuit


Blancpain has a sordid and yet strange history behind them. After almost two centuries of being owned within the family, the company passed a number of times between distant family members and larger big-name watch companies. Throughout all this time, Bancpain has continued to manufacture highly-regarded and collectible mechanical watch movements and innovative designs. The Women Jour Nuit may be Blancpain’s most stunning design to date.

 This is a large watch, however it is quite thin. More importantly, the way the two exclusive movements are displayed focuses the attention on the timepiece’s face and not the size. The mother-of-pearl dial is divided into three different sections, on four different levels. This gives the timepiece the look of a deep and intricate technological prodigy. There is a day-night disc whith turns twice per day and is visible on the upper half of the face, with varying blues and intricate designs that symbolize the changing sky providing a calming and constantly changing display.


1. Ballon Blanc de Cartier


Almost 100 years ago in the 1920s, it was the era of glittering bracelets heavily adorned with gemstones, the Ballon Banc de Cartier pictured above melds these unparalleled design skills from Cartier with a high-quality Swiss quartz movement. It is a timepiece which has moved the esteemed jewelry house front and center in the horological movement, as well as to the top our list.

The dial on the Ballon Blanc is lacquered with a white mother-of-pearl with blue-sword -shaped hands and the trademark Cartier railroad design for the minutes. The dainty and thin case is available in either 18K rose gold or 18K white gold, with two rows of diamonds on the bezel.  These aren’t just any run-of-the-mill diamonds, either. Cartier selects each of the round brilliant stones individually and adds a large, nearly perfect (IF, VVS1) colorless solitaire diamond in a separate setting next to the “4” on the face.


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