8 Reasons You Need a Professional for Anna Beck Jewelry in Highlands Ranch, CO!

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Your jewelry box may contain objects which mean more to you than everything else. Are you treating these precious objects with the care they truly need?

Listed below are some rookie mistakes made by owners of Anna Beck jewelry for which they often need specialized repair services. Without further ado, let’s get to it:


1.    Never Visiting the Shop Again

If you see a vintage car in mint condition, it is because its owner treated it with the care that it needed. Since you can skip servicing your car on a regular basis, same holds true for jewelry as well. It needs a regular tune-up and some jewelers may not even charge a dime for that and it actually extends the lifespan of your piece.

In a professional cleanup, the sparkle of the stones are restored and your piece will look as good as the day you made the purchase. It gives the store an opportunity to look for any areas of damage which could smudge its beauty.

This is why you should look for a specialist repairman of Anna Beck Jewelry in Highlands Ranch, CO, and order regular tune-ups.


2.    You Refrain from Cleaning the Jewelry

If you own jewelry and have never touched it for maintenance purposes, you are not doing yourself any favors at all. Taking it regularly to a professional service is not enough. Jewelry owners are known to keep their jewelry untouched and uncleansed for long periods of time. Customers bring their jewelry to a shop, which is often caked with lotion and has dirt inside the prongs. This is harmful to certain stones and could compromise the settings in certain cases.

You can head over to a jewelry shop that deals in the cleaning of Anna Beck Jewelry in Highlands Ranch, CO, and take some pointers from them. It will ensure your jewelry’s longevity.

3.    Improper DIY Cleaning Methods

There are certain select substances that can be used for cleaning your expensive jewelry. Dish soap is as strong a substance as it gets. Denatured alcohol is also a good substitute for removing the residue off your wedding diamonds. But refrain from using it on emeralds, opals and pearls, which are softer stones. Coral and turquoise are some other stones which cannot withstand harsh treatment. Avoid usage of lemon and other acids which are reactive in nature and ruin these stones.

To be on the safe side, you should comb your area for experts of Anna Beck Jewelry in Highlands Ranch, CO, and ask them about care tips you need to follow.


4.    Taking a Shower with Jewelry

People are quite forgetful and the reasons are understandable, too. They could take a quick shower with it on or spend an entire day beaching while completely forgetting about their priceless jewelry. Hard water and soap can be quite difficult to remedy. The steam can loosen the pieces that hold them in one place and it can jumpstart rust at the same time.

It is advisable to take jewelry off and avoid all forms of contact with water (sea, shower, swimming pool). Finding a specialized service for Anna Beck Jewelry in Highlands Ranch, CO, is a time-exhaustive process and you should save yourself the trouble of looking for one.


5.    Failing to Appraise the Jewelry

It is common knowledge among the jewelry repair companies that jewelry insurance policy is a needless piece of paper. It provides limited coverage when you want it. The present renter’s/homeowner’s insurance policy is inadequate for complete coverage. It is advisable to have another policy in place to cover the high-end range of your jewelry.

If you need to get your priceless jewelry appraised, then look for a company that specializes in Anna Beck Jewelry in Highlands Ranch, CO, apart from other high-end brands for an accurate appraisal.


6.    Taking Jewelry to Other Jewelers for Repair

This is a misconception that has developed over the years for unknown reasons. Purchasing a piece of priceless jewelry and taking it somewhere else for repair is entirely okay. Since many people purchase from the internet these days, it is not obligatory to stick with one entity only.

If you have purchased your favorite Anna Beck jewelry from the internet, it is high time that you should look for a service that deals in repair and cleaning of Anna Beck Jewelry in Highlands Ranch, CO. Interestingly, minor maintenance is quite inexpensive than most people realize.


7.    Wear Pearls in the Last

Pearls are soft stones and extremely delicate for that matter. They are the sole exception to the durability rule of jewelry. Therefore, it is prudent to wear them at the last, after you have perfumed, applied hairspray and done with makeup. Pearls have the luster that can be easily damaged by chemicals. They also require precious air to survive. It is imprudent to place them inside an airtight environment.

If you presently purchased pearls of Anna Beck Jewelry in Highlands Ranch, CO, it is better to take a tutorial on their safekeeping.


8.    Clasp the Necklace Prior to Storage

Women tend to have issues with tangled necklaces. There is a way around that, interestingly. One thing that you can do is close the necklace and place it gently on the pushpin or necklace tree. If you get a nasty tangle in your necklace, then gently lay down the strand and untie the knot with two pins. Never hold the necklace in the air, gravity will do what it does best.

Visit a jewelry store which among other brands deals in Anna Beck Jewelry in Highlands Ranch, CO, and learn how to untie these knots.



Keeping these vital tips and tricks in mind, you can easily avoid routine visits for repair of Anna Beck Jewelry in Highlands Ranch, CO, visit only sporadically when you really need to, thus saving time and needless costs of servicing and repairs.

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