Can you give me a ballpark estimate over the phone or email?

No, we need your watch in hand to do an accurate estimate. There are no charges for estimates.

Do you change watch batteries?

Yes, the brand and quality of the watch don’t matter.

Can you size a watch, even if not purchased at Matheu's?

Yes, we can size all brands of watches.

Do you do jewelry repair?

Yes, we do jewelry repair as well as custom designs. There is no jewelry job too small or too big for us!

How long does a battery last?

Batteries typically last 18-24 months. It depends on your watch and the battery consumption it draws.

What is an Automatic watch?

An automatic watch is watch with a self-winding mechanism. It has a half moon weight on the inside of the watch that moves as you do. This is designed to wind the watch. Typically an automatic watch has a day and half power reserve once it is not worn.

Do you do Appraisals?

Yes, we do jewelry and watch appraisals. Timeframe is typically a week.

What does it mean to reseal my watch?

When a watch is water resistant all manufacturers recommend at time of battery replacement or at time of service that the watch be resealed to maintain its water resistance. This process includes replacement of all gaskets, vacuum and pressure testing. So, if you accidentally or intentionally get your watch wet it will be protected from damage.

Is it important to have the case and bracelet of my watch cleaned?

Yes, on an annual basis. Natural body oils, dirt and dust collect in-between the links of your bracelet and acts like sandpaper to cause premature wear and breakage.

Can I ship my watch to you?

Yes, we receive watches from across the US and we are factory authorized for most brands. Always send your watch through an insured trackable method and all pertinent contact info enclosed along with a note why you are sending to us.

You don't have the watch in stock I want, can you order it?

Yes, we special order on a daily basis.

Do you sell watch straps or bracelets?

Yes, we have a large selection in stock and can supply you with factory direct manufactured straps or bracelets.

Can you service watch brands that you do not carry in the store?

Yes, we service all major brands of watches using only factory direct parts.

Do you buy pre-owned watches?

Yes, we buy pre-owned watches. It depends on the brand and the market value it would have.

Do you do consignment on watches?


Do you do the work or service/repair on premise?

Yes, 90% of the time the work is done on premise. The other 10% are required factory repairs due to warranty and/or parts available.

Special Care Instructions for Your Timepiece:

– Never take your watch into a hot shower, jacuzzi, sauna, or hot tub. The combination of extreme heat and water may cause your watch to lose some of its water resistance.

– Do not operate buttons or pull out the crown under water or when the watch is wet.

– If the watch has a screw-down crown/button, it must be screwed down tight prior to contact with water.

– Do not wear leather bands in water.

– Avoid exposing your watch to strong chemicals, perfume, soap, or solvent as they may cause discoloration, deterioration, or damage to the strap, rubber seal, and lubricants essential to the life of the watch.

– Water-resistance is not permanent. In the course of time, the gasket of the case and/or crown may become worn and reduce the water resistance level.

– Do not attempt to repair the watch yourself.

– While every effort is made to ensure that your timepiece is designed to withstand impact, under normal use, avoid severe impacts or drops onto hard surfaces.

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