Engagement Ring Jewelry Store And Shopping: 4 Tips | Denver, CO

Proposals are no longer a huge surprise. Since engagement rings are so pricey, it’s important that you find a ring that your lover will absolutely cherish and adore. Nowadays, about 62% of couples will actually go engagement ring shopping together, so that both couples can be absolutely sure that they’re getting the right ring.

Although bigger is not always better, a lot of people do prefer having a larger center stone. This often means a much bigger budget, but there are ways that you can make a smaller stone look bigger without breaking the bank. We’ll give you some tips and tricks of the trade below, and you can get even more advice from an engagement ring jewelry store in Denver, CO.

#1. Choose the Right Diamond Shape

You don’t have to break the bank to have a large center stone. The shape of the diamond can make a huge difference, and some shapes naturally look bigger than others. You’ll be able to see what we mean when you visit an engagement ring jewelry store in person. Despite being the same carat, some shapes simply look a bit bigger.

The four shapes that tend to look bigger than the rest are marquise, pear, oval, and emerald. In general, most people prefer an oval-shaped diamond because it not only looks bigger but also looks the most similar to classic-style engagement rings. If you put the same carat round and oval-shaped diamond side-by-side, the diamond will look quite a bit bigger. This is because this shape has more mass on the table, also known as the top of the diamond. On the other hand, a lot of the mass of the diamond is hidden underneath the table for round diamonds.

If you’re going to prefer a certain diamond shape, then you should also avoid certain shapes. The shapes that you should avoid include round diamonds, Asscher diamonds, and princess diamonds. Another reason why you should try to avoid round diamonds is that they also tend to be the most expensive.

#2. Choose a Slim Band and Prong

Another way to make your diamond pop is to go for a slim setting, which means going for slimmer bands and prongs. In comparison to the diamond, the band will look smaller, so the diamond will look bigger. Even a very slight difference in bandwidth can make a huge difference although on paper it won’t seem noticeable. You’ll be able to tell once you see the rings in person at an engagement ring jewelry store.

Much like with the band, you also want to choose a slimmer prong. If the prong is slimmer, it’ll make it appear as if the diamond that’s been held up is much bigger than it actually is. The width of the band won’t make too much of a difference; however, you definitely need to take into account your finger size and width as well. This is why many couples will often go to the jewelry store together. It’s best if your fiancee can try out different styles and designs to see what goes best with their fingers. Something that looks good on a computer or in stores might not always look good on your fingers.

#3. Go for a Lower Clarity

You don’t have to just try to make your engagement ring look bigger. You can actually afford a larger ring if you go for a lower clarity. We recommend that you maintain a high color rating because the color can make the diamond shine, which can make it look much bigger than it actually is. You’ll notice a huge difference at the engagement ring jewelry store when you look at diamonds of different colors. A diamond with a tint of yellow will not look as shiny. With that said, there is a range that you can go with. The only way to tell what range is acceptable is in-person at an engagement ring jewelry store.

The one thing that we do recommend that you go lower for is clarity. A difference in clarity is not usually observable with the naked eye. Go into an engagement ring jewelry store and ask to see a VVS2 diamond and a VS2. Chances are that you won’t really be able to tell a difference at all; however, the difference in price will be incredibly noticeable. It’s huge!

#4. Opt for a Bright White Setting

Last but not least, we recommend setting the diamond in white metal, like platinum or white gold. A shiny white metal against the white of the diamond will make it look even larger than it actually is. The best choice is actually 18K white gold as it contains rhodium, which makes it extra shiny and sparkly.

Another reason why we recommend 18K white gold is because it is also a bit cheaper in comparison to many other metals. You’ll need to go speak to someone at the engagement ring jewelry store to get a better idea of how much everything will cost you; however, many engagement ring jewelry stores will already be using this type of metal, so it shouldn’t be difficult for you to find a style and design that you like.

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