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Once you find that special someone and want to tie the knot, the next step is to get engaged. Whether you shop for an engagement ring with your spouse or alone, an engagement ring will last for a long time. You want the ring you choose to stand the test of time, just like your marriage.

What trends should you consider when looking for an engagement ring store near me? From gender-neutral rings to Toi et Moi, here are some engagement ring trends you should expect to see in 2022.

Gender-Neutral Rings

Gender-neutral ring options have become more readily available, and it’s only the beginning. Stars like Dua Lipa, Kylie Jenner, and Bella Hadid are leading the pack in this trend, opting for chunkier, gender-neutral designs. While women are still wearing feminine designs, more women are beginning to gravitate towards bolder, heavier styles traditionally associated with men. When you Google search “engagement ring store near me,” you might want to consider a store with gender-neutral options.

Oval Engagement Rings

Oval-cut engagement rings gained popularity in 2021, and this popularity is not expected to decrease anytime soon. Oval rings look good on everyone’s hands, and they show off their carat weight well, which is an added benefit.

When it comes to an oval cut, the most critical aspect is the color. As a buyer searching for “an engagement ring store near me,” you should be looking for a near-colorless or colorless oval diamond ring. An oval ring is good at hiding any flaws, so it is not necessary to look for a completely flawless diamond.

Colorful Gemstones

Colorful gemstones are becoming more popular in jewelry stores in Denver, CO, as they allow couples to pick something bright that captures their essence. Sapphire and emerald are the most popular options.

Colored wedding accessories like colored bridal gowns have become more popular, so it stands to reason that colorful engagement rings would become more popular. When searching “engagement store near me,” consider stores that carry colorful gemstone rings.

Vintage-Inspired Rings

Just as vintage has taken over the fashion industry, antique engagement rings seem to be making a comeback. This isn’t just a ring you would expect to find on your grandmother at cocktail hour. Instead, it is a well-customized vintage ring with a magnificent diamond at the forefront.

This does not just come from a desire to stand out but also from TV shows. There is a push for antique engagement ring designs with shows like Bridgerton playing a huge part in pop culture. When you Google search “engagement ring store near me,” consider one that allows you to add your unique style to a vintage ring.

Toi Et Moi Engagement Rings

Toi Et Moi (French for you and me) rings are also among the most sought after rings in Denver. The style of these rings features two complementary gemstones that often have a spiral silhouette. The symbolism of the two gemstones coming together is an excellent choice for the sentimental couple.

We’ve seen a surge in the popularity of Tot Et Moi engagement rings due to celebrities like Ariana Grande and Megan Fox opting for these multi-stone rings. People are increasingly choosing unique stones and diamonds to further elaborate on the love story being told by the ring.

While this trend may feel modern, it has been around since the 1796 marriage of Josephine to Napoleon. When you google search “engagement ring store near me,” you may want to find one with Toi Et Moi rings that symbolize the unity of your union. It is a beautiful way to begin your life together.

Shopping Local

For many couples, buying an engagement ring is usually their first experience with fine jewelry. Picking the right engagement ring can be an overwhelming process. Since an engagement ring is something you will wear for a long time, it is crucial to find the right jeweler.

In 2022, we will see couples in Denver, CO, seeking out local jewelry chains rather than going to bigger stores because they are looking for that personal touch. When you search “engagement ring store near me,” you get the added benefit that a local jeweler can clean and even repair your ring if need be.

Ethically sourced diamonds

The desire to make more ethical purchases has trickled down to engagement ring purchases, and folks are now conscious of how their engagement ring stones were sourced. As folks become more aware of their environment, terms like lab-grown and conflict-free are becoming popular.

Many couples would not have considered any other choice for an engagement ring other than diamonds. However, after becoming more conscious of the violent history of diamond mining and the adverse effects on local communities, many people are opting for other stones in their rings.

Many couples are finding lab-grown diamonds to be the answer. When you search “engagement ring store near me,” it is best to find a store that will allow you to make a more ethical and eco-conscious purchase.

Incorporating an Heirloom

Many families have rings with some sentimental value. Maybe this ring once belonged to a mother or grandmother. You can choose to wear such a ring as is, or you can have some gemstones or metals reworked into it to give it a more modern look.

Regardless, incorporating a family heirloom is especially meaningful. When you search “engagement ring store,” you want a shop that will allow you to incorporate any fun family heirlooms into the engagement ring.

When considering what to incorporate, think beyond rings. Even necklaces and earrings can be redesigned into a beautiful engagement ring you will love.

Hopefully, you now have a clear idea of what you want. When searching “engagement ring store near me,” you want a store that understands the latest engagement ring trends and provides you with a wide range that meets your needs.

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