How To Find An Engagement Ring Store Near Me | Denver, CO

Getting ready to propose to a loved one is a milestone, and it is an experience that will hopefully only happen once in your lifetime. Therefore, you need to prepare carefully and find an engagement ring store near me in Denver, CO that has the perfect ring for your proposal. While picking the right fiancé is the most important decision that you will ever make, picking the right engagement ring can seem like a close second. That ring needs to last as long as your love, so choose wisely. The bulk of that final decision will depend on what the engagement ring store near me has to offer.

There are dozens of jewelry stores across Denver, CO, but only one will be the right one to sell you a ring. Of course, every single one of them wants your business, which is why you should step back and take a closer look at what you want before you actually head down to an engagement ring store near me. In reality, you need to know exactly what you want before you can start to shop around because this will help you determine which store is actually going to be the right choice. There are a few variables that can help you narrow down that choice.

Band Type

To begin, start with one of the easier but extremely important variables: the material that you want the engagement ring to be made out of. Most women and men have a strong preference for either gold or silver. White gold is a great option for those who prefer the look of silver but still want to keep the traditional gold band. If you have no idea, the jewelry box is a great place to start. Take a quick peak, and you will probably see an overwhelming amount of one or the other.

You also can take a look at what they wear on a daily basis if getting into their jewelry box is not an option. Also, don’t underestimate the power of asking at some point whether silver or gold is a preferred metal. Even a joking question at a mall shop is a great way to get quick information that will serve you well later when you head to an engagement ring store near me to actually start looking at ring options. Keep in mind that your fiancé’s friends are another great source of intel if you can trust them to keep the secret until after you propose. Some people even take a close friend shopping with them at an engagement ring store near me in order to get more insight.

Diamond or Gem?

Next, you need to decide if you are going to choose a traditional diamond for the primary setting or if you will opt for a different type of gem. If you are looking for an alternate gem then you will need to carefully approach finding the right engagement ring store near me, as not all might stock the gem settings you are after.

While diamonds are traditional, some conscious brides are now turning away from diamonds because of their bad history. In this case, choosing an opal, amethyst, or birthstone might be a more fitting choice. Many people are currently in love with sapphire as the centerpiece and you can find these options at some engagement ring store near me locations. Alternatively, lab-grown diamonds are another excellent option for those who want a diamond but without any of the negative press associated with them. Not every engagement ring store near me will have lab-grown options, however, so it is best to consider these facts before you begin your search.

Cut of Diamond

If you decide to go with a diamond, you have to stop and think about the cut of the diamond that you choose. There are dozens of different ways you can go with the cut of the diamond, but only one of them is probably going to be the right choice for your spouse. The princess cut is easily the most popular, but many people go with the square or diamond cut as well. If you plan to have your diamond set around other gems, this will also influence the eventual cut you can go with. This is where talking to an engagement ring store employee can help.

Band Size

Finally, you need to consider the actual size of the engagement ring you will need. In most instances, if you work with the right engagement ring store, you should be able to get a ring resized after you propose if it doesn’t fit. However, if you choose a ring with a complicated setting, then there may be some limitations to how much the ring can be adjusted. In addition, if you are going with an inscription inside the ring which is very stylish these days, not every engagement ring store will be able to adapt the ring. If you can slip a piece of paper around the ring finger of your fiancé at any given time or a piece of string, this can help you get a closer estimate.


Finally, one of the non negotiable parts of your engagement ring purchase is your budget. The budget you have in mind will play a significant role in what engagement ring store is going to be the right choice. Before you head out to look at any rings, you need to think carefully about how much you can afford to pay. While the salespeople may attempt to change your mind, walking in with a clear budget is the best way to ensure you walk out with the perfect ring that will leave you money to pay for your wedding.

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