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Although engagement rings are traditionally a diamond set in some type of metal band, they can be a lot more extravagant and interesting than that. There is no one size fits all, and like your romantic relationship, it’s always okay to be a little different. If you are interested in incorporating some of the newest ring trends into your engagement ring, this article will help. If you’re not sure about what to get, you can always ask the engagement rings store in Littleton, CO for some ideas.

The bottom line is this. Your engagement ring should last, and your partner should love it. The piece should be something that holds sentimental value to the both of you. With that said, let’s take a look at some of the latest trends to see whether you’d like to go for a more traditional design or something a bit more trendy.

#1. The Toi et Moi Design

If there is one thing that is making a comeback, it’s the Toi Et Moi design, which is essentially two gemstones rather than one. The design comes from its name “Toi Et Moi”, which is French for “you and me”. The two gemstones are representative of both partners in the relationship. It’s a very romantic gesture, and every time that your partner looks at the ring, they’ll think about you. 

With this design, you do not have to choose the same stone for the two stones. They also do not need to be the same color accurately. You can really customize it here. Some people will choose two different types of stones that complement each other. They also do not need to be the same color or carat. You can really customize it here. Some people will choose two different types of stones that complement each other. Or they might choose the same stone, but a different color. Some couples choose colors that represent each partner, like each partner’s favorite color. It really does add some personal flare to the engagement ring!

Perhaps, one of the most notable examples is Megan Fox’s engagement ring from Machine Gun Kelly. The two stones used are a diamond and an emerald, and the stones come together to form a heart. You can always go for something like that. An engagement rings store can help you come up with a custom design. It doesn’t have to be a heart. It can just be two stones side by side together. Or, it could form an icon that’s special to the both of you. It really depends on what you want.

#2. An Increase in Diamond Details

If you’re someone who has always been drawn to the blank, then you’re going to want to go for something that has a lot more bling than usual. Many of the newer engagement rings have a lot more diamond details to them. An engagement rings store can help you create a design with hidden halos and accented galleries. They can also help you add hidden stones beneath the ring’s center gemstone. 

In most cases, the extra stones are diamonds; however, a fine jewelry store can help you personalize this if it’s not to your taste. You might want to include different types of stones as well in order to get a unique color combination. It really depends on your taste and what you envision the ring to look like. 

If you are going to go with diamond details, you really need to consider the color of the diamonds that you add. Some experts recommend going with diamond details that have a color rating that is one grade lower than the center stone. This will really help make the center stone pop and stand out. It can be really difficult to envision how everything looks, so it’s important to find an engagement rings store in Littleton, CO that can help you get a better idea of how the final product will look.

#3. Black Stones

Another way to break the mold is to look for a center stone that really stands out. This year, a lot of couples are looking into black stones. While they’re a bit trendy, they also offer a very classic look that will fit the ring for many years to come. It won’t go out of style. According to some engagement rings stores, black stones have had an increase of over 47% this past year. They’re quite popular, and were first popularized by Carrie Bradshaw, the fashion queen herself. Since then, there seems to be a spike in popularity every time that the show “Sex and the City” reboots. It’s no surprise considering how alluring the ring looked in the show! 

There’s something about the way that the black stone sparkles that can really amaze. If you’re interested in black stones, look for an engagement rings store that can help you find the perfect fit for your budget. If possible, have the engagement rings store provide you with a sample to look at. You should always take a look at the stone before you make a decision. What your vision might not be what the ring actually looks like.

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