Before Shopping For Engagement Rings | Highlands Ranch, CO

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Engagement rings are a delicate topic, everyone wants one, and everyone has very clear definitions about what a ring should look like. With this in mind, it is not something that you want to just go into a store and pick out. Whether you are a bride, a groom, or the friend of the bride/groom who is assisting, you need to make sure that you pick the perfect ring the first time. With any luck, you will only search for the perfect ring one time, which means it has to be a ring that can easily last for the next four or five decades.

This also means you want to resist the urge to go with something trendy and instead choose a timeless piece of jewelry in Highlands Ranch, CO. This is something the intended person will wear on his or her hand for the rest of their life, so it needs to be something that stands the test of time. Not only does it mean you want to choose a high-grade diamond or gem, but it also means you want to choose a timeless cut and band. If you aren’t intimidated yet, you probably will be the second you walk into a jewelry store.

There are literally thousands of engagement rings to choose from, and each store usually has at least a hundred or so to offer you. If you shop in a few different jewelry stores in Highlands Ranch, CO you will have more options for engagement rings than you probably ever imagined floating around in your head. It can be useful to narrow down a few qualifications before you hit the shops to help you sort through the options a bit quicker once you are there. Here are a few things that you should consider before shopping for engagement rings.

What Cut Do You Need?

The very first thing you need to think about is what cut of diamond your fiance is likely to favor. If they happen to wear a lot of jewelry already you can sneak into his or her jewelry box for a peek at what they already own. This can give you a lot of insight that you can use later. If you don’t know, then you can bring it up someday while looking over their shoulder while they are reading something or watching something where someone is wearing a ring. A casual, “that princess cut” is attractive ought to be enough to prompt them to give you their honest feedback which you can then tuck away for future use.

Lab-Grown or Traditional Diamond?

Next, you need to decide whether or not you are going to get a lab-grown diamond or a traditional diamond. Traditionalists often bulk at the idea of lab-grown diamonds, but they are actually very close to the same thing. Since lab-grown diamonds are produced under the same conditions that regular diamonds are formed under, the results are exactly the same. In fact, many jewelers can’t even tell you what type of diamond is in a setting because it is impossible for them to know.

The benefit of a lab-grown diamond is that often they are a bit more economical than traditional diamonds, which may allow you to purchase more lavish engagement rings if that is your final goal. If you are marrying someone who is extremely eco-friendly and concerned about the ecological impact of diamonds, a lab-grown diamond may be the way to truly impress your knowledge of their beliefs. In the end, almost anyone is happy to receive a diamond so if you find a setting you like, which type of diamond is the centerpiece is not as important.

What Carat are You After?

The price you end up paying for your engagement ring and the overall look of the ring will be heavily dependent on what carat you are after. The actual size of your diamond is not as important as its carat, which is simply an industry term for how much it weighs. This is the number one factor that influences cost, as a heavier diamond is deemed to be more significant than a lighter diamond. Everyone has a carat in mind when they start looking for rings, you need to identify yours.

What Color Band?

Now that you have gotten past the perimeters you have set for your diamond, it is time to look at the color you want for your band. Everyone has a clear preference for the band because most people prefer one type of precious metal over another. While you were peeking in the jewelry box, take a minute to think about whether you saw a lot of silver, rose gold, or traditional gold. Whichever was the predominant color is clearly your fiance’s preferred and should be what you choose for the engagement ring. If they don’t wear that much jewelry, a peek at the cover of their cellphone or smartwatch may help you as well.

Do You Want Accent Gems?

You also need to think about whether or not they want any accent gems on the band. A lot of brides like the idea of accent gems that line the sides of the band or are inset along with the band. Things like a birthstone or a favorite gem make a wonderful addition to engagement rings that appear customized because of the addition of the extra gems.

Coordinated Wedding Band Sets

Finally, you need to consider whether or not you want the engagement rings to match with the wedding band. Many wedding bands are sold alongside paired engagement rings so this is something to seriously consider. It also may be more of an option if your fiance is shopping alongside you. If you are ready to start looking at engagement rings, Mattheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry in Highlands Ranch, CO should be your first step as our expert jewelers can help answer any questions.