What To Know Before Shopping For Engagement Rings | Denver, CO

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Are you in the market for engagement rings? Do you live in the Denver, CO area? If you’ve answered “Yes,” to both questions, it’s time to learn more about purchasing fine jewelry for yourself and your loved one. You may have had experience buying gifts before, but none are as important as the rings you’ll use to pop the question. They’re second in importance to the rings you’ll tie the knot with one day.

How to Shop for Engagement Rings Effectively

To help prepare you for the occasion, we’ve created a short guide for you to look at whenever you need assistance with selecting rings that fit you and your soon-to-be spouse’s personalities. You’ll find jewelry that looks and feels like your love story. With our assistance, you’ll be one step closer to being engaged!

It’s a time in your life where things couldn’t be better or more exciting. Popping the question means that you’re ready to commit fully to your partner. It’s an exciting thing to think about and prepare for by shopping for an engagement ring. It’s something you can do alone or with a family member or friend who can help you make a decision.

Here is what you want to know before shopping for engagement rings in Denver, CO:

  • You will have a lot of options to choose from that day. You’ve got options from the jewelry stores you have to choose from to the various types of jewelry available that are wedding-friendly. Choosing the right set of engagement rings can be challenging if you don’t have something in mind to buy from the start. Fortunately, an experienced jeweler possesses the knowledge and expertise to provide you with the answers you seek when shopping for the right engagement ring. They’ll tell you more about the stones, the precious metals that the diamonds or jewels get set into, and the setting itself. They’ll also appraise the rings so you can cover them with your insurance company policy.


  • You can purchase lab grown diamonds now. You don’t need to buy mined diamonds if you don’t want to anymore. You can easily buy manmade diamonds that look like the real deal. They’re clearer than mined diamonds, too, because there are no impurities trapped inside of them as they grow. You can experience beautiful diamonds that fit your values. Lab grown diamonds are easier on the environment and its people. If you want an eco-friendly option to love, consider what lab grown diamonds in engagement rings do for you.


  • You have the final say in what your engagement ring looks like. Your rings are a reflection of you and your partner. They can take on any color and style that you prefer. You are the one that calls the shots. After all, it’s your engagement, and we want you to feel happy and confident proposing. If we can do anything to make the process easier for you, let us know. We’ll go out of our way to make it happen for you. That means that you can easily enjoy the engagement ring you picked out and all of the excitement that goes with proposing to your love. Your rings can be part of your love story and play an important role in the event you have planned. They serve as a symbol of your love and your willingness to move forward with your plans to be a married couple.


  • Buying engagement rings gets you one step closer to being engaged. Once you’ve selected the engagement ring, you’re that much closer to being an engaged person. You can enjoy all the joy that comes with it. You can focus more on the proposal itself and less on the rings that you’ve already bought. You can also plan to have the rings insured, so you don’t face a loss if they get lost or stolen. It’s one more step in the marriage process that you can get done right away. You’ll eventually be able to sit back, relax, and enjoy the moment.

Shopping for engagement rings can be a lot of fun. If you go to the right jeweler, you’ll have an excellent experience. They’ll remove all of the jitters that come with proposing by making you feel like the VIP you are today. You’ll get expert advice on the types of settings and stones that look the best and last the longest.

Best of all, you’ll have someone you can call if you have a question about the rings or need repairs. Having a jeweler that you trust to care for your fine jewelry is an asset. It’s something that makes you feel amazing because you know your needs are being taken care of well.

You know you’ve chosen the right jewelry store to buy an engagement ring from when you see how well it treats you. When you feel like a VIP, it indicates the type of care you’ll receive during future visits. When it’s time to pick out the wedding rings that you and your soon-to-be spouse will wear, you’ll know exactly which retailer you want to give your business to that day.

We Make Your Proposal Perfect with A Beautiful Engagement Ring

Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry is the type of company you’ll love getting to know. If you haven’t had the experience of buying jewelry from us in the past, you’re in for a treat. We make you and your special moment our priority. We go the extra mile to make sure that you see all of the engagement rings in our Denver, CO store in your budget. We also ensure your satisfaction and provide you with a guarantee that protects your rings from defects.

If you want to touch base with us before visiting our store, call 970-453-8463 with your request for assistance. Knowing what your options are before arriving at our physical storefront can be very beneficial to you. You can also visit our website for ideas if you want to look at some of the engagement rings before seeing us in person.