What Does A Rolex Watch Repair Usually Involve? | Denver, CO

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A Rolex watch emanates a luxury charm and a stylish look. These classic timepieces are popular for their high efficiency and unique models. The brand enjoys a value of a whopping $9.5 billion as of 2020.

Rolex watches are also widely known for their durability. Your watch requires fewer repairs. However, you may run into problems at some point. It can be a stiff or loose crown, moisture in your case, or wrong time displays.

It is crucial to look for an efficient Rolex watch repair service in Denver, CO, when the time comes to repair your luxury watch. However, make sure to know what goes on during the repair process. It helps in finding the right repair service for your Rolex.

Services That Your Rolex Undergoes During Repairs

Rolex watch repair services in Denver, CO, may differ according to your issue and the watchmaker’s techniques. However, every repair shop includes some basic yet essential procedures.

By being aware of what your Rolex watch undergoes during a repair, you will be better prepared. It helps you assess the duration, costs, and quality you can expect from the repair shop.

Read on to know what Rolex watch repairs usually involve.

Cleaning All Parts and Internal Components

Regardless of the issue with your Rolex, watchmakers clean the watch thoroughly during repairs. They disassemble it and eliminate the dust and dirt within the internal components as well.

Generally, these particles accumulate in the nooks and corners of the timepiece. Larger accumulation soon interferes with the functioning of your Rolex. It may be difficult for you to clean them by yourself. You can risk damaging the parts.

A Rolex repair service uses the right tools to clean it carefully. Most watchmakers use ultrasonic cleaners to clean the dirt from all crevices easily. With delicate handling, they ensure not to damage any small parts of your Rolex. Thorough cleaning also gives the watch a shiny, new look.

Lubrication for Smoother Functioning

Luxury watch repair shops also lubricate the timepiece adequately to ensure better functioning. Your Rolex runs smoothly with proper lubrication. The minute and seconds hands of the watch do not skip or move too slow as well.

While it is possible to lubricate your Rolex watch at home, you may wish to avoid it. Lesser lubrication will not have any positive effect on the watch. Meanwhile, excess lubrication may increase the moisture levels within the timepiece.

If too much moisture gets into the watch case, it causes more problems. The internal parts soon begin to corrode. An experienced Rolex repair technician uses a suitable type and the right amount of lubrication to avoid such issues.

Refinishing the Watch Case

Your Rolex watch may need refinishing to enhance its appearance. Watchmakers usually refinish the watch case. Some may refinish the bracelet as well for a more refined look. However, the task is complex and requires high skills.

Make sure to hire an efficient Rolex watch repair service. Professional watchmakers completely disassemble the watch case. Then, they satin-finish or re-polish it according to the specifications of your Rolex model.

You can expect professionals to use the right tools and equipment for refinishing. They also take utmost care to prevent any damages. Refinishing makes the metal of your Rolex shine. Additionally, it eliminates any scratches from the surface.

Are you worried that you may lose the engravings on your Rolex watch? Watchmakers are usually cautious and ensure that the engravings do not get affected during the process. However, you may specify that you do not want any changes to the engravings while giving your Rolex for repair.

Precision Tests

After repairing the issue with the Rolex watch, watchmakers conduct a few precision tests. They check if the watch works accurately. After all, your luxury watch may lose its value if it fails to be precise with time and other functioning.

Precision tests also allow the Rolex watch repair service to discover any other issues with your watch. Generally, battery issues make the watch show the wrong time. Professionals inspect its battery and replace it with a more efficient one if necessary.

Some watch repair shops offer the precision test results copy to you. Make sure to keep it safe. It acts as an assurance that your Rolex undergoes timely repairs and maintenance.

Waterproof Tests

Waterproof tests are also equally essential. Your Rolex watch repair service performs a waterproof test to check if your watch’s parts are watertight. The most common test is the pressure test in water.

If your Rolex watch passes the test, the technician refits the bracelet to its case. Professionals often perform the waterproof test after completing all the other repairs. Similar to precision tests, some repair shops provide the results copy to you.

A few repair facilities may also invite you as a witness for the waterproof test. If possible, attend the session and check how they perform the test. It allows you to assess the efficiency of the test, and you can be sure of your watch’s waterproof ability. The test does not take too long. You can most likely take the watch after a few minutes.

How Often Should You Give Your Rolex for Servicing

Regular maintenance is essential to avoid frequent repairs. Professionals check its accuracy and waterproofing ability.

Generally, it is recommended to give your Rolex for servicing every ten years. It may depend on the watch model and your usage as well. A professional Rolex watch repair service can help you figure out the right time for maintenance.

Let a Professional Rolex Watch Repair Service Handle Your Watch

You can entrust your luxury watch to professional watchmakers. Trusted watch repair services can restore your Rolex’s efficiency and charm. Call Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry today for high-quality Rolex repair services in Denver, CO.

Our certified and reputable watchmakers perform maintenance services along with your repairs. You also receive a three-year warranty.

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