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If you own a mechanical watch, you won’t have to worry about too many things that a lot of traditional watch owners do. For instance, you will never have to worry about the battery dying or your watch breaking within a year. Most fine watches last for decades, and some even turn into heirloom watches. However, no watch makes it decades without requiring watch repair at some point in Highlands Ranch, CO. In fact, regular repair is the number one way to increase the lifespan of your fine watch. If you think of your watch as an investment, it only makes sense then that you would want to protect it.

So how do you protect a fine watch? The first step is awareness. Your watch will not tell you when it requires watch repair, so you have to be observant and learn the signs that you need to take your watch down to a Highlands Ranch, CO shop for repair. The good news is that this process is not complicated and can become second nature over time.

Book a Routine Watch Service

One of the very best ways to keep your watch working properly is by booking a routine watch service. We usually recommend that all fine watches, including Rolex watches, be brought to the shop every five years for a repair and service. Within five years, a lot can happen to a watch that is on your wrist 24/7. There are generally many ways that your watch can slowly wear down or components can start to rust. Most of these things happen under your nose.

A routine watch service can help you avoid many common problems associated with a mechanical watch since the repair service includes analyzing for rust, removing any debris inside the case, lubricating all moving parts to reduce friction, and repairing any parts that are broken. A lot of major issues can be prevented by a simple routine watch service. If you own a mechanical watch and don’t think you have had it serviced lately, this is a great reminder to call a local Highlands Ranch, CO, watch shop and book your service visit.

Despite this fact, sometimes things just go wrong with watches. Sometimes you have to get a watch repaired in between your maintenance visits. So how do you know when is the time? The following takes a quick look at a few sneaky watch problems that indicate it’s time to find a professional watch shop to help you out. While they may not always be the most common signs, they are signs that you should not ignore nonetheless.

You’ve Been to the Beach

Up first on the list is if you have been to the beach. While many mechanical watches are water-resistant, and some are even waterproof up to certain diving depths, the beach holds a lot of pitfalls that can easily cause problems with your mechanical watch. To start with, the beach itself is filled with sand, and if your watch has not been serviced for a while, then the little grains of sand can slip into your case. Sand in a watch is a huge deal, even if it is only very tiny grains, because sand usually carries moisture. This can lead to fast-growing rust throughout your watch. Therefore, if you have any reason to think that there is sand inside your watch, it is time for watch repair.

Sand is not the only enemy at the beach. Saltwater can also sneak into your watch if you are not careful or if your watch is not quite as sealed as you thought. If you have time, it’s always a good idea to pop into a watch repair shop and let them check the waterproofing seal on your watch. Saltwater is a huge problem because the salt will quickly cause rust, as noted above. Therefore, most trips to the beach mean a quick trip to a watch shop to ensure all is well after your vacation ends.

The Wristband is Aging

Another sign that it may be time for watch repair is if you notice that your wristband is starting to show signs of age. If you don’t know how to replace your wristband, then it is a good idea to head to a professional shop that does. The biggest concern is that your band will break while you are busy, allowing it to slip off your wrist and disappear quietly. Once it is gone, you can’t do a thing except for hope that someone finds it and turns it in. At that point, your entire watch will be a loss. Save yourself from this type of outcome by booking a visit with a watch repair shop to get that band looked at before you find yourself in this scenario.

Your Watch is Making Odd Noises

No sound is really acceptable for a mechanical watch to make. In fact, nearly all sounds indicate that something is wrong with your watch. Some watches make a gentle ticking noise, but outside of that, any other noise means it is time for watch repair. Common noises that people notice are something jingling inside of their watch or the sounds of gears rubbing. Anything like that usually indicates that there is a loose component inside of your watch. Until your watch is repaired, that noise will continue. If the noise stops, it’s probably because the component is no longer working or your watch has stopped altogether. In that case, it won’t be a question anymore of whether or not you need watch repair.

If you suspect that your watch is experiencing an issue, bring it down to Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry, and we will take a look at it.

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