5 Common Mistakes You Are Making with Your Watch | Watch Repair in Aurora, CO

Be it a top of the line Rolex timepiece or a relatively inexpensive, serves-the-purpose watch, you will need take care of them one and the same. But more importantly, there are some recurring mistakes that novice watch owners usually make. These beginner mistakes can impact the inner machinery of your prized possession, causing it to function improperly.

Listed below are top 5 preventable mistakes which when avoided, will eventually prolong the shelf life of your favorite timepiece, allowing you to flaunt it with a peace of mind. Incidentally, since wear and tear to timepieces is all the more common, it is viable to find a watch repair in Aurora, CO, that is passionate, certified and is equipped with industry experience of catering to your watch.


1.  Winding a Watch Excessively

It is recommended to learn the ropes of winding a mechanical watch, because lack of awareness about it, can land you in a sticky situation. Vintage timepieces are expensive and you cannot afford messing it up. Newbies could either wind it a lot or wind too little, and doing so can cause unannounced damage to the watch.

Modern watches have an inbuilt system that prevents needless winding of the watch. They have a fail-safe mechanism that protects the watch for over winding it. So, this issue is commonly associated with vintage and mechanical watches which require manual winding by its user.

Therefore, it is better to take your timepiece to a watch repair in Aurora, CO, and learn the ropes of winding first.


2.  Polishing the Watch

For the watch aficionados, it is sometimes very tempting to polish their prized possession on a regular basis. Polishing the casing is a favorite pastime of many and the timepiece looks new and bright. But in the long run, you are damaging it all the more.

Over the years, the watch undergoes wear and tear on a daily basis and this is something that is an open secret. Each time, you manually polish the casing of your timepiece, you also removing a gold/metal layer. This is something that should be taken in consideration, especially if you are in possession of a vintage timepiece. Purchasing a polished vintage watch is also an undesirable proposition for many vintage watch collectors.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that when your prized possession is in need of a polish job, look for a watch repair in Aurora, CO, that has in-house professionals, capable of polishing a watch seamlessly.


3.  Incorrect Date Settings

One of the many rookie mistakes, the watch enthusiasts tend to make is setting the date at inadvisable times. This may not be one of the top concerns for most watch owners, but it can be detrimental to the inner machinery of a watch nevertheless.

When you change the date on your watch between 10 pm to 2 am, you run the risk of damaging the watch since your timepiece is changing the date by itself and an interference during this time period can cause inner damage. To your advantage, this issue is more pronounced among vintage watches, but in modern timepieces, it is less common.

As you go about looking for a professional of watch repair in Aurora, CO, keep certain things in mind. As there are numerous watch repairing services, you need to separate the wheat from the chaff. Opt for a certified and experienced watch repairing professional that has the prowess of handling a vintage timepiece.


4.  Avoid Proximity to Magnets

Yes, you read that right. Magnets can cause calamitous damage to watches. It is highly recommended that you keep your watches at a safe distance from magnets and also magnetic materials. Wearing a vintage watch with magnetic elements in proximity tampers the inner workings of a watch. This may include smartphones, laptops, refrigerators and even desktop computers. The hairspring of a watch can be damaged, resulting in erratic functioning of the watch.

To your benefit, magnets are only detrimental to vintage watches and those having mechanical parts. It may not be a huge contributing factor in modern watches as their inner machinery is drastically different.

When you are in need of a watch repair in Aurora, CO, ideally look for repairing service that has hands-on experience in fixing vintage watches.


5.  Prevent Contact with Water

Most of the modern timepieces are water-resistant, but mechanical and vintage watches were not built this way. They had to be protected from water. Hence, if you are one of the proud owners of a vintage timepiece, you need to be extra protective of it. Chances are always slim for a watch repairing services that specialize in repairing vintage watches with perfection.

Accidental contact with water can cause irreparable damage to the watch itself. Incidentally, even the water-resistant watches tend to have a limitation over the degree to which it is waterproof.

Heated water as well as high steam can contract metal, allowing water to enter the inner machinery of a watch and causing irreparable damage. Due to this reason, always avoid direct contact of your watch with water.

In any case otherwise, you need to keep in mind of an expert watch repair in Aurora, CO, that has years of experience and prowess in repairing a vintage watch.


What to Keep in Mind?

When your watch has suffered damage in a certain capacity, you should be looking for the best in-class watch repair in Aurora, CO, that has earned a reputation for stellar service and quality that is next to none. The ideal watch repair in Aurora, CO, should have certified professionals with years of hands-on experience in repairing and servicing watches. Better yet, always rely on a watch repairing service that has a state-wide presence. This ensures irrevocable trust and faith in the services of a watch repair.

The process of repairing a watch is an art form in itself. To this end, opt for a watch repair in Aurora, CO, that abides by the industry followed certifications of watch repairing coupled with industry experience.


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