5 Common Watch Repairs That Keep Time Ticking | Highlands Ranch, CO

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Have you ever nonchalantly looked down at your watch to realize that time is suddenly standing still? Luckily, getting your timepiece back to full functionality has never been easier. Simply drop your timekeeper by our Highlands Ranch, CO location to find quick and easy solutions to your most common watch repair problems. Many of these watch repairs are conveniently done on-site while you wait. Here are five of the most common fixes that our customers frequently request.

Replacement Batteries

There’s nothing more annoying than looking down to check the time and then noticing that your watch has either stopped working or is no longer keeping accurate time. The most common reason a watch slows down or stops working is because it has a drained or dead battery. Fortunately, this watch repair is a simple one, but it’s one that you’ll want to have done by a professional. Trying to complete the repair by yourself is a risky task. Certain watches require specific tools for case removal which is necessary for battery replacement. Failure to use these tools can cause damage to the crystal. For this reason, it’s always a good idea to solicit an experienced jeweler or watchmaker to change the battery in your timepiece when it quits working.

Crystal Replacements

The crystal is the glass plate that protects the inner workings of your timepiece. With daily wear, it’s not uncommon to scratch or even break the crystal on a watch. This repair is a tricky one, and it’s very important that the correct size crystal is used. Poorly fitted crystals reduce the attractiveness of your timepiece, and if not installed correctly increase the risk for future damages. Bring your watch to our Highlands Ranch, CO shop, and choose a crystal replacement that not only enhances your watches appearance but also fits it perfectly.

Watchband Replacement and Resizing

Most watch bands come in a standard size that fits wrists that measure 6 3/4″ to 9 1/2″ in width. But what happens if you don’t have a typically sized wrist? This can cause an immediate problem when you’re dying to wear that brand-new watch that is ill-fitted, but this problem has a quick and easy solution. A common watch repair in any jewelry store is the removal or addition of extra links from a metal watch band to acquire a customized fit for the wearer. This watch repair is straightforward and simple and only requires the removal of a few pins in order to resize the band to the desired length. Many customers also request new or replacement leather bands for their watches. An abundance of band choices are readily available in a multitude of colors, styles and sizes. This allows you to choose a band that not only perfectly fits your personality but also allows you to show off your fashionable sense of style.

Wind-Up Repairs & Quartz Conversion

In this digital age, wind-up watches are becoming a rather rare commodity. However, many of us still have wind-up pocket watches or wrist watches that have been gifted or bequeathed to us from older or deceased relatives. As such, it’s extremely important to keep these sentimental pieces in working order. The culprit that causes a malfunctioning wind-up watch is most often a defective winding mechanism. This mechanism can be fixed, but this repair is often quite costly. As a result, many customers decide quartz conversion is the way to go. Interestingly, the decision to change from a wind-up to quartz mechanism is often made not because of necessity, but as more of a convenience. Wind-up watches must be wound periodically or they quit keeping time, and with the fast-paced lifestyles of today’s customer, it’s inconvenient and often extremely hard to remember to keep a watch wound. The reading on a wind-up watch is frequently inaccurate because the wearer has “forgotten” to wind it. In comparison, watches that use a quartz mechanism keep accurate time until a new battery is required, which is usually somewhere between one and two years. For this reason, wind-up to quartz conversion is becoming an increasingly popular watch repair request.

Cleaning and Polishing Services

When a watch comes in daily contact with natural body oils, dust and debris it can cause premature wear and a dull and diminished appearance. Dirt can get clogged between the links causing an abrasive action that causes wear and tear on the band. The internal components can also be affected if dirt blockages occur. For this reason, it’s always an excellent idea to have your watch cleaned and serviced at least once a year. Our Highlands Ranch, CO shop uses special tools that allow for easy access into your watch so that it can be thoroughly inspected, cleaned and serviced. Scratch removal is another common request. Let your watch repair professional buff the outside surfaces of the watch to restore it to its original sleek and lustrous shine.

Engraving Service & Gemstone Repair

Many of today’s high-end watches are adorned with beautiful engravings, patterns and designs. These watches commonly sport beautiful diamonds or colorful gemstones. The prongs holding these stones in place can wear down overtime causing a stone to become dislodged, loose or lost. Let your jeweler replace the stones and rebuild the prongs so that your precious gems stay securely in place.

Other watch repairs include time indicator, dial and case replacements. Although not as common, all of these issues have fixable resolutions. No matter which watch repair problem your experiencing, there is a solution that can get your timepiece functioning correctly again. Just relax and trust the professionals at Matheus Fine Watches in Highland Ranch, CO with your timepiece, and keep things moving along in perfect time.