5 Tips For After Having Watch Repair Services | Denver, CO

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Some watches are worth splurging hundreds of dollars to restore. If you’ve invested quite a lot of money on watch repair services the last thing that you want is to accidentally break your watch again.

A lot of the time, people need watch repair services for problems that they’ve created entirely on their own. These problems would not have emerged if they simply took more care of their timepiece.

To avoid having to invest in unnecessary watch repair services ever again, make sure to take note of these 5 tips on how to care for your watches after getting them back from repair services.

Tip #1: Avoid Water Exposure

Although many luxury watches are waterproof, you should still try to make an effort to keep these watches as dry as possible. You definitely shouldn’t jump into a pool with these watches (the chlorine can eat away at the metal!).

Similarly, you should also avoid stepping out into the rain. If it’s training, consider taking the watch off and leaving it at home. If not, make sure that you cover the watch with a jacket or use an umbrella.

If the watches are exposed to water regularly, you’re going to need the number of a watch repair company on speed dial! Water exposure can cause a great amount of damage to even some of the most prestigious watches.

Tip #2: Regularly Clean and Maintain It

Many people don’t think about their timepiece very often, but the truth of the matter is that you should clean and maintain it regularly. Basically, you should treat your timepiece in the same way that you’d treat a car. Get the watch maintained and cleaned at least once every year. If you’re someone who regularly wears and shows off a certain watch, make sure that you increase the cleaning and maintenance frequency.

Every year, you should bring your luxury watch to a professional for a cleaning. However, if you’ve noticed that you’ve dirtied your watch, you can usually deal with the problem by yourself. Use a small amount of water, mild soap and an extremely soft cloth to wipe the exterior surface of the watch.

If you know how, you can even consider removing the band and cleaning it as well. Make sure that you’re really careful.

Tip #3: Store the Watch Properly When You’re Not Wearing It

Have you ever watched a movie and seen the main protagonist come home and toss their watch on the coffee table? Leave that to the movies.

For one, you never want to toss your watch onto any surface, as it may end up scratching your watch. There are plenty of watch repair services out there that can buff out unwanted scratches, but you could be paying an arm and a leg depending on the brand of the watch.

Second, you never want to leave your watch on the coffee table. That might be a great place for your phone or for your laptop, but it’s not an ideal storage place for your watch. You want to keep your watches in a cool and dark environment that’s away from sunlight.

Excessive exposure to heat and sunlight can actually speed up the deterioration of your watch. It can dry up the lubrication that’s used to keep all of the parts functioning properly. When the lubrication dries up, the internal mechanics may start to fail. If possible, store your watch inside its box.

Tip #4: Keep It Away from Magnets

Keep your watches away from magnets. If you keep your watches close to magnets, you’ll notice that the magnets will start to affect the internal mechanisms of the watch. It could cause it to run too slowly or too quickly. Either way, it won’t be able to tell the time in a correct manner.

The only way that you can correct an issue like that is to bring your watch to a repairman. The repairman will need to take the watch apart in order to see what parts have been affected by the magnet.

Tip #5: Never Open Your Watch without Help from a Professional in Denver, CO

If you’re a curious person, you might be tempted to find out what’s inside a watch. Unless you’re getting a professional to open the watch, don’t try to tinker with the inner mechanisms yourself. A lot of the parts inside these watches are quite delicate and fragile. It’s very easy for the average Joe to easily damage their watches accidentally just because they want a peek at what’s inside.

Due to this reason, we also don’t recommend trying any complicated cleanings by yourself. If you ever notice that your watch is not running properly, the first thing that you should do is to bring the watch to a professional. Don’t try to look up a video online and work on the watch yourself. If you’re not careful, you might end up breaking the watch. Some small parts are easy to break, but extremely costly to fix.

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If this is your first time bringing a luxury watch in for watch repair services, you probably feel rather nervous. You might have questions, like “how long does it take for you to repair my watch?”, “is my watch repairable”, or “is this issue caused by natural causes or external causes?”

Here, at Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry, you’ll find all of the answers that you’re looking for. One of our experts from Denver, CO would be more than happy to walk you through the different steps involved in the watch repair service. They can also provide you with more information on whether it’s worth repairing the watch.

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