8 Reasons to Find an Expert of Watch Repair in Highlands Ranch, CO!

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For a casual watch owner, it is easy to be inundated by the numerous demands of a wristwatch with mechanical components. The ‘set it and forget it’ approach is often the easy way out in the case of battery-operated watches, but the quartz timepieces are slightly different in this regard.

Keynote: If something major seems odd with your watch, then there is something wrong. Before that happens, it is time that you look for an experienced and certified watch repairing entity in your area. Listed below are frequent issues associated with a quartz watch:


1.     The Timepiece Stops Functioning Suddenly

Nothing to worry about here, it is merely a battery issue here. For the most part, wristwatch batteries have a lifespan of about 2 years, but certain high-end variety ones may even exceed that number (it could be 3 years or more than that).

All you have to do is just visit a trustworthy company that deals in watch repair in Highlands Ranch, CO, and this issue will be resolved in no time.


2.     The Second-hand Skips Several Seconds Ahead

It is an indicator that the battery’s lifespan is near its end. The wristwatches with this specific feature have built-in electronic circuits which signal when the battery voltage is nearing the completion of its lifespan. The circuitry enables the second hand to move in an irregular manner to alert its owner that it is high time to change the battery.

Once again, you will need to visit a reliable entity that deals in watch repair in Highlands Ranch, CO, and get the battery changed immediately. Interestingly, if delayed, the battery leaks acid inside the watch which makes the repair process more cumbersome.


3.     The Wristwatch Battery Lasts Less than a Year

When the chronograph function is left on even when the watch is not in use, it results in shortening of the battery lifespan. It is imperative to understand that the battery drainage is faster when all of the functions are on. This actually drains out the battery faster. Interestingly when running extensively, certain functions of the watch may come to a standstill all of sudden. In order to save battery life, it is advised to halt the chronograph function when it is not needed.

Yet again, when you notice that the stopwatch has stopped moving, head out to a service that caters watch repair in Highlands Ranch, CO, and get your battery replaced.


4.     Replacing the Battery After 1 Year

You are an active user of a wristwatch and for safety purposes, you are currently contemplating a battery change. Many of the modern wristwatches have an end-of-life feature and it is enough to indicate when you do need a battery change. If you open the watch case, you compromise the safety of the interior components. This would make water-resistant testing and maintenance absolutely necessary. So, in this case, you need to refrain from taking an initiative. Interestingly, the experts of watch repair in Highlands Ranch, CO, will also advise the same.


5.     Buttons are Jammed Inside After a Push

It is quite common actually. The pushbuttons are attached to a stem which moves in a tube situated inside of the watch. A tiny spring inside of the watch helps to push this stem back and forth. With the passage of time, the corrosion and dirt do accumulate inside your watch and this jams the movement of the spring. It is unable to restore the button back to its original position.

Now you actually need an expert of watch repair in Highlands Ranch, CO, but play it smartly. Order a complete maintenance – this way you will prevent any future problems with the watch.


6.     The Digits are Showing Incomplete Numbers

In this case, the contacts which are connected with the digital display of the circuitry are damaged (either due to a shock or contact points are now corroded). Due to this reason, certain sections are not properly displayed because voltage does not reach those points. The electricity is inaccessible to the display segment. This can be a pricey repair for digital watches and it may cost as much as an auxiliary timepiece.

When this happens, you need to head over to a certified and experienced service that deals in watch repair in Highlands Ranch, CO, and it will be taken care of. However, you need trained hands on your watch. Nothing less.


7.     The Display Has Turned Dark and Unreadable

This is another common issue and occurs when the digital watch has been struck hard, it could be have been dropped on the floor or taken a hit against the wall. The digital display of a watch has a thin layer of glass which contains conductive fluid. It becomes cracked and allows air to pass through with relative ease. Keep in mind that it is quite an expensive repair and cost may depend on the watch in question.

When you go about looking for a certified service of watch repair in Highlands Ranch, CO, it is highly advised that you spend some time looking at the rates at which this service is offered.


8.     The Wristwatch Stops When in Use

Basic physics can explain this issue. When temperature increases, the metal expands and it causes the contacts inside a watch to expand and this creates a bit of distortion. When the watch is placed on a table, it will resume its normal operation and ceases to function the moment it is placed on the wrist. The body temperature expands certain components and you have an inoperable watch on your hands.

This issue can be resolved easily by replacing the circuitry, but do make sure that the company for watch repair in Highlands Ranch, CO, is certified to work on your timepiece.

Final Word

Now that we have covered the basics, you need to do due diligence on your part and look for a certified and licensed entity for watch repair in Highlands Ranch, CO. This will save you costs of repair and ensure a reliable repair.



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