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There are plenty of philosophies about the constructs of time, but unless you are some type of Mystic who understands more about the universe than your average Joe, you are going to need a way to tell time.

Many watches are significant investments or are expensive rewards for a retiring employee, and some are just elegant accessories that complete a smart suit or snazzy outfit. For many years, pocket watches were the trend and those pocket watches that still function may be worth a lot of money. It is important to care for these wearable technologies to ensure they function for a lifetime or more.

Watch repairs are delicate processes and every timepiece has its own components, design, battery, and band. The famous watch manufacturers like Rolex and Omega suggest that a professional routinely service the watch and prevent it from needing more costly watch repairs.

There is a little disagreement between experts about how frequently a watch should be serviced, some manufacturers say annually while others claim the maintenance is necessary every three to five years.

Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry

Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry has been a trusted shop for the community of Vail, CO. We are experts at repairing watches whether they be luxury timepieces, functional wristwatches, or even antique and rare watches. Fixing a watch requires skill, dexterity, and patience. The tiny parts of a watch are delicate and easily broken without proper training.

The Team at Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry

The expert team at Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry are chosen for their integrity, skill, and outstanding customer service. Matheu’s is not just a place to buy fine jewelry, engagement rings, or those diamond earrings your wife has been begging for, it is also a shop where all our team has a wide range of capabilities and know-how when it comes to repairing watches and jewelry.

Our team members are subjected to extensive background checks, credit history inquiries, alcohol, and drug screenings. It is our responsibility and honor to serve the local community as a trusted repair shop and fine jewelry store. Our selection of jewelry and watches are unparalleled in the peaks of our beautiful region.

Types of Watch Repairs

Despite whether your watch needs repairing, or the battery needs replacing it is in your best interest to have the timepiece routinely serviced. Repairing a watch can become a set of accumulated broken pieces that can cause the repair to be more complicated and end up costing more money.

The Band

The first signs of trouble are likely to be with the band of the watch. The band is constantly moving in sync with your hand and takes some battering. It is not unlikely that you will need a new band within the first three to five years.

The watchband is exposed to water, dust, hair, food, air, and many other elements that needle away at the integrity of the watchband. Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry keep a variety of straps, bands, and hard-to-find parts at hand for any and all types of watch repairs.

Battery Replacement

No matter the quality or make of watch, the battery is going to last forever. Savvy consumers replace the battery every year to make certain their watch reflects the correct time and optimal functionality. You will know when it is time to change the watch battery when it gives a low power warning or dies altogether.

Other red flags that it is time to replace the battery include problems adjusting the watch, there might be water underneath the face of the watch, or you cannot adjust the crown. Even the most luxurious watches in the world will need a new battery and routine maintenance.

Problems with timepieces are like cavities in your teeth, the longer you ignore the problem, the worse it will be for the watch repair, and in some rare cases may not be capable of being fixed.

Antique Watch Restoration

A watch does not have to be expensive to be valuable. A pocket or wristwatch that has been handed down from generation to generation are often left in our care because the Vail, CO community trusts Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry.

Historic timepieces are a way to connect with another time period or remembering deceased relatives and can be used as educational materials in schools, museums, and other learning facilities. Time is precious and so is the way we restore and repair the technology that keeps counting the seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years, decades, and further on into the future.

The team at Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry are leaders in the industry of vintage watch repairs and servicing. We are the industry leaders in antique watch restoration and refurbishment.

Stem and Crown Repairs

If you notice that the crown is loose or prying away from the face of the timepiece, please contact Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry without the crown and stem you will not be able to set the watch and it can lead to further damage and necessary watch repair.

The stem and crown protect the watch from water and other elements which can cause oxidation and rust. These components are fragile and need a skilled hand to complete the watch repair. The delicate nature of the stem and crown (particularly for any vintage timepieces) makes it easy to irreparably damage the watch. Do not attempt to fix a luxury or antique watch yourself! You could be denying yourself a piece of history that still functions or end up with an expensive paperweight.

A Testimonial from a Regular Client

“I’ve been taking my rare Elgin Pocket Watch which is 14K gold to Matheu’s Fine Watches and Jewelry for routine care for ages. It was my grandfather’s, and he gave it to me when I was 16 and he was in his late seventies. Now, that I’m the same age as my grandfather was when he gave it to me, I want to pass it onto my eldest grandson, but before I went ahead and did that, I took it to Matheu’s for a tune-up and polish.

When I went to pick up the watch, I introduced my grandson to the experts at Matheu’s and told him that this is the only place in all of Vail, CO to take this pocket watch to for maintenance and watch repair. There are few establishments of the same quality as Matheu’s Fine Watches and Jewelry who genuinely care about their work. If you have a sentimental watch or an antique piece of jewelry that needs attention give Matheu’s a call or quick email and they will sort you out with care and efficiency.”

Theodore Matin, Vail, Co, May 2019

The team at Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry is here to help you!