Does Watch Repair Work for Every Watch?

Repairing your watch instead of replacing it is a smart way to save money, but you might be wondering if your watch problem can be fixed. There are several problems you may have with a luxury watch, and there are even problems that are more common with certain brands and watch models. Fortunately, most watches can be fixed as long as you take them to a reputable professional. If you’re considering watch repair, but you’re not sure if your watch can be fixed, here’s what you need to know.

Watch Not Working

If your watch has stopped working altogether, there are several problems you could be dealing with. For luxury watches that rely on a battery, you could have a dead battery that needs to be replaced. If you have a luxury watch that doesn’t use batteries, such as a Rolex, you may have a loose or broken spring inside your watch. Whatever the case may be, a watch that stops working altogether can usually be repaired. If you’re going beyond a simple battery replacement, make sure you take your watch to a watch repair professional.

Buttons Not Working

You need buttons on your watch to use all the different functions it offers. From setting the date and time to using your watch as a stopwatch, there are lots of functions you can’t use if your watch buttons are broken. Fortunately, these buttons usually get jammed or stop working because they’re dirty or a piece came loose inside, which means a professional can typically get them working again.

Watch Running Slow or Fast

Your watch isn’t very helpful if it’s giving you the wrong time and fast or slow watches are more common than you might think. If you have a watch you need to wind regularly, you can start by winding it to see if that fixes your problem. If your watch still isn’t accurate after you wind it, that might be a sign it’s time for a little maintenance. Whether you’ve got an affordable luxury watch or an expensive vintage Rolex, you need to have your watch serviced every four to five years to prevent problems. During routine watch service, a watch repair expert will take apart your watch, clean it, oil it, and put it back together.

Loose Parts

There are a lot of small parts inside luxury watches, and they’re all essential. If any of these tiny parts are loose, your watch may not work right. If you hold your watch up to your ear and gently move it around, you might hear loose parts rattling around. This is a sign that it’s time to take your luxury watch to a professional. Taking a watch apart is the only way to figure out what’s loose on the inside, and that’s a job that should be left to the experts. A watch expert has the tools and expertise to safely take apart your watch, fix it, and get it put back together.

Second-Hand Skipping

If you have a watch that uses batteries, you might notice the second hand behaving strangely. Specifically, it’s not uncommon for the second hand to start ticking slowly. A skipping second hand is usually a sign that your battery is on its last legs, so it’s time to get your battery checked out and replaced. If your luxury watch still isn’t working right after you have the battery replaced, a watch repair expert can take it apart and figure out what’s going on.

Watch Stops Working on Your Wrist

It might sound strange, but it’s not unusual for luxury watches to stop working after you put them on. If your watch is working just fine until you put it on, there could be several potential problems. You might have especially sweaty or acidic skin that’s affecting your watch, and some people seem to have a stronger electrical charge in their body that can affect watches. If your watch isn’t working when you put it on, you should start by taking it to an expert to have it inspected. If a watch expert can’t find any obvious problems, they might be able to offer you some tips for preventing damage caused by sweat and moisture.

Damaged or Dirty Crystal

The crystal on your watch plays two crucial roles: protecting your watch and allowing you to easily read the date and time. Unfortunately, these watch crystals are also pretty sensitive. Your watch crystal can get foggy and scratched up if you don’t have it polished regularly, and cracks and breaks can lead to moisture problems that can cause major damage. When you take your luxury watch in for maintenance, make sure you’re getting the entire watch polished and inspected for any signs of damage. If your crystal has even a small crack, it needs to be repaired or replaced.

When to Replace Your Watch

Luxury watches are expensive, so we know how tough they can be to replace. The good news is that most luxury watches are designed to last a long time if you take good care of them. Most problems can be fixed, and many problems can even be prevented with proper care. If your watch needs to be replaced, your watch repair expert will let you know after inspecting it.

Do you have a watch that you want to fix so you can save money on a replacement? Contact Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry, to get your watch fixed and make it as good as new again.

Fixing your watch is a great way to save money and preserve the memories you made with your old timepiece. That being said, there are times when it might be smarter to replace a watch than to have it repaired.

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4 Urgent Signs You Need to Schedule Watch Repair

4 Urgent Signs You Need to Schedule Watch Repair

Owning a luxury watch is a mark of achievement, but the responsibility doesn’t stop once you purchase the watch. If you want to keep your luxury watch in perfect working order, then you need to be aware of the need for proper watch repair. 99% of the time, your fine watch should work fine. This is one of the bonuses of buying a luxury watch. They are well-made and constructed to last for decades. However, any watch contains quite a bit of machinery, so there are factors that need to be carefully weighed and considered.

Any piece of machinery can break down if it is not well-maintained, which is why one of the hallmarks of owning a luxury watch is scheduling service visits. On average, most watches benefit from a service every five years. During this service, a trained jeweler will inspect the watch for signs of wear and tear, check the waterproof seal, thoroughly clean any dust and debris from inside of the watch, and also lubricate all moving pieces to reduce friction and increase the lifespan of the watch.

Lubrication is one of the most important parts of the standard watch repair service, and it is the one thing that can save you from major problems down the road. Like any moving piece of machinery, your watch needs to be well-oiled to continue to work seamlessly. In the same way that you wouldn’t expect your car to continue functioning without a proper oil change, you cannot expect your watch to continue functioning without regular lubrication. Think of each watch service as a maintenance visit that keeps your watch working for decades to come.

Plus, one visit every five years is a small portion of your time to protect a major investment. Once you find a jeweler that you like, you can rely on them to notify you when it is time for a service. This can be extremely beneficial since most people are too busy to remember on their own. If you happen to be reading this and realize that you haven’t had your watch serviced in quite some time, this is a reminder that it may be time to schedule your service. It’s never too late to book a visit and get started on the proper path of watch maintenance. An ounce of prevention is always better than dealing with a breakdown.

That said, sometimes you will require watch repair in between services. Things can happen that you can’t control, and machinery can start to rust over time. Learning to recognize the signs is the first step in successful watch ownership. The following are a few urgent signs that you need to call your jeweler for repair. If you notice any of these issues with your watch, make sure you call and schedule a visit right away.

Moisture Behind the Case

One of the most urgent signs that you need to schedule a visit for repair is if you notice that there is moisture trapped behind the case of your watch. There should never be any type of moisture behind your watch if your waterproof seal is working correctly. That includes one tiny dot of condensation. It does not take much to spur rust inside of your watch, and once rust forms, it can spread quickly. Your fine watch is made up of dozens of intricate little components, and rust can spread across these small pieces rapidly. Quickly troubleshooting the cause of the moisture and replacing any affected parts can help save your watch from premature wear and tear.

Sandy Trip to the Beach

Many people don’t realize that one of the most common reasons for moisture is sandy. Anyone who has been to the beach is aware that those small grains of sand have a habit of showing up everywhere. One of the places they could pop up is inside of your watch. It only takes one practically microscopic grain of salt to carry moisture into your watch. That is why it is recommended that you have your watch serviced following any vacation that includes a lot of time at the beach. If you know you are headed out for a week at the beach, it is also a good idea to take your watch to a jeweler so they can check the waterproof seal and make sure it is ready for the challenge.

Loose Wristband

Most people think of a loose wristband as an annoyance, but it is smarter to think of a loose wristband as a threat to your investment. There are plenty of distractions that happen throughout daily life, and any of these distractions can cause your watch to slip off your wrist without any notice. If your timepiece falls off your wrist and you cannot find it, then you have lost your entire investment in just seconds. Protect your investment and take a loose wristband seriously. Have your band properly fixed so you can ensure the heart of your watch is around for years to come.

Watch Isn’t Keeping Time

Finally, if your watch isn’t keeping time, you need to schedule a watch repair visit to quickly get to the bottom of the issue. There are various factors that come into play depending on whether your watch is losing or gaining time, but in both situations, this is an indication that something is not working correctly. A trained jeweler can take a look and help ensure you continue to show up to events on time by fixing the problem. Most will even shine your watch, adding a little shine to your wrist when you pick it up.

Did you recognize any of these signs that you need urgent repair? Are you worried that your watch hasn’t been working the way it should? Contact Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry today to schedule your repair visit.

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How Does Rolex Watch Repair Work?

How Does Rolex Watch Repair Work?

Replacing your Rolex watch is a lot more expensive than getting it fixed, but you might have a few questions about luxury watch repair. If you’ve never had a Rolex watch repaired, you might be wondering how much you can expect to pay, which problems can be fixed, and when you should take your watch to an expert. If you have questions about Rolex watch repair and how it works, here are all the answers you need before you get your watch fixed.

Common Rolex Problems

As a Rolex watch owner, it’s your job to keep an eye out for potential problems. Different luxury watch brands have some similarities, but each brand has its own unique features that make it special. These unique features also lead to unique problems, especially when it comes to the Rolex brand.

Because Rolex uses a perpetual movement to tell the time, you need to wind them regularly. There’s a simple standard procedure for winding your Rolex watch, but it’s time to call a professional if your watch still isn’t working properly.

If your Rolex stops working altogether, there are several problems you could be dealing with. Taking your watch to a Rolex watch repair expert is your best bet in these cases.

Broken or loose parts are also common in luxury watches, including your Rolex. If any of the tiny parts inside your watch come loose, they can cause issues with buttons, your perpetual movement, and more. You can usually hold your watch up to your ear and move it around gently to listen for loose parts.

Repairing a Rolex Watch

When you have a problem with your Rolex watch, you need to take it to a professional. A Rolex watch repair shop can help you figure out what’s wrong with your watch and what you need to do to fix it.

Getting your watch fixed starts with taking it to an expert. Experts who have experience working on Rolex watches know how to diagnose and fix various problems. To start, your Rolex will typically be disassembled so it can be thoroughly inspected, cleaned, and oiled.

Once we get to the bottom of your Rolex watch problem, we can start working to fix it. Difficult buttons may simply need to be cleaned and lubricated, while loose or broken parts may need to be replaced. When you take your watch to a professional, you don’t have to worry about figuring out all these little details on your own.

In addition to having your watch repaired when you have problems, you should also take your Rolex watch in for maintenance every three to five years. Having your Rolex disassembled, cleaned, inspected, and oiled can help you prevent expensive problems.

The Dangers of DIY Repairs

You might be tempted to take apart your Rolex and see if you can figure out what’s wrong with it on your own. The problem with DIY watch repair is the fact that watches are so small and intricate. There are lots of small parts that make watches work, and watch repair experts know exactly how to assemble your watch after taking it apart. There’s also a chance that you could damage your watch while taking it apart, which means you have to replace parts. Taking your watch to an experienced Rolex watch repair professional is a smart choice if you want to keep your watch working and save money.

Rolex Repair Costs

The cost of getting your watch fixed can vary quite a bit. Watch repair costs depend on how long the repair takes and what parts are needed. If your watch isn’t working because it needs to be cleaned and lubricated, you shouldn’t have to spend too much on repairs. If one of the original parts on your Rolex watch breaks, you could end up spending two or three times what it costs to have your watch inspected and cleaned. The thing to remember is that Rolex repair costs are almost always a fraction of what it would cost to replace your watch.

Avoiding Expensive Repair Bills

If you have a Rolex watch you love and want to take care of, there are lots of things you can do. You can clean your Rolex with a microfiber cloth every once in a while to keep it clean and shiny. You should also keep your Rolex watch in a safe storage spot when you’re not wearing it.

Every few years, you need to schedule an appointment with a Rolex watch repair expert to have your watch cleaned and oiled. This routine maintenance will cost you a bit of money, but it’ll help you avoid major problems that can lead to expensive Rolex repairs.

Get a Helping Hand

As the proud owner of a Rolex, you have a lot of responsibilities. You need to take good care of your watch if you want it to last as long as possible, and that includes knowing when it’s time to visit a watch repair shop. The good news is that Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry can help you take better care of your Rolex, so you don’t have to worry about spending thousands to replace your watch anytime soon.

You need to take care of your Rolex watch if you want it to last a long time, and that means fixing any problems you might notice. If your Rolex watch isn’t working right, visit Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry to get it fixed today.

If you’re the proud owner of a new Rolex watch, you probably have a lot of questions and concerns. Having a watch repair expert you can count on makes it a lot easier to take care of your luxury watch. At the very least, you should know about some common Rolex watch issues so you know when it’s time for repairs.

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An Engagement Ring To Suit Your Fiancee | Engagement Rings Store

An Engagement Ring To Suit Your Fiancee | Engagement Rings Store

An engagement ring is much more than a brilliant gemstone and a band of precious metal. It’s the promise of a lifetime together and one of the most important and sentimental pieces of jewelry the wearer owns. An engagement ring is something that your fiancee will wear every day and is a symbol of your love for her – but it’s also reflective of her personality and taste. If you’re stuck at the engagement rings store trying to decide on the perfect band, read our guide to selecting an engagement ring to suit her personality.

Engagement Ring Design – What You Need To Know

Before you go to the engagement rings store, it’s important to learn a few engagement ring design terms. The center stone is the largest gemstone in the ring, either a solitaire (a single stone) or the showpiece of a cluster of stones. The band is the metal band itself, while the setting is the manner in which the stones are set into the stone. The cut refers to the shape of the stone, like a round, teardrop or a style of cutting the gem so that it reflects light a certain way, like an emerald cut.

The Stone

Start by deciding on the centerpiece stone for the ring. Gemstones have varying degrees of hardness, measured on the Mohs Hardness Scale. Harder stones like a diamond, sapphires, or ruby may withstand everyday wear better than softer gemstones like aquamarine, which may need a more protective setting.

Colorless diamonds are the classic engagement ring stone, ideal for a more traditional woman. Even women who prefer something nontraditional may like a diamond; you can show a little more personality by adding complementing stones or with the setting. The clear color reflects every color on the light spectrum, and as a solitaire or prominent centerpiece, it clearly indicates that the ring on her finger is for engagement.

However, engagement rings with a non-diamond center stone are growing in popularity. Some people may choose their birthstone as the center stone for an engagement ring. However, as we noted, certain gems are harder and, therefore, more durable.

A ruby, deep red in a hue associated with intense love and emotions symbolizes passion, power, and desire. Many early cultures associated rubies with the power of life and blood flowing through their veins or fierce love and passion. A scarlet ruby may be the perfect choice for a vibrant personality or a woman with a true lust for life.

Blue sapphires, another gemstone ideal for a large center stone due to its hardness, is a regal, sophisticated stone. Sapphires have traditionally been worn by royalty and nobility, like Princess Diana, and may be perfect for the woman who has dreamed of being a princess or a very feminine wedding. Sapphires also represent faithfulness and trust, which makes them ideal for an engagement!

Engagement Ring Style

There are dozens of engagement ring styles to select from at our engagement rings store, but three are considered timeless bridal styles.

  • Solitaire: Characterized by a single gemstone, usually a clear white diamond, solitaire rings are all about the beauty of the single stone. It sits proudly atop a band with no other adornment. It’s perfect for a bride who wants something understated or traditional.
  • Halo: Similar to a solitaire in that it features a large center stone, the halo setting encases the center tone with a delicate aura of smaller gemstones. The style is a little more flashy than the solitaire, as both the center stone and its halo reflect the light.
  • Trilogy: This set features a larger center stone flanked on either side by two smaller stones. The stones may be all the same, or the flanking stones may be one type while the center is another. The three gems represent the past, present, and future. Trilogy rings are perfect for a sentimental bride; you can select flanking stones with personal meaning to her.

Engagement Ring Setting

A six-claw setting, debuted by the legendary Tiffany & Co. in 1886, elevates the center stone from the band. It’s the classic setting for a solitaire and is timeless in design. Six-prong styles work well for a round-cut gem or a teardrop style.

A raised four-prong mount, similar to the six-prong Tiffany setting, enhances a gem’s natural radiance and allows light to reflect from every angle. It suits an emerald-cut gem very well.

Pronged settings place the center stone in a more vulnerable position, and the setting itself is delicate, so these styles may not be the most practical solution for an active woman.

Rub-over settings secure the gems in a metal casing that folds all the way around the stone, catching its “hips” (the widest part of the stone) and securing it in place. The gem is surrounded by a delicate halo of metal and has a smooth profile which means it’s less likely to snag than a prong setting is. Although it’s more subtle than the pronged setting, its flat contour makes it perfect for a bride-to-be who often works with her hands.

Putting the Finishing Touches On Your Engagement Ring

The band is the next step in creating a perfect engagement ring. The width of the band and the metal may depend on the size and cut of the center stone. A larger stone may require a larger band, for example.

The next step is to choose a metal that suits her – the most popular are yellow gold, white gold, and platinum. The style of the band is important, too. Would she like something smooth and unadorned so that the center stone is the true center of attention, or perhaps a modern blend of two different metals?

You can say something special with engraving, either a delicate design around the outside of the band or a sentimental message of love engraved on the inside.

Do you need help choosing an engagement ring?

Visit Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry engagement rings store today to browse our selection and request help finding just the right ring for your bride-to-be.

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Seven Ways to Customize My Ring at an Engagement Ring Store Near Me

Seven Ways to Customize My Ring at an Engagement Ring Store Near Me

When looking for an engagement ring store near me, it’s important to consider what customizations you would like to make to give it your own personal sparkle. Custom engagement rings are more popular than ever. The custom ring will reflect the uniqueness of your love and the special bond you share with your fiancé. These days, couples work together to create a ring design with colorful jewels, inscriptions, and other features that turn an ordinary ring into an heirloom that the bride can pass down to future generations.

Here are seven ideas to spark your creative juices and help you make your ring one of a kind, just like her! Come to Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry to create your ring design with quality gems and master jewel smiths.

1. Add Colored Gemstones

Whether you decide to go with traditional diamonds or colored ones in the latest trend, you can use them to offset the center stone. Give it personality and flair, and turn an otherwise standard diamond ring into a statement piece.

You can choose from sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and other precious stones that add value and beauty to your engagement ring. An engagement ring store near me is the best place to look at settings, diamonds, and gemstones that hold particular meaning to your family-to-be. It can be hard to find a standard ring with just the right gemstones. So, talk to your jewelers and see how you can incorporate color and meaning into your engagement ring without breaking your budget.

2. Go Retro for Vintage Flair

Vintage engagement rings are popular, and you can find them at a fine jeweler that doubles as an engagement ring store near me. You can go with a pre-owned ring or create a vintage ring feel by working with your jeweler to create an old-fashioned look you will love. The diamonds of vintage rings are not the same as those in modern jewelry. That’s part of the charm of choosing an engagement ring or retro cut for your diamond. Inconsistencies in handcrafted vintage rings can help you feel connected to your past. This isn’t for everyone, but if you’re looking for a way to make your engagement ring unique, it’s something to consider.

Vintage-inspired rings often create the same effect with beautiful filigrees and unique shapes and patterns. You can add newer stones to an heirloom ring or brainstorm with your designer to mimic the look and feel of yesteryear. But to accomplish your goals, you’ll need to find the right engagement ring store near me.

3. Choose a Unique Cut and Shape

You can also choose diamonds in unique cuts and shapes to make your engagement ring stand out. This may require a larger setting and custom work. Work with your jeweler to keep your vision tied to the reality of your budget. You could also go with a traditional cut and add a diamond halo around it for a stunning visual effect that catches the light and steals the show. Fun shapes include hearts, flowers, and other designs you can achieve with marquee diamonds at an engagement ring store near me.

4. Buy a Larger Diamond

There are many considerations when purchasing a larger diamond. It’s important to get the setting right so the proportions maintain visual appeal. If you decide to go bigger, work with your jeweler to create a setting that can accommodate and showcase the larger rock. At an engagement ring store near me, you could also add large stones on the sides to enhance the impact and give your ring balance.

5. Incorporate Colored Diamonds

If you dream of incorporating colored diamonds into your engagement ring, you are not alone. From yellow to pink to chocolate gemstones, there are many alternatives to traditional white diamonds. Uniquely colored diamonds occur in anomalous conditions, making them quite rare in many cases. For example, yellow diamonds contain excess nitrogen that gives them a vivid tone.

When visiting an engagement ring store near me, ask to see the selection of colored diamonds available to make your engagement ring as beautiful and unique as the bride-to-be.

6. Spend Time Designing or Choosing a Special Setting

Choosing stand-out gemstones isn’t the only way to make your engagement ring pop. You can also work with the designer to create a customized setting, unlike anything you’ll find in the jewelry case. Whether you have your own ideas or want to brainstorm with one of our talented designers, you can obtain a custom setting at Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry. Mixing and matching metals and choosing a rare setting can also help your gemstones shine even brighter.

7. Adding Small Symbolic Details

You can add a love knot to the bottom of the ring that will serve as a secret between you and your fiance. At an engagement store near me, you can find other ways to add symbolic details to your ring design. For example, you can create a unique personality that represents what you mean to one another as a couple or age-old symbols that express your commitment to eternal love.

You can also add gemstones that represent your birthdays to further show your commitment and how the ring ties you together as a couple. Whatever reason you have for wanting to create a unique engagement ring, the jewelers at Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry are here to help.

Are you looking for more ideas to customize your engagement ring? We are proud to serve the surrounding communities by creating beautiful engagement rings and helping you make your wedding day and the rest of your life shine as brightly as your love.

Contact us today if you want to find out why we are the best engagement ring store near me!

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