FAQs About Watch Repair And Service | Littleton, CO

If you own a fine watch then no doubt you love to show it off to others. You also probably love to proudly wear it when you head out for dinner or set up a meeting with a big client. For many people, watches are a mixture of a power statement, a fashion statement, and a family heirloom. However, they do not come without issues because if you want your watch to reach its full lifespan then you need to be prepared for regular watch repair and service along the way. Luckily, full-service watch experts in Littleton, CO are not hard to find.

In fact, regular watch servicing is a great way to protect your investment, and the best way to look at your new watch is as an investment that you have made. In the same way you would protect any other investment like a new car or a new rental property, you need to take proper care of your fine watch and regular service is a great way to start. Plus, most fine watches don’t need too much service or watch repair so once you get into the habit you should find it is an easy thing to take care of. Here are the answers to a few of the most common FAQs about maintaining a fine watch.

How Often Do I Need My Watch Serviced?

Every watch manufacturer has their own servicing recommendations for each watch they manufacture, so the best thing that you can do is check your manual to see what the official recommendation will be. Following the guideline of your watch manufacturer is always the best choice because it is designed based on the actual needs of your watch. If you are unsure of the watch repair schedule for your watch, a safe bet is every ten to 12 years. However, if you think that you have a problem in the interim, then you should go ahead and schedule a repair now instead of waiting.

How Long Does a Watch Service Take?

It depends on the watch type and how much needs to be done. As part of every watch service, all of the small parts will be taken out of the movement and then cleaned. This process can take a few hours but can take longer depending on how much watch repair is needed as part of the process. Some watches will just need to be cleaned, but older watches often need to have more complicated repairs done. The jeweler will once you know once they have a good idea. Keep in mind that sometimes they may not have the parts immediately in Littleton, CO and need to order them before they can be replaced.

In this scenario, they will often discuss returning the watch to you without the repairs and you can decide to return for the watch repair or to just leave the watch there until the pieces come in. What needs to be replaced and what is inside of the watch will heavily determine what the final call is in this regard. In general, if repair is not needed then you should expect a watch service to take three to four hours. In almost all situations you will leave your watch at the jewelers and they will call you when the service is completed. This is one reason why you want to trust a jeweler with experience and a reputation to take care of your watch.

What Can I Expect During a Watch Service?

As alluded to in the above question, the basic purpose of a watch service is to thoroughly clean, inspect, and repair your watch if needed. Generally, the first thing the jeweler will do is take your watch apart and then separate all of the components of the movement. They will then carefully inspect them and make watch repair recommendations if they notice any components are wearing down or starting to rust.

After this, they will clean all components before putting the movement back together. Once the watch is in one piece again they will check the water resistance and or waterproofing to ensure that the watch is appropriately sealed again. At this point, the watch will be ready to be picked up by you and you won’t have to worry about a service for another decade or so.

Do I Need to Book a Separate Watch Service and Repair Service?

If you book a watch service and repairs are discovered as part of the cleaning service the jeweler will be able to repair them during the repair in most cases. As noted above, if the parts need to be ordered then there may be a slight delay in the process. In this situation, you will have the choice of whether to book a separate watch repair service or simply leave your watch there until the repair can be completed.

How Do I Know If I Need My Watch Serviced?

Sometimes issues will arise outside of when you take your watch in for service. For instance, if your secondhand is starting to skip seconds this is a sign that you need watch repair because eventually, your timepiece will not be able to keep accurate time. This is just one of many indications that your watch may no longer be functioning the way that it should be. Other common indications include moisture inside of your timepiece, movement stopping altogether, the appearance of rust anywhere on your watch, or a slight rattle inside of your case. In fact, a rattle inside your case is a sure sign that something is dislodged and should be inspected immediately. If you need watch repair in Littleton, CO, call Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry today to schedule an appointment.

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