Highlands Ranch, CO Fine Watch Repair Service

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In addition to selling premium timepieces, Matheu’s Fine Watches also repairs and services them. We’ve operated our family-owned business for decades, and in that time, we’ve learned a few things about keeping the watches we sell ticking for a long time. Our factory-trained and certified technicians perform a variety of services from battery replacement to a watch overhaul. If you aren’t sure what’s wrong with your watch, bring it to our team in Highlands Ranch, CO for a professional assessment.

Matheu’s fine watches was the first business in Colorado to break away from a jewelry store and focus exclusively on timepieces. We can repair, clean, and maintain your watch so that you can keep wearing your favorite accessory for years to come. It takes a special kind of person to patiently diagnose and repair complex timepieces. Our craftsmen love what they do — and they’re very good at it. That’s why it’s best to entrust your watch to the experts.

Our watch repair services include all brands, from Timex to Bulova to Rolex. Bring in your pocket watch, stopwatch, or wristwatch today for superior service. Over the decades, our team has seen nearly every type of damage and injury to sensitive timepieces — some of them with very interesting histories and stories to tell of their own. Come to us for a fast battery swap, link replacement, a new band or a full-service overhaul to get your tick-tock in top optimal condition.

Our Watch Repair Services

Matheu’s offers the following and more watch repair services while you shop:

  • Band Repair, Replacement, and Resizing
  • Battery Replacement
  • Watch Movement Complete Cleaning
  • Comprehensive Watch Overhaul
  • Crystal Polishing and Replacement
  • Gasket Replacement
  • Link Additions, Replacement or Removal
  • Restoration of Fine Timepieces
  • Stem and Crown Repair
  • Band Retouching: Stainless Steel, Gold, or Silver
  • Watch Cleaning and Inspection
  • Engravings
  • Water Resistance Testing
  • General Repairs

What Brands Do We Handle for Watch Repairs?

We handle all brands, makes and models, such as Bulova, Seiko, G-Shock, Omega, Citizen, Gucci, Movado, Tag Heuer, and Swiss Army. Whether you own a sports watch, vintage timepiece, or a pocket watch, we can restore the accuracy and beauty of your watch.

Watch Repair Services

Battery Change

Do you think that anybody could change a watch battery? That’s not necessarily true. There’s more to it than popping out a cell and putting in a new one. We see valuable timepieces every day that have been damaged by unskilled battery replacement. This can result in bent or broken contacts, cells that are upside down, and replacing capacitors with cells. Let us change the battery and check the surrounding mechanisms for damage to ensure you don’t have to come back and see us again in 6 months due to incorrect battery placement.

Laser Welding

Laser welding takes a precise and patient hand. That’s why Matheu’s employs jewelers for delicate welding repairs. Our experienced staff uses state-of-the-art laser welders to repair clasps and some movement parts with unmatched skill.


Our staff has decades of combined experience in watch repairs, including certifications in a variety of mechanical movement servicing techniques. Whether you bring us a fashion watch or the latest high-end precision or vintage timepiece, we give the same tender loving care to every watch we touch. This delicacy serves us well when dealing with intricate mechanical systems.

Dial Printing

We can imprint dials for schools, individuals, businesses and other organizations. Contact us with your dial print needs to discuss the details.

Band Replacement

The band of the watch takes the brunt of everyday use. Replacing it takes skill and care. Many shops perform this repair poorly. Come to the experts to avoid scratched case backs, broken case lugs, missing pins, and broken links. Trust your treasured possession to caring, factory-trained technicians.


If you still love the look of your watch but would like it to look like new, you’ve come to the right place. Let us clean and polish your timepiece and refurbish it close to original condition. If you purchase antique timepieces and want to know if they can be safely restored, come to us for an evaluation.


Here are some frequently asked questions we get about watch repairs.

Can I Make Simple Repairs at Home?

Fixing your own watch isn’t recommended. Beyond cleaning it with a soft cloth, it’s better to leave repairs to the professionals. Even a simple battery replacement can damage sensitive components if you don’t have the necessary tools. In our watch repair center, we work in a clean environment to prevent dirt and debris from damaging the delicate inner workings of most timepieces. If you end up with a lot of grit or dust when you put the watch back together, it won’t work properly.

If I Bump My Watch Against Something and Scratch the Glass, Can it Be Fixed?

Acrylic or plastic glass can be fixed but sapphire casings have to be replaced. Fortunately, it takes a lot to scratch sapphires. If the scratch is superficial, there could be other options. We can tell you more after inspecting the damage.

Do You See a Lot of Botched Repair Attempts?

We receive many watches that the owners have tried to repair at home. Sometimes, we get timepieces botched by other shops. Usually, we can reverse the damage, but sometimes the damage is too extensive and impacts the warranty of the watch. We recommend that owners refrain from conducted repairs themselves and that they only use repair shops with certified technicians, such as Matheu’s Fine Watches.

Contact Matheu’s Fine Watches in Highlands Ranch, CO, today to find out more about our watch repair services. We would love to help you restore your watch to working order or refurbish it to look like new.