How to Choose a Watch – Quartz Watches – Part Three

This is part three of the How to Choose a Watch series. In this segment we our main topic still revolves around watch movements and in this article, we go into detail about Quartz watches and the pros and cons that go with owning a Quartz watch. Of the three different types of watch movements. Quartz movements are the least expensive and simplest in engineering than the other two; automatic and mechanical movements.

Quartz Watches

If you are like most people who own a watch. Then typically the watch that is on your wrist right now is probably going to be a quartz watch. The reasoning behind this is simple. Quartz watches are exceptionally accurate and most of all they are extremely affordable.

Quartz watches, instead of being powered by a wound-up mainspring, use electricity for the movement.  Inside a quartz watch will be a battery that sends electricity through a small quartz crystal. This jolt of electricity causes the crystal to vibrate at a rate of 32,768 times per second. These vibrations are then measured by a circuit in the watch, which will then convert the vibrations into a pulse.  This pulse will then move the second hand on the watch.  Since quartz watches utilize electricity in order to move the second hand on the watch, they have a distinctive ticking sound.  This ticking, is not as smooth or as elegant as can be found with mechanical or automatic watches.

Another aspect about quartz movements is since they use electricity; they require far many fewer moving parts, compared to the other watch movements. Due to this, they can take quite more of a beating than mechanical or automatic watches.  For this reason alone, most sport and field watches make use of quartz movements.

Quartz watches can also be found at extremely affordable prices. You can find quartz watches for just a few bucks that will be able to keep track of the time accurately. However, if you want something with a bit more options and style, well, you will spend quite a bit more than just a few dollars, obviously.

The Pros of Quartz Watches

They produce accurate time. Quartz movements are by far the most accurate of the three different movements. They will never lose or add seconds throughout

Quartz watches require far less maintenance. That is of course, albeit changing the battery every year or so. Other than that, there is little maintenance that is required with a quartz watch other than cleaning it.

Quartz watches are durable. Well maybe not a quartz watch that cost a few dollars. However, well-known brands that cost a quite a bit more are indeed quite durable. Quartz watches can take quite a beating and still keep on going. Unlike automatic and mechanical movements, quartz watches are not susceptible to dirt, dust, moisture and the like.

They are affordable.  As said above, you can find quartz watches for as cheap as a few dollars. However, we wouldn’t really recommend one that cheap. Nicer quartz watches can be found for one hundred or more dollars.

The Cons of Quartz Watches

They are not smooth. Quartz watches do not have a smooth movement; more like a staggered one. This is due to how a quartz watch works and when compared to both automatic and mechanical watches there is no contest on which is better.

Not quite so appealing. One of the largest cons with a quartz watch, is well, they lack charm. There’s no character with a quartz watch, they are associated with cheap, made in China, gumball dispenser watches to say the least. Quartz watches lack history, craftsmanship and timeless engineering that can be found in mechanical timepieces.


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