How To Choose The Right Watch Repair Shop | Parker, CO

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Watches are complex little machines, so it’s important to pick a reputable, expert watch repair shop to get it back in good working order when it breaks. Just like finding a mechanic to fix your car, you should choose a professional with the expertise and experience necessary to do a good job, especially if your timepiece is expensive. So, how do you choose the best watch repair service?

1. Do Your Research

Before you settle on a particular watch repair service in Parker, CO, you should take into consideration the type of watch you own. If you have a very expensive luxury watch, you need to find a repair shop accredited to fix your specific brand. However, a reputable independent shop is ideal if you have a less expensive or vintage model. Bear in mind that if you have a budget brand, it may be cheaper overall simply to replace it instead of paying for a repair.

Once you know the type of shop you need, it’s worth taking time to research local shops and check out their online reviews. If customer satisfaction is high, you can feel confident that your timepiece is in good hands.

2. Look for a Watch Specialist

Some jewelry stores offer basic repairs, but they don’t generally have the expertise to deal with complex problems and rare or vintage models. As jewelry is their main earner, you shouldn’t entrust your timepiece to a shop that doesn’t specialize in watches. Many will tell you to return your watch to the manufacturer for repair, which is usually a very expensive option.

However, that’s not to say that a jewelry store can’t help you with your search for a decent repair shop. In fact, this can be a good place to ask for recommendations. A good local jewelry store may be able to refer you to a reputable expert who can fix your watch for a fair price.

3. Check Out the Shop In Person

Before you hand your watch over to a repair person, check that the shop is clean as you don’t want your timepiece to be repaired in a dirty or dusty environment. Ask to see the area where your watch will be fixed as well. A good watch repair shop will be happy to show you pictures if repairs are done offsite.

4. Beware of Quick Repairs

Some watch repair shops will offer to open your watch and try to fix it while you wait. While this may appear convenient, the complicated nature of watch mechanics means that a thorough assessment and repair takes time. So, be wary of any watch repair shop that appears keen to give you a quick fix.

5. Be Prepared to Pay for an Estimate

Although some repair shops offer estimates for free, you shouldn’t necessarily be put off if they charge you for an assessment. Properly checking a watch takes time, effort, and expertise, so this can be a sign that the repair person takes the process seriously. It’s fair to expect that you will need to pay them for taking time and care over diagnosing your timepiece.

6. Ask the Right Questions

It’s essential to check exactly what the repair person will do when fixing your watch, especially if you’ve booked it in for a full service. If done correctly, a watch service will prevent further problems from developing down the line and can keep your watch in good running order for a long time. Ask exactly how they plan to test your watch and whether they will check important factors like pressure resistance, water-resistance, and timing. You should also ask them to provide you with a photo of the watch when it’s been disassembled.

7. Be Wary of Low Quotes

Watch repair requires a lot of time and expertise, so you should be wary if you’re given a very low quote. As a rule, you should expect to pay upwards of $250 for a full service, and considerably more if you have a rare or vintage model. If you’re quoted a price that sounds too good to be true, the repair person may not be following best practices. For example, they might simply dunk the entire mechanism in oil to try and get it working again, which could cause considerable damage and lead to a more costly repair later.

8. Be Willing to Travel

While many watch brands can be fixed at any good watch repair shop, some models need particular expertise. So, it’s worth traveling if necessary to find a repair outlet that can do the job right. This might even mean putting your watch in the post so it can be fixed by the most knowledgeable and skilled expert.

Can I Fix My Watch Myself?

You can save a lot of money on repairs by carrying out simple fixes yourself. It’s easy to buy a basic kit reasonably cheaply for tasks like changing the batteries, and replacing or removing straps and links. However, anything more complicated than that is best left to the professionals, especially if your watch is worth a lot of money. Otherwise, you could do more harm than good and end up having to spend much more on repairs to put it right.

Choose a Trusted Watch Repair Shop

If you need to book a repair for your watch, get in touch with the team at Matheu’s Fine Watches in Parker, CO. We have the experience and expertise to carry out minor and major repairs on all manner of timepieces to get them back in good working order. We also offer full servicing options to diagnose and treat issues before they turn into bigger problems and keep your watch in perfect condition for many years to come.