How to Tell It’s Time For Watch Repair | Highlands Ranch, CO

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If you own a luxury timepiece that you feel isn’t working as it should, it’s time to invest in watch repair and take care of the issue right away. By doing so, you’re able to prevent a costlier repair from occurring with the watch or damaging it beyond use. You protect its value by making it a point to care for the timepiece by getting it fixed whenever it doesn’t keep time accurately or slips off your wrist due to a loose watchband.

Knowing why you need watch repair services is imperative. It protects your investment against unnecessary loss and damage. It gives you what you need to keep your heirloom piece in excellent working order for the next generation you give it to. It also makes a bold statement when you wear a luxury watch that looks brand new despite being several years old.

Watch Repair 101

Watches are complex accessories consisting of many working parts. It’s why so few people know the right way to repair watches, especially luxury ones. If you want to make sure that your prized timepiece gets handled with the utmost care, take time to get to know the different companies offering watch service so that you know what you’re getting into before bringing your watch to a jeweler to be fixed.

Here is how to tell it’s time for watch repair in Highlands Ranch, CO:

  • Your watch stops working abruptly. There is no telling what the issue is until you’re able to bring it to a company that can take a look at it right away. It could be something internal and mechanical. It may even be as simple as needing a new battery. The right jeweler has the knowledge, skills, and tools to make fast work out of the repair. You’re not left wondering why you have a watch that no longer works. You get the answers you need and the repair required to enjoy wearing your favorite timepiece once again.


  • It has a hard time keeping accurate time. The watch works, but the time is off. No matter what you do to reset it, you can’t get it to read accurately. Bringing the watch to a jeweler is the easiest thing to do. They have the tools needed to open things up to see where the issue resides. Before you know it, you’ll have your watch in excellent working order once again. It’s one less thing for you to stress about, too, because you took the time to address the problem right away. Having a watch that you can view and know that it’s keeping time accurately is helpful.


  • It has a cracked face. The glass on the watch is damaged. It may not be noticeable to the naked eye but could be problematic in the future. The jeweler doing watch repair for you will remove the glass and replace it. That way, the watch looks brand new. It’s a common issue with antique watches that have seen many years of wear and abuse. If you inherited a timepiece from a relative, it’s important to have it fixed so that it still has value to you. Enjoying it by wearing it in honor of your loved one is something that you’d like to do regularly.


  • The watchband is loose or missing links. Out of fear of losing or damaging it, you’ve stopped wearing the watch altogether. What you can do is bring it in for watch repair and have the watchband fixed. That way, it’s no longer an issue for you by being too loose to wear. You can eliminate the issue in a way that makes things much easier on you altogether. It provides you with outstanding value to know that you can protect your prized possession in excellent working order long-term.


  • The watch is so dirty that its parts no longer move freely on their own. That means that you need to take care of the watch better by being mindful of where you wear it. If you’re in a line of business where you get exposed to a lot of dust and dirt, you may want to invest in a second watch that is less valuable to wear to work. That way, you don’t need to have your luxury watch cleaned regularly to prevent grime build-up. It’s something that you’ll want to think about before shelling out tons of money on watch repairs.

Highlands Ranch, CO, provides outstanding options when it comes to repairs. Seeking the services of a skilled professional takes time and patience. If you’ve never needed to have a luxury timepiece repaired before, you want to be extra cautious. That way, you’re not in a position where you regret your decision.

Regularly seeking cleaning and repair services for your luxury watch makes it so it lasts longer. It allows you to protect your initial investment against wear and tear. It keeps it looking and working its best for years. Once you have a jeweler you trust to perform watch repair service for you, you’ll be set and only need to bring the watch in for service whenever it needs fixing.

Get the Assistance That You Need with Your Watch Repair Right Away

Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry has your best interests in mind. We repair many different types of luxury watches so that we can best assist our customers with the help they need. Contact us at 303-471-8463 with your request for service today. We’ll get you to put into our schedule to get your timepiece working like new once again.

Now that you know the most common problems that take place with timepieces of all types, you’re able to address the issue quickly. You can tackle the issue with the greatest ease and have a watch that you can wear and enjoy more frequently. If you’re not sure if we service the brand of watch that you own, ask us. We’ll be more than happy to explain things in detail to you.