Signs Not To Ignore That You Are In Need Of Watch Repair | Littleton, CO

Your engagement day is approaching, and you want everything to be perfect. The last thing you may want is for your watch to break down.

Many people enjoy the process of vintage watch repair and restoration. It can be a gratifying experience to take an old, broken watch and make it work like new again. However, there are risks involved in this process.

If you are not careful, you can make the watch worse than before. This blog post will discuss the crucial signs of vintage watch repairs in Littleton, CO, that you should not ignore.

1) Rolex Submariner 16613

This model of the Rolex Submariner is considered by many to be one of the most iconic watches ever made. It was first introduced in 1986 and became an instant classic. With unique features like a date function and a rotating bezel, the 16613 is truly a work of art.

However, this watch is also very delicate. The process of vintage watch restoration can be risky for this model.

Common Signs Your Rolex Submariner 16613 Needs Service:

-The watch stops working entirely

-The watch loses time

-The date function stops working

-The bezel becomes loose or falls off entirely

You must take your watch to a professional for service if you notice these signs.

2) Omega Speedmaster

The Omega Speedmaster is another iconic watch. It was first introduced in 1957 and worn by astronauts, race car drivers, and royalty. This watch is known for its durability and accuracy. It comes with unique features like a tachymeter and a chronograph.

However, the process of vintage watch repair can be risky for this model.

Common Signs Your Omega Speedmaster Needs Service:

-Ticking noise coming from the watch

-The watch stops working or loses time

-The chronograph function is not working properly

-The dial or hands are damaged

-Water damage

If you notice such signs, you must take your Omega Speedmaster to a professional for watch repair. For example, the chronograph function is a delicate mechanism that a trained watchmaker must handle. They will assess the damage and then give you an estimate of the repair cost.

You should also be aware that vintage watch repair can sometimes decrease the value of your watch. Therefore, it is essential to research before you make a decision.

Water damage can be especially tricky to repair. It may be crucial to replace the entire watch. If you are not sure whether vintage watch restoration is suitable for you, consult with a professional.

3) Swiss Army

Swiss Army is a well-known watch company, and their watches are just as popular as ever. If you have a vintage Swiss Army watch, it’s worth getting it repaired.

Some popular Swiss Army watch designs and models include the Officer’s Watch, the Airboss Mach 12, and the I.N.O.X. The Officer’s Watch is a classic design that has been around for decades, and the Airboss Mach 12 is a newer model that’s very popular with collectors.

The I.N.O.X. is the Swiss Army’s flagship watch and is made to be incredibly tough and durable. It’s perfect for anyone who leads an active lifestyle or works in a challenging environment.

Common Signs of Repair Needed for Swiss Army Watches:

-Cracked or missing crystals

-Damaged or broken watch band

-Non-functioning buttons or pushers

-Missing parts or pieces

-Water damage

If you notice any signs, it’s time to take your Swiss Army watch to a qualified repair specialist in Littleton, CO. The crystals and watchband can usually be replaced relatively quickly, but if there are missing parts or water damage, the repair will be more complex and expensive.

For example, parts like the crown or movement may need to be replaced, and the watch will need to be serviced and cleaned. Water damage can also cause corrosion, which will need to be addressed.

4) Rado

The brand Rado is a company known for its use of scratch-resistant materials. Their watches are made to withstand wear and tear, making them ideal for those constantly on the go. If you notice that your watch has lost its luster, it may be time for a Rado watch repair.

Common Signs Your Rado Watch Needs Repair:

-The watch was dropped or hit, damaging the internal mechanisms

-The watch was exposed to extreme temperatures, causing the lubricants to break down

-The watch was submerged in water, resulting in corrosion

If you notice any of these issues, it is best to take your watch to a Rado authorized service center for repair.

For example, the internal mechanisms like the mainspring, balance wheel, and escapement are all essential parts of the watch that need to be in working order for it to function correctly.

If any of these parts are damaged, it can cause the watch to stop working. At a Rado service center, qualified technicians will examine your watch and determine the best course of action.

5) Tissot and Omega

These brands are trendy among watch enthusiasts. If you have a vintage watch from either of these brands, it is worth getting it serviced or restored.

Some vintage designs like the Omega Seamaster 300 or the Tissot PRS are trendy among collectors and can fetch a high price. They come with various features, including water resistance and chronograph functions.

Common Signs of Watch Repairs for Tissot and Omega Brands:

-Water resistance

-Battery replacement

-Strap replacement/resizing

-Refinishing the case and bracelet

For example, a watch repair company will refinish the case and bracelet of your vintage watch. It will give it a new lease of life and make it look almost new.

If you are unsure whether to get your vintage watch serviced or restored, take it to a reputable watchmaker for an assessment.

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Photo by Evgeniy Kalinovskiy at Shutterstock