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Watch repair can be fiddly work, but any watchmaker will tell you that working on an old timepiece is worth it. While some watches are challenging to repair, watchmakers love old watches and are passionate about their craft.

If you live in Denver, CO, or the surrounding area and are looking for a watch repair service, you may like to contact Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry. Whether you own an ancient Rolex, have inherited your grandfather’s pocket watch, or have a more modern watch that isn’t working correctly, Matheu’s Fine Watches can help.

This article will tell you all about some of the most common watch issues that watchmakers are asked to repair daily.

Watch Repair Services

When you take your watch in for watch repairs, you’ll want to ensure that you’ve found a professional and experienced watchmaker. There are hundreds of watch brands available, so you’ll need to make sure the repair service has experience in dealing with your particular watch. This is very important, especially if you own an older timepiece.

A good quality watch repair service will include a full service and watch battery replacement. The watchmaker will be able to diagnose any problems your watch may have and plan how to fix them. Whether you need to find the perfect strap or are looking for a bracelet to complement your watch, Matheu’s can help. If your watch is running slowly or has completely stopped, a watchmaker can provide a full watch movement service to determine the cause of the problem and get your watch back to keeping perfect time. A good watchmaker will offer the following watch repair services:

Watch Strap Replacement

One of the most common reasons that people visit a watch repair service is to have a new watch strap fitted. If you own an attractive timepiece, but the strap is old, worn, or cracked, you may like to invest in a new one. Watch straps are traditionally made from leather, with modern straps being manufactured using fabric or metal.

Whichever type of watch strap you’re after, a watchmaker will be able to offer you a choice of attractive straps that are in keeping with your watch’s design.

Watch Battery Replacement

Another common watch repair service is having a battery replaced. While some older watches have a wind-up mechanism, most watches require a battery that needs to be replaced regularly. It’s a good idea to have your watch services while the battery is being replaced.

Watch Glass Replacement

If you own a watch that’s in good condition but has dull or scratched glass, your watch face may be letting your timepiece down. A watch repair service will have the correct tools available to fit a new piece of glass in your watch. They can also cut and shape the replacement glass to get the perfect fit for your watch. After the glass has been fitted, the watchmaker will polish it so that it looks great. No matter the make, model, or age of your timepiece, a watchmaker will be able to replace the glass to restore your watch to its former glory.

Watch Restoration or Polishing

Old watches can be restored and repaired to convert them to top working condition. Depending on the brand of watch you own and the age of the timepiece, the price and time this service takes will vary. If you own an old watch, it’s important that you find a watchmaker with experience in working on ancient watches. This will ensure that your watch doesn’t suffer from further damage at the hands of an amateur.

It often takes longer to repair older watches as the watchmaker will need to source replacement parts, which can sometimes be challenging. If you own an old watch or a more modern timepiece, it may be a good idea to ask your watchmaker to give your watch a polish next time it needs a new battery. This will help to freshen up your watch and make it look as good as new.

Watch Engraving

If you’re buying a watch as a gift for a loved one, you may like to have it engraved with a personal message or name. This is a nice touch as it will make the watch more personal, and your gift will likely be cherished for years to come.

Watch Crown and Bezel Replacement

A watchmaker will have the correct tools to replace, repair, or restore your watch’s crown and bezel. They will also have the skills necessary to replace damaged parts so that your watch is able to keep time once again correctly.

Watch Dial Restoration

If you own an older watch or a vintage model that has a rusted dial or a dial that’s tarnished or damaged, this will ruin the look of your watch. Sometimes moisture or other contaminants can get inside the watch’s casing and cause discoloration.

Dial batons often lose their shine and, in time, end up with a dull, tarnished look. If you own a tarnished watch, you will be amazed at the transformation after booking a restoration and polishing service. In most cases, your watch dial can be restored to an almost new quality. Tarnish and dirt can be removed, and surface scratches can be polished off the face of your watch.

Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry

If you own either a vintage timepiece or a modern watch that you want to get up and running again, don’t hesitate to contact Matheu’s Fine Watches. The company specializes in repair and restoration of watches and is located near Denver, CO. They offer the above watch services and have highly skilled and experienced watchmakers who can work on all makes and models of watches.

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