Types of Watch Repair You May Need | Highlands Ranch, CO

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Does your watch need repair? Do you need to take it into a watch repair specialist to make sure that everything is taken care of properly? Well, you’re going to want to know whether it’s something you should take care of yourself or something that you should hire a professional for, right? So, we’re going to take a look at some of the things that you might need a watch repair shop in Highlands Ranch, CO for and just why it’s important to let a professional handle it.

Changing the Battery

Many people think that they can change the battery on their watch entirely on their own, without calling in a professional. The truth, however, is that you should absolutely have a professional take care of this for you. The inner components of your watch, and even the back covering of the watch, are very delicate. The process to remove the back and change out the battery may seem simple but it requires the right amount of pressure and finesse to avoid damaging anything. Getting a professional to help is inexpensive and keeps your watch running smoothly.

Changing the Strap

This is another area where many people assume that they can take care of it themselves. Again, the process seems relatively simple, but it’s very easy to cause damage to the watch itself while you’re trying to remove an old strap. Not only that but new straps can sometimes be difficult to attach because of the way that they are made. Calling a professional for watch repair will get the job done quickly and will also make sure that your watch and your new strap look their best when it’s done.

Complete Overhaul

A complete overhaul on a mechanical watch means getting it back into the best possible condition. It requires a great deal of work including taking apart the entire interior components of the watch and cleaning them. It’s also a process of replacing parts that need it, oiling everything, calibrating the time and then sealing it all back together. By the time it’s all done, your watch is going to work and look practically like new again. But it’s extremely intricate and that’s why it should always be done by a professional. Not to mention it should be done routinely to keep your watch in excellent condition.

Replacing the Crystal

The crystal is the part that you see as the face of the watch, but it’s actually a thin layer that sits between you and the face. You don’t see it (or you shouldn’t if it’s properly cleaned and clear), but it’s extremely important to protect the interior of the watch. If this needs to be replaced you absolutely want to call a professional watch repair shop to take care of it. These crystals can be scratched or otherwise damaged easily, and you don’t want to accidentally damage the new crystal you’re trying to put in.

Cosmetic Changes

If you choose to change out things like the dial or the hands on your watch this type of watch repair should also be done by a trained professional. These are very tiny components and that means it’s extremely easy for them to be damaged in some way. If you’re not trained in how to remove the old ones and replace them with new ones you could end up with damage to other internal components of the watch or to the new components that you were going to put on. A professional can take care of this quickly and easily for you, without damage.

Broken Components

As your watch starts to get old it might need new components and internal gears to keep it working. These can start to wear out or they can suffer damage as a result of many different situations. If the watch gets wet, or dirty, for example, the internal components can be damaged. This could mean you need repairs or replacement of these components. You’ll need a professional in watch repair to take care of these components and make sure that they are done properly.

Understanding Costs of Repairs

Depending on the type of repair that you’re having done the cost could be quite inexpensive or they could be more expensive. This is also going to depend on more than the watch repair that you need but also on the type of watch that it’s been done on. After all, if you have an inexpensive watch it’s likely not going to cost as much for you to get most things taken care of. For more expensive watches, antiques or items that have high value to you, the pricing structure could be slightly different depending on the amount of care that needs to be taken.

When it comes time to get your watch repaired taken care of make sure you know what it is that you need and you know who you’re going to take it to. You don’t want to find yourself with a problem and no idea where to turn. And with your watch being as important to you as it is, it’s extremely important that you look at all of the options and all of the different things you might need. Even minor jobs are best left to a professional watch repair shop that can guarantee it’s done right.

Call Matheu’s Fine Watches of Highlands Ranch, CO to find out more about what you can get done with a professional and how you can make sure that your watch is going to be in the best shape possible when everything is done. You want to make sure you can use it again right away, and we want to make sure that it’s in perfect working order. Just give us a call to set up an appointment and let us know what your watch needs. You’ll be able to get major or minor work done and your watch is going to be everything you want it to be.