Watch Repair: Can My Watch Be Repaired? | Vail, CO

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If you rely on your watch to tell the time or are very fond of it, it can be a real pain when something goes wrong. If your watch suddenly stops, isn’t keeping time accurately, or has any other fault, you may be wondering whether it can be repaired. The truth is that most watches can be fixed, although there are times when it makes more sense to simply purchase a new timepiece. So, how do you know whether the situation is salvageable?

Should I Repair or Replace?

If your watch stops completely or has a skipping second hand, repairing it is often as simple as replacing the battery. This is an inexpensive fix, but you shouldn’t be tempted to do it yourself. A professional watch technician in Vail, CO can remove and reseal the back of your watch properly to prevent water damage in the future. Don’t wait if you suspect a flat battery, as they are prone to leaking and damaging internal components.

If your watch was inexpensive in the first place or has a severely rusted mechanism, it may be cheaper overall to simply replace it. In some situations, buying replacement parts could be very difficult or more expensive than buying a new watch.

However, if you have an expensive timepiece, it’s usually more cost-effective to take it to a watch repair shop in Vail, CO to be fixed. Furthermore, many people have a sentimental attachment to their watch if it was given to them as a gift or passed down as an heirloom. In this situation, you may decide that it’s unique value to you makes the repair cost worth it.

The only way to know for sure whether your watch can be fixed is to take it to a repair specialist to be diagnosed.

Where Can I Get my Watch Fixed?

Watches have complex internal mechanisms, so you should choose a repair technician with the expertise and experience to fix it safely. So, don’t just opt for your closest service. It’s worth traveling to find a watch repair shop that regularly fixes your brand of watch and has good customer feedback.

Many jewelers offer watch repair as a side business. While they will probably do an acceptable job of replacing watch straps, it’s best to leave more complex watch repair jobs to a specialist. However, your local jeweler is often a great source of information when you’re looking for a good repair technician.

Don’t be put off if a watch repair shop charges for an estimate. Diagnosing watch problems requires time and expertise, so you should expect to pay for this service. Also, be wary if you’re given an estimate that sounds too good to be true. A decent watch repair shop will take time and effort over watch repairs and, while the price should be fair, rock bottom prices are a serious warning sign.

Can I Repair my Own Watch?

While it’s technically possible to do your own watch repair, it’s not generally recommended. While you can replace watch straps yourself, even simple fixes like replacing the battery can go wrong if you don’t know what you’re doing. For example, failing to correctly replace and seal the back of the watch could lead to catastrophic water damage later on.

Many common watch problems are caused by dirt inside the mechanism, and to solve the problem you’ll have to take it apart. Watches contain multiple tiny components, and you’ll almost certainly find it impossible to put it back together once you’ve dismantled it. This process is fraught with difficulty as watch parts are so easily broken. Even a tiny bend or break in a single part can completely stall the mechanism and stop your watch from working.

Diagnosing watch problems requires a huge amount of time and often needs expensive specialist equipment. As the potential for things to go wrong is so high, it’s almost always wisest to have your watch fixed by a professional.

How to Prevent Watch Problems

Many common watch problems can be prevented by having your timepiece serviced regularly. Most regular watches should have a service every couple of years, while you can leave a little longer between services if you have a waterproof model. However, it’s sensible to have the seal checked yearly to make sure its waterproofing remains effective.

During a watch service, the technician will clean and oil the mechanism carefully. This removes dirt and gunk that could otherwise cause damage, and the oil prevents corrosion to the mechanism.

If water gets inside your watch, you should take it to be cleaned and serviced immediately. Sometimes it will be obvious that there’s water inside your watch, especially if you accidentally submerge a non-waterproofed model in the bath or sink. However, even tiny moisture droplets on the watch crystal are a sign that your watch needs a service. Any amount of moisture can cause the mechanism to rust, possibly irreparably if you don’t act quickly.

You should expect to pay somewhere in the region of $50-$150 for a watch service, although it may cost significantly more if you have a very expensive or vintage timepiece. Bear in mind that you may need to pay additional repair costs if the technician detects a problem during the service.

Call the Experts

If your watch stops working, you need a repair shop you can trust. Matheu’s Fine Watches can help you with all aspects of watch repair, whether you need a simple battery replacement or a more complex fix. Don’t forget to book your timepiece in for regular servicing to keep it in perfect working order and prevent issues further down the line.