Watch Repair For Crowns And Other Parts Of Your Timepiece | Denver, CO

Whether you have a watch you just bought a few years ago or one that’s been handed down through the generations, the master watch repair professionals at Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry can help. We have repaired thousands of watches for happy customers in Denver, CO, and the surrounding communities. We can assist you whether you need to replace a crown or crystal or want your watch serviced to prevent problems before they start. Learn more about the types of repairs available and why you should not attempt DIY work on sensitive timepieces.

Is Crown Watch Repair Common?

Have you ever wondered what the tiny knobs on the side of your watch are called? Typically made of metal, they are referred to as watch crowns. They are mostly circular and contain lines purposely added to create a better grip. Although tiny, crowns have an important role, as they set or adjust the time so you can get where you’re going when you’re supposed to be there. Turning the crown adjusts the minute and hour hands. As such, you can adjust your watch as precisely as needed or even set it a few minutes ahead in some cases.

You can also use the crown to wind up the mechanical components of your timepiece. Even some automatic watches come with this feature as a nod to traditional watches. The crown also is used to activate various features on a dial watch. For example, you can modify how the watch displays the date, day and time. If your watch comes with moon phases, the crown can help you set or correct the feature appropriately.

With all these important features, you’re at a serious disadvantage if your watch crown becomes damaged or cracked. However, our repair people can usually replace it so that your watch works better than ever. Installing a replacement crown can also improve the look and feel of your timepiece.

Because the functionality of the crown is so important, we don’t recommend that you tamper with it yourself. That said, work with trained and experienced professionals who can make the repairs and return your watch to you in pristine condition. To make this watch repair, we open the back of the case and take out the stem that connects the crown to the rest of the watch. After replacing the stem and crown, we reattach the casing and thoroughly test the new components.

You can also rely on our team to repair other parts of your watch.

How Can You Get a Watch Strap Replacement?

Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry provides a comprehensive range of watch repairs and maintenance. If you damage, scratch or break your watch strap, we can replace or repair it, depending on the circumstances. We can also suggest straps that will match the style of your timepiece or find one that adds your personal flair to a family heirloom or token of a cherished memory.

Can You Replace Glass During Watch Repairs?

There’s a common misconception that if the watch glass breaks, it cannot be replaced. That can’t be further from the truth. Our fine jewelers can replace (or, in some cases, repair) damaged watch glass. In the industry, we called this the watch crystal, which refers to the transparent glass material that protects the components of your watch without obstructing your view of the time. We look at it this way — if the glass broke, it did its job protecting the elements that make your watch work. So, it’s worth replacing.

As with other watch components, the watch crystal is sensitive and delicate. Therefore, we advise that you leave crystal watch repairs to the professionals. We know how to measure and install watch crystals of varying materials and have the right equipment to install it without damaging the watch case.

What Is Included in the Watch Service?

While it is important to have a Denver, CO, trusted jeweler for watch repairs, there is a simple way to help prevent major damage. Having your watch serviced according to the manufacturer’s schedule can keep it running better for many years to come. In case you’re wondering what a watch service includes, here are some common elements (depending on the type of watch you own):

  • Damage inspection, including disassembly and reassembly
  • Cleaning of all moving parts
  • Inspection, repair and maintenance of the inner workings
  • Lubrication/Oiling
  • Water Resistance Refresh (if applicable)

Does Your Watch Need Service or Watch Repair?

If the minute or hour hand runs a little slow or your watch makes an uncharacteristic sound, that may be a sign that it’s time to service your timepiece. On the other hand, if you have cracks, non functioning components and visible damage, it may require minor or major watch repairs.

If you aren’t sure of the maintenance schedule for your watch, just reach out to our team and we can look it up for you. Note that seeing moisture inside the crystal or having some parts of the watch feel looser than others indicates you need immediate maintenance or repairs.

If I Stop Wearing My Watch, Will It Stop Working?

The need for repairs does not depend on whether you wear the watch. However, if you don’t wear the watch, chances are that you aren’t winding it or recharging it either. This can cause the watch to stop running, leading to performance issues if left unaddressed.

Am I Supposed To Overwind a Vintage Watch To Keep It Working?

This is one myth that we would like to bust immediately. Vintage watches, which include watches created before 1969, have mechanical components. Therefore, you need to wind them to keep them working properly. However, overwinding a vintage watch can damage sensitive components and is not recommended.

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