Watch Repair: Important Things To Know | Denver, CO

There are two types of people in this world: those who wear watches and those who do not. If you fall into the group that doesn’t wear watches then this is not the article for you, but if you faithfully have a watch on your hand from the minute you wake until the minute you go to sleep, keep reading.

Wearing a fine watch is part of a lot of people’s overall fashion ensemble. Not only does a fine watch help add a little power to their overall outfit, but it is something they can wear with pride. Once you have a Rolex or a Swiss on your wrist, you know that you have made it.

Of course, even a fine watch requires some repair from time to time, which is why as a fine watch owner you need to anticipate and appreciate that sometimes you will need watch repair. In fact, regular watch repair in Denver, CO is the best way to ensure that your watch is able to reach its full lifespan.

Depending on the brand and manufacturer of your watch, some fine watches are actually considered heirloom watches. That means with timely repair and service you can actually expect to pass your watch down to your children. That is actually quite an impressive feat and one that you should aim to hit with just a few careful steps in the process.

The Importance of Regular Watch Service

The best way to make sure that your watch can live for generations is by keeping up with a regular watch service. Every watch manufacturer has its own recommendations, but in general, you should plan on servicing your watch every 5 years. As part of a good maintenance plan, you should take your watch in to be cleaned and fully inspected whether or not you actually need repair.

You don’t want to take your watch just anywhere, however. A fine watch is an investment and should be treated as such. Chances are you don’t just take your car to any old auto shop to be fixed, so you should pay the same respect to your watch. Oftentimes small jewelry shops that offer watch repair are often your best choices because they actually employ actually trained employees.

During a watch service, you can expect the movement of the watch to be carefully taken apart so that every component can be carefully inspected and cleaned. In addition, if any parts need to be fixed, the watch repair will take place right then so that small delicate parts can be replaced before they can cause damage to other small parts. The movement of your watch is very small and intricate, this is a job that needs to be undertaken by a professional.

Outside of inspection and polishing, during the process, the jeweler will also check to ensure that the watch is still properly waterproofed and able to hold its own at its tested limits. Keep in mind that water resistance is not the same as waterproof so follow any instructions that the jeweler gives you when you live to keep your watch in great condition for years to come.

When Should You Take Your Watch in to be Repaired?

Of course, while a watch service is a great way to stay ahead of any potential problems with your watch, sometimes it is not enough. On occasion, you may need to take your watch to a jeweler for repairs outside of your normal service time. The best thing you can actually do for your watch is to seek out repair the minute you notice that anything is wrong.

As just mentioned, the inside of a watch is very delicate, and one small piece that is not working correctly can easily cause a great deal of friction and rubbing that can harm other pieces inside the watch. Most watches break down because of chain reactions that happen when one bad part is not addressed. Seeking out proactive watch repair is the best way to ensure that this does not happen to you. Not sure whether or not you need watch repair in Denver, CO? Here are a few signs that you don’t want to ignore.

Moisture Inside of Your Case

There is never a scenario in which you should be able to see moisture inside of your watch case. Even if a watch says that it is waterproof or resistant if you see that there is moisture inside of your case this is a sign that the watch has lost its protection. Moisture inside of the case can quickly turn into a much bigger problem than a foggy display screen.

Moisture will slowly cause the small pieces inside of the watch movement to rust. Rust spreads once it starts and your fine watch can become nothing more than an old, rusty heirloom over a few months. You can prevent this by immediately taking your watch in for a repair and having the issue addressed the first time you notice it.

Second Hand is Skipping

If you notice that your second hand is skipping on occasion this is a sign that you need watch repair. While a few seconds may not seem like a big deal, a few extra seconds all day can actually add up and before long you may notice that your watch is no longer able to keep accurate time. This usually happens because of an internal issue when you wind the watch. It can be fixed, but it is always better to take care of the problem quicker than later.

Something is Rattling in Your Watch

Your watch should never rattle. If you can hear anything moving inside your watch you can bet on the fact that a piece has come loose, and you want to address the problem before more things start to fall apart. This is a clear sign that you need a watch repair and one that should not be ignored.

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