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You’re proud of your expensive Swiss Watch, and it has become part of your everyday attire and has faithfully kept your time for many years. But you were dismayed to find it stuck at midnight when you awoke this morning. You realize you need a watch repair to restore your faithful companion to proper functionality. If you live in Littleton, CO, you’re in luck. Matheus Fine Watches is there for you!

Over millennia, man has always attempted to keep track of time accurately. One of the earliest methods was placing a stick in the ground and tracking its shadow as the sun moved overhead. This rudimentary clock evolved into the sundial. Later, candle clocks, hourglasses and other methods popped up, leading over time to the development of the first pocket-sized clock in the early 1500s.

From the pocket-sized, more commonly referred to as fob watch, clock makers designed more functional clocks that could be placed on the wrist to make telling time easier and faster for the wearer. The wristwatches were born. The growth of this industry boomed with many watchmakers designing more exceptional and efficient time-telling devices, and wristwatches became part and parcel of human existence.

Although the use of wristwatches has significantly waned due to the availability of multiple time-telling devices around us, man’s sentimental attachment to this little contraption still lingers. Clocks stand out in the streets, in our cell phones, cars, homes, offices, recreation centers and other places.

The reasons most people wear watches has significantly shifted in recent times. Here are some of the reasons people wear watches.

1. Fashion Accessories

A vast majority of people set great store to their fashion tastes, and wristwatches are an integral part of this culture. An expensive watch can significantly enhance your self-confidence and appearance if it especially matches your suit.

2. Watches as Art Pieces

Far from just being a timepiece, wristwatches are extremely worthy pieces of art. Swiss watches are renowned the world over for their exquisite and unique craftsmanship and tradition. Many people buy them for that appreciation.

3. Watches Are Multi-functional

Wristwatches synchronize war maneuvers, a function a cell phone cannot effectively carry out. Deep-sea diving, motorcar racing or flying are some functions that are particularly suited to the ubiquitous wristwatch.

4. Watches Offer Simplicity

It would be best if you had a flick of your wrist to tell the time instead of struggling to pull out your phone from your pocket, especially when you’re driving or engaged in a task that requires concentration.

5. Watches Manage Your Time

Wearing a watch helps you significantly manage your time and schedule. Most people’s lives today are ruled by tight timelines, running errands, going to work, attending meetings, keeping appointments and many other activities all revolve around time. Watches are excellent ways to keep up with all that.

Watches say a lot about you and that gadget at your wrist should be accorded the care and respect it deserves, but just like many things we use, it is also susceptible to damage or wear and tear. A few of the most common signs that you need a watch repair are:

Your Watch Isn’t Working

The first thing to do is to check the condition of the battery. Watch batteries should last for at least two years. You should seek the services of a qualified watch repair if your watch is the mechanical type or for advice and installation of the right battery on the automatic watch.

Either of the Hands Skipping

An old or used up battery may cause the hands of the watch to skip now and then. Replace the battery to fix this problem. A mechanical watch with this problem means the spring mechanism is faulty, requiring the services of a repair.

Buttons Won’t Function

Due buildup of dust and dirt in your watch, the push buttons on the watch may fail to work. This problem is preventable by regular servicing of the watch. You will require a professional watch repair for regular servicing.

How to Take Care of Your Watch

There are several ways you can keep your watch away from the watch repair. These few simple tips will keep your watch running optimally for a very long time.

Regular Servicing

Most people seek watch repair when their timepieces break down, but it would be a good idea to have their watches serviced by an expert every 3 to 5 years to keep them fine-tuned. Call in at Matheus Fine Watches for expert servicing.

Regular Winding

Most mechanical watches need rewinding daily, and it would be beneficial to maintain that even when it is not in use. If left unwound over a long period, the gears tend to stiffen, reducing the efficiency of the watch eventually. You also have to be careful not to overwind it as that can cause damage to the parts.


It is essential to store your watch in proper conditions when you’re not wearing it. You should avoid keeping the watch in damp areas, very cold or hot areas.

Use as Regularly as Possible

Regularly wearing your watch keeps it in good condition since you tend to care for it more. If you do not wear it often, you may forget about it, leading to its quick deterioration.

Keep Away From Water

Most watches, apart from those specially designed for use underwater, must be kept as far away from water as possible. Watch repair is advisable if you encounter that problem.

Seek Professional Help

It is essential to seek professional watch repair if you experience a breakdown of the watch or some other problem. Some watches are costly, and having a quack look at it may cause you grief and significant loss if you do detect a problem with it.

Where to Go for Expert Service

Matheus Fine Watches in Littleton, CO, is an authorized service center handling the repair and servicing of most Swiss watches and other designer watches. With over 100 years’ experience in the watch industry, you can rest assured your watch is in trusted and capable hands.

Whether seeking custom accessories, jewelry or specialized watch repair, Matheus Fine Watches is the place to go!