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The process of acquiring and owning a Rolex watch is definitely not cheap, and likewise, caring for your Rolex to ensure that it’s in proper working condition for years requires vigilance and focus.

Rolex watches are not delicate items that are meant to be kept deep within safes or passed over as precious heirlooms. They are built to withstand ocean water, high altitudes, and even extreme sports. Whether you buy a Rolex from Denver, CO, or anywhere else, the care conditions are the same for all models and make.

With the ideal maintenance and care routine for your Rolex, you won’t need to be heading down to a Rolex Watch repair anytime soon.

Manually Winding Your Watch

If you’re wearing your watch for the first time, or haven’t worn it in a while, it will need to be wound manually. The winding process helps your watch work precisely. To wind, unscrew the winding crown fully and then turn it several times clockwise.

You will need to turn it at least 25 times for a partial winding. Make sure you screw back the winding crown securely to prevent any water from infiltrating the Rolex interiors. A loose winding crown can send you to a Rolex watch repair in no time.

Your watch will keep winding automatically as long as you have it on your wrist daily. You may want to set the time and date manually when you’re traveling or haven’t worn the watch in a while.

Performing Daily Care for Your Rolex

Fortunately, there isn’t a lot of daily care you need to perform for your Rolex to look and perform spectacularly. Cleaning it from time to time with a microfiber cloth will ensure that the surface remains shiny and clear of any dust.

You can wash your Rolex case along with the bracelet using a combination of water and soap. Only use a soft brush that won’t be abrasive on your Rolex accessories. Using too much force can cause scratches and other flaws on your watch, which may have you looking for a Rolex watch repair in Denver, CO for polishing services.

Tuning Your Rolex

From time to time, you may feel like your Rolex watch is running a bit slow or too fast. To better optimize the performance of your Rolex, you may need to get it tuned so it can be completely accurate.

A repair can test the accuracy and if needed, fine-tune your watch’s balance wheel so it stays consistently on time. The tuning is done to the inner mechanisms of the watch and it’s not recommended for you to disassemble the watch yourself due to the complex design and make of the watch.

Getting Regular Maintenance

Even when you’re taking steps to ensure your Rolex is in good shape over the years, it can still require maintenance frequently so all the dirt and possible flaws that have accumulated in its inner mechanisms are tuned and cleaned thoroughly.

Depending on whether you own a vintage Rolex or the latest model, you may have different preferences when it comes to getting it serviced. Official Rolex watch repair centers can end up replacing parts in the Rolex, which can cause the value of a vintage watch to decrease.

There are plenty of independent Rolex watch repair services that maintain the integrity of your Rolex watch and service the necessary components without replacement. A full service ensures that your Rolex is cleaned, polished, and buffed to make it look brand new.

The inner mechanisms will also be checked for functionality through complete disassembly. They will be lubricated and cleaned to maintain superior performance.

Immediate Repairs in Case of Damage

Even though it is highly unlikely for a Rolex watch to be damaged unless there has been continual damage or the watch has been subjected to a strong impact. When your Rolex has become damaged, it’s essential to get it to a certified Rolex watch repair as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

Depending on the extent of the damage, it is possible that your Rolex may require replacement parts or extensive repairs that can even take months. Getting replacement parts for the watch alone is a long and time-consuming process, which is why keeping your Rolex protected at all times is essential.

Keep Your Rolex in Top-Notch Condition by Ensuring Proper Care and Storage

A Rolex watch can last you a lifetime if you take care of it properly and take steps to ensure its regular maintenance. Without proper storage and care, your Rolex can get damaged in no time and end up costing you quite a bit in repairs and replacements.

If you begin to notice signs of condensation or your watch working erratically, make sure to consult a Rolex watch repair technician on what could possibly be wrong. Getting assistance at the right time for your Rolex can ensure that it doesn’t break down and you halt the damage at a reversible point.

Don’t be worried about wearing your Rolex every day, because a little bit of care and consideration for your watch can ensure it has minimal wear and tear no matter how regularly you use it over the years.

Need to Get Your Rolex Repaired? Our Expert Technicians Are Available to Help

There are unavoidable situations where your Rolex watch may end up damaged despite all the precautions and safety measures you are taking to ensure otherwise. When you’re left with a damaged Rolex, get it to a Rolex watch repair expert at Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry in Denver, CO.

Our experts can also appraise your Rolex if you’re interested in finding out its value. You can even find quality pre-owned Rolex watches to add to your collection while our experts are ensuring that your Rolex is intact and performing superbly.

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