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Watches are complex pieces of engineering and contain many delicate components, so it’s hardly surprising that they are prone to wear and tear. Sometimes, the machinery inside your watch may be damaged by an accident such as dropping or bumping it. However, many watches develop faults over time even if you take good care of them so having a reliable watch repair service is important.

While it can be tempting to try a DIY repair, it’s worth taking your timepiece to a local shop with the expertise to diagnose and fix the issue. Otherwise, you could end up damaging the mechanism, leading to a more expensive repair bill further down the line. So, what are the most common watch problems?

1. Stopped Watch

A stopped watch is by far the most common reason you might need to visit a watch repair shop. Usually, getting your timepiece up and running again is as simple as replacing the battery.

While it’s relatively easy to fit a new battery, it’s best to ask a watch repair technician to do this for you instead of trying to do it yourself. They will know how to remove and replace the back of your watch without damaging it or leaving it vulnerable to water damage. They will also place the battery correctly to make sure your watch runs properly.

If you notice that your watch has stopped running, you should take it to a repair shop as quickly as possible. Flat watch batteries have a tendency to leak, causing potentially serious damage to the inside components. In some cases, the issue may be caused by impact or water damage instead of a flat battery, requiring expertise to fix.

2. Water Damage

If you notice droplets of moisture under the watch crystal, you should take it to a watch repair shop in Highlands Ranch, CO as soon as you can. This is a sign that there’s water inside your watch, often because it hasn’t been sealed properly after a battery change. Moisture causes the tiny components inside to rust, which can stop them from functioning correctly or even lead to breakages. It’s important to have any rusty parts repaired or replaced and have the watch resealed correctly.

3. Gaining or Losing Time

If your watch is gaining or losing time, this is a sign that it needs a service. A watch repair shop can clean and lubricate the watch mechanism to get it running smoothly again.

Sometimes, a watch runs fast or slow because it has been magnetized. This means that it was exposed to a specific type of magnet from an electronic device such as a cell phone or handheld magnet. When this happens, you need to have it demagnetized by a watch repair professional. This process can sometimes damage your watch, so it’s best to try and avoid letting your watch come into contact with magnetic devices in the first place if possible.

4. Skipping Second Hand

If your second hand skips ahead or stutters, this is usually a sign that your battery is running flat. A skipping second hand affects the accuracy of your watch. As we mentioned earlier, a flat watch battery shouldn’t be ignored as it may start to leak. When you notice your second hand skipping, take it to a repair shop to have the battery replaced as soon as possible.

5. Strange Noises

Watches contain a lot of tiny, delicate moving parts. If you notice a clinking noise coming from your timepiece, it’s likely that a part is loose. Although the parts are small, any loose or broken components can have a major impact on the function of your watch and could cause serious damage if left. If you hear unusual sounds coming from your watch, take it to a watch repair shop right away.

6. Stiff or Loose Crown

A correctly functioning crown should be easy to pull out and turn smoothly. If it feels stiff or doesn’t change the time correctly, never try forcing it round as you could cause damage to the internal mechanism. In this situation, you probably need a replacement crown.

On the other hand, you may find that your watch crown is overly loose or falls out completely. This is usually because the crown stem is disconnected. If the stem becomes detached, it can wreak havoc with the components inside your watch. A watch repair professional can remove and replace the crown, repair any damage, and reseal your watch properly to prevent moisture from getting inside.

7. Stuck Buttons

If your watch buttons are stuck or difficult to use, this usually means that the button springs are dirty or rusty. Usually, having the springs thoroughly cleaned or replaced is all that’s needed to get things working again. This can be done quickly and relatively cheaply.

How Can I Avoid Watch Problems?

One of the simplest ways to prevent watch problems is to have your timepiece serviced every 5-10 years by an expert repair service in Highlands Ranch, CO. The technician will check that the internal mechanism is properly lubricated and that all the parts are in good condition and working correctly, helping to extend the lifespan of your watch. It’s also sensible to have your watch professionally cleaned every year to remove any dust, dirt, or rust that could lead to a more expensive repair later if left untreated.

Call a Trusted Watch Repair Service

If you notice any of these common watch problems, the expert team at Matheu’s Fine Watches can quickly diagnose and fix the issue to get your timepiece up and running again. Don’t forget to book your watch in for a full service to avoid problems developing further down the line.