What Are the Most Common Watch Repair Issues? | Aurora, CO

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In today’s world, it seems that everything is disposable. From dishes and tablecloths to razors and diapers, everything appears to be designed to throw away. While this is a handy feature, it causes problems for the environment.

There are some things in our world that are still made to keep. Wine, art, and automobiles, for example, can potentially gain value with age. Another item that is made to stay is a fine watch.

How Can You Tell If Yours Is a Fine Watch?

Here are some guidelines, to discover if you have a high-quality watch:

  • First of all, just because it has a high price tag, it doesn’t mean it’s a high-quality watch. You might be lucky enough to find a Rolex at a yard sale.
  • A fine watch will not be made of plastic. It will have a casing design that allows it to be opened up for cleaning and repair.
  • A fine watch must keep precise timing. Swiss watches in particular are often valued for their precision.
  • A luxury watch will be made of high-quality parts. Gold, silver, and titanium are often used for better watches. The strap should be of the same, or perhaps leather, with good closures. Many expensive watches have a safety chain, in case it should come undone.

The Truth About Watch Repair

Many times, people hesitate to take their watch in for repair when it stops working right. Sometimes, it is because they are unsure where to take it for a quality watch repair. Often, they are concerned that it will carry a hefty price tag.

The truth is, many watch repair issues are not very expensive, definitely not anywhere near the cost to replace a good watch. Often, the problems that cause watches to quit are avoidable with regular cleaning and maintenance.

Common Watch Repair Issues

The watch just stopped. The most frequent reason that a watch stops running is that it needs a new battery. Your repair technician can easily take care of this for you.

The second hand is jumping ahead a few seconds at a time. This is supposed to get your attention. It is a low-battery indicator that is designed to attract your attention, so you will know that your battery is getting low and needs to be changed.

The second-hand ticks but stays in one spot. The fact that it is ticking means that the watch is electronically working but the watch movement needs to be serviced. A watch repair professional in Aurora, CO can provide complete maintenance, which may be all your watch needs.

The watch only runs when you aren’t wearing it. If your watch runs fine until you put it on, the electronic circuitry may be defective. This is fairly common, and the circuit can be replaced. Afterwards, you will need to consult a watch repair technician for routine maintenance. That should keep your watch running when you wear it.

The alarm on the watch worked fine, until you changed the battery. One of several things could be wrong with your watch. The most likely reason is that the alarm contact spring is incorrectly positioned. A watch repair professional will be able to correct this for you. If that is not the issue, the back of the case could be put on wrong or the alarm contact plate could be the problem. These are both easy fixes for an Aurora, CO repair expert.

Your digital watch display has gone completely black. Typically, this happens when your watch has been dropped, or sustained a serious shock in another way. Your digital display is actually two very thin slivers of glass with conductive fluid. If the glass gets cracked, air contaminates the conductive fluid. This is an expensive repair, and this might be one case where it is more economical to replace the watch.

Your digital watch no longer shows complete numbers. In this case, a shock has probably jarred the circuitry connections, keeping parts of the display from getting the proper voltage. This is what keeps certain parts from showing. If your digital watch is a cheap one, you are better off replacing it. But if you have an expensive digital watch, the repair costs are reasonable enough to make it worthwhile.

The button will not push in or return after you push it in. Under the push button is a stem which moves into and out of a tube inside the watch when you press it. There is a tiny spring inside the watch that pushes the stem out when you release the button. As time goes by, dirt and corrosives can collect inside the tube. This can keep the spring from returning the button to the original position. A repair specialist can replace the spring and perform the general maintenance needed to return it to working condition.

The True Value of Your Watch

Placing an exact value on your watch can be difficult. Since there are different definitions of value, start with what makes it important. Maybe it cost you a lot of money. An expensive watch is an investment and a symbol of status, so you will want to keep it working as long as possible. You might even want to pass it down to the next generation.

Sentimental value has a strong hold over many of us, especially is we have lost that loved one. Even if it was not a pricey item when it was new, it is something we treasure. You should always take your watch in to a watch repair technician in Aurora, CO, so they can check to see what can be done and give you an estimate for the cost of repair.

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