What You Should Know About Getting Fine Watch Repair | Vail, CO

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As Benjamin Franklin had rightly said, “Lost time is never found again”. Your watch is not just a device that tells you what time of the day it is. Multiple other gadgets can do that task. When you have had a watch for an extended period, it has been a witness to both the good times and bad you have had in your life.

Fine, antique watches are also a family heirloom in many homes, passed on from one generation to another. So when you have a one of a kind watch with you, make sure you opt for expert watch repair.

Fine watches are sturdy and yet extremely delicate. The components inside the watch are made from burnished metals, which can withstand the ravages of time, often for hundreds of years. It is not without a reason that you often find your great-grandfather’s watch still working fine, proudly displayed on the mantle of your ancestral home! And yet, the components are crafted almost like filigree work in jewelry and need expert handling when they are being cleaned and polished.

Fine watches are also crafted from precious metals- gold and platinum for the case and bracelet, and gemstones for the numbers are a common feature in fine watches. It is precisely for these reasons that a watch overhaul of this magnitude should be conducted by an expert. You should opt for a registered watch repair service, with experts trained to repair antique watches.

These watches might need a complete overhaul from time to time for proper maintenance. Here are some things that are included during an overhaul.

First Steps

The first step of watch repair involves removing the bracelet. The watchmaker, or in this case, the repair expert, will open the case and remove the band or the bracelet. If the bracelet has lost its sheen, it would be given a thorough polish. If the bracelet consists of multiple links and joints, each of them will be inspected to make sure that the bracelet is sturdy.

This is one of the most crucial steps to watch repair.

After opening the case, the expert will use certain testing devices to make sure that the watch is working properly. This includes testing the time settings, pushers, any knobs- as in the case of old watches- and start, stop or reset buttons in case of new-age digital watches.

Sometimes watches start malfunctioning because they have been magnetized. In that case, the expert will demagnetize the watch.

Expert Help

Then, the expert will perform a visual inspection and tell you about the other features that need to be inspected, according to the make and style of the watch. If you agree, then the expert will move on to complete case dismantling.

This is the lengthiest and most complex part of watch repair in Vail, CO.

The expert will first dismantle the bezel, crystals, and pushers and check them under magnifying glasses to detect any cracks or imperfections which might have occurred over time.

Next, a case and complete bracelet cleaning procedure will take place with ultrasonic vibration, and this could take up to an hour. Other components will also receive a thorough cleaning after all gaskets have been replaced.

During watch repair, if the expert feels that any part has been completely worn-out, and the watch might stop working in the future, they will replace it, with your permission. Other parts will be lubricated so that they keep performing seamlessly.

Inside Check

Next, the expert will check whether all the controls have precise movement. The hands of the watch, the knobs that let you adjust the time, and any function that lets you check the date will be inspected.

Then, in the final step of watch repair, all the components will be assembled again and the case will be closed and locked.

However, the watch overhaul does not end here.

The expert will then ensure that the fine watch meets all the operation standards and runs a quality control test on the watch.

If the watch is meant to be water-resistant, the expert will check whether the watch still meets that criterion. Yes, chances are that the watch will be dunked in a glass of water, or the particular repair center will have its mechanism of testing this function.

In the next stage of watch repair and overhaul, the expert will check if the watch is keeping to the date and hour settings.

The watch will be checked for all functions for over 72 hours in several positions in the final check.

Once the watch is running smoothly, the bracelet will be refitted and the spring bars attached back into place.

The clasp will be finally adjusted and closed.

At Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry, in Vail, CO, every watch is given the individual care and attention it deserves during watch repair. Fine watches are usually one of a kind- that is what makes them so unique and special. Every component of the watch is inspected and every detail is recorded so that in case the owner has any questions, the expert can satisfy all the queries.

A fine watch repair and overhaul is a great idea when you want to hand it down to the next generation, or you want to wear it with pride again on a special occasion, achieving yet another milestone in your life. Call us at Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry today, and your watch will again become a witness to another grand event. Thereafter, you can rely on our experts so that it continues to be so for many more to come.