When Do You Know It’s Time To Schedule Watch Repair? | Littleton, CO

Your watch is a valuable precision instrument, and it will require regular servicing to keep it in top condition. Depending on the make of your watch, how often you wear it, and the type of activities you do while wearing it will all contribute to how often your watch will need to be serviced.

It’s generally recommended that you have your watch serviced at least once a year or every 12 months. However, some telltale signs will indicate it’s time for a watch repair or service by professionals in Littleton, CO.

If you’re experiencing any of the following problems with your watch, it’s time to call the pros:

1) The Watch is Not Keeping Time Correctly

If your watch is no longer keeping time accurately, it may be due to several factors. You should first make sure the watch is fully wound if it’s a mechanical watch. If it’s an automatic watch, make sure you’re wearing it regularly so that it stays wound.

If those aren’t the issues, the watch likely needs a repair or service. The lubricants and oils used to keep the watch running will eventually dry up, which can cause the watch to lose time.

2) The Watch is Running Slow

Just as watches can run too fast, they can also run slow. This could be due to the same factors as a watch running too fast. However, a watch running slow is also an indication that it needs servicing by watch repair experts. The professionals will be able to clean and oil the watch, which will help it to run at the correct speed again.

3) The Watch Stops Working

If your watch stops working entirely, it’s time to take it in for a repair. This could be due to many different issues, but the most common is a battery issue. If your watch has a quartz movement, it likely uses a battery to keep it running. Batteries eventually run down and need to be replaced.

4) The Watch Looks Dirty

If your watch looks noticeably dirty, it’s good to take it in for servicing. Dirt and grime can build up over time and eventually cause damage to the watch. This is especially true for watches with stainless steel bracelets or leather straps. These types of watches should be cleaned regularly to prevent dirt and grime from building up.

5) The Watch is Making Strange Noises

If your watch is making strange noises, it’s time to get it serviced. This could be due to different factors, but the most common one is that the watch needs new lubricants. When the old lubricants dry up, they can cause the watch to make strange noises.

If you hear a ticking sound coming from the watch, the movement likely needs to be serviced. This is because a ticking sound usually indicates loose or broken parts in the watch movement. In this case, it’s best to take the watch to a professional for watch repair in Littleton, CO.

6) The Chronograph or Timer on the Watch is Not Working Properly

If the chronograph or timer on your watch is not working properly, it’s likely due to a buildup of dirt and grime. This can happen even if the rest of the watch looks clean.

Chronographs and timers are delicate mechanisms, so it’s best to leave them to the professionals. The watch repair experts will be able to clean and lubricate the chronograph or timer to work correctly again.

7) Water has gotten into the watch

If you notice water inside the watch, it’s time for a watch repair. Even if the watch is waterproof, water can still get through the seals and gaskets. If left unchecked, this can eventually cause damage to the watch movement. The local watch experts will be able to replace the seals and gaskets so that your watch is water-resistant again.

8) The Watch Band Is Damaged

If the band on your watch is damaged, it’s unsightly and can also be dangerous. A damaged watchband can come apart suddenly, which could cause the watch to fall and break. It’s best to have the band replaced by a professional.

It’s also essential to make sure that the watch band is appropriately sized to fit snugly on your wrist. A loose band can also cause the watch to fall off.

9) The Crystal is Broken

The crystal protects the dial and movement from damage. If not replaced, the watch is at risk of further damage. A broken crystal can cause the watch to shatter. If the crystal is broken, take it to a professional for repairs. They will be able to replace the crystal with a new one.

10) The Watch is More than 10 Years Old

If your watch is more than ten years old, it’s probably time for a new one. The older a watch gets, the more likely it needs repairs. Plus, the parts on an old watch are no longer made, so it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find replacement parts.

When it comes to your watch repair, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. They have the knowledge and experience to service your watch properly. Plus, they have access to replacement parts if needed. If you have a problem with your watch, take it to a qualified watch specialist.

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