When Do You Need an Expert of Watch Repair in Castle Rock, CO?

In a bygone era, watch enthusiasts had a cordial relationship with watchmakers. This was due to the fact that watches typically needed thorough and regular care in order to maintain long-term performance. Modern timepieces are much more improved than their predecessors, due to which sporadic maintenance is required.

A standard mechanical watch can easily last for many years. It can even be passed down from one generation to the next. On an average, a watch requires maintenance after every 3 to 5 years. This ensures its durability and smooth running over the long run.

In this article, we will review common repairing issues that can be mitigated and as long as you follow this guide, we assure you that your trip to a service specializing in watch repair in Castle Rock, CO, remains as minimum as possible.


What Does Mechanical Watch Servicing Imply?

The manual winding movements of a watch need care and routine maintenance, commonly referred to as movement overhaul. An overhaul involves dissembling the watch, cleaning it ultrasonically, examining each and every mechanical component, lubricating and reassembling it.

Prior to choosing a repairing service for watch repair in Castle Rock, CO, you should take care of some things yourself.

How to Go About Polishing and Refinishing?

Expertly polishing and refinishing a timepiece is itself an art. If done professionally to perfection, your watch looks anew. It is highly important to maintain the original finishing patterns and case shape to retain its previous look. The bracelet/strap is detached from the watch case.

After that, crystal, gaskets and movements are kept separate from the polishing compounds. The case screws, bezel and watch case come next. They are dissembled and kept separately. Your watch is then buffed, polished and then finished in the same pattern as it was before. After lubricating the components and pressure testing it for exposed inlets, it is reassembled and handed over to you.

Polishing and refinishing a timepiece is an exhaustive and detailed process which should be undertaken by professionals with years of experience only. This is why you should look for a skilled professional of watch repair in Castle Rock, CO, to ensure that your timepiece looks as good.

Prevent Against the Following:

1.  Exposure to Chemicals

You need to protect your precious timepiece from chemicals of all sorts. This includes (but not limited to) perfumes, cosmetics, solvents and detergents that can cause damage to brace/strap, gaskets or case for that matter.

Remember that when it comes to water resistance, every watch has a different degree of tolerance. More so, water resistance isn’t permanent either. It needs to be tested and renewed from time to time.

Don’t hesitate in taking your watch to a specialist of watch repair in Castle Rock, CO, after 1 year or so. Have it tested for water resistance and condensation that is invisible to the naked eye.


2.  Extreme Temperatures

Moisture as well as changes in temperature over 60°C/140°F and below 0°C/32°F could seriously impact the accuracy of your watch. Moreover, it also changes the level of water resistance of your timepiece, too.


3.  The Threat of Magnetic Fields

When mechanical watches are exposed to magnetic fields, their accuracy tends to deteriorate. A watch can stop, run fast or extremely slow because of this exposure.

Due to this reason, always avoid placing your wristwatch near electronic equipment (computers, refrigerators, speakers and handheld devices) since it can greatly damage the functioning of your watch.

In an event your watch has been accidentally exposed to magnetic field(s), you should get it demagnetized by a reputed service of watch repair in Castle Rock, CO. Demagnetization involves a complete overhaul of the timepiece.

4.  Hard Impacts

Any mechanical timepiece when subjected to a hard impact can certainly impact its internal machinery, casing, hands and dial. When such an undesirable event occurs, your watch may not function as accurately as before.

In other cases, there is no evidence of a physical impact on the casing that could indicate that a watch has experienced a shock.

Due to this reason, if your watch takes an accidental hit, you should have it immediately looked by an expert of watch repair in Castle Rock, CO, to determine the extent of damage incurred.


5.  Changing the Battery

On an average, the lifespan of a quartz timepiece ranges from 1-3 years. This lifespan depends on the condition of the movement, age and the kind of watch in question (digital or analog). When you notice that the battery is nearing the conclusion of its lifespan, then you should have it changed immediately from a renowned expert of watch repair in Castle Rock, CO.

In case you intentionally delay this replacement, you can damage the internal components since the battery often leaks acid inside. This can result in heightened repair overheads.


6.  Swim with Care

These points are important to remember when your watch comes in contact with water:

  • If you have a special watch that is designed for underwater activities, make sure that the crown has been pushed down tightly prior to swimming.
  • In a damp setting, avoid adjusting the crown and pushing buttons since water can enter the inlets.
  • When your watch comes in contact with saline water or chlorinated water, clean it immediately with fresh water.
  • If your timepiece has a rotating bezel, ensure that you spin the bezel during cleaning to take out existing sand/salt.

Other than these, based on your watch, you can seek advice from qualified experts of watch repair in Castle Rock, CO, regarding the extent of exposure to water allowed in your case.



Now that you are up to speed on the different dos and don’ts of a mechanical timepiece, chances are that you are in a better position to care for your watch and ensure its longevity.

Rest assured, if you run in any difficulty, experts of watch repair in Castle Rock, CO, are always by your side to help you out in your quandary.


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