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Watches are truly timeless. When your precious timepiece is in need of a repair, you want to count on a reliable company that does the service right. At Matheu’s Fine Watches Jewelry, we are that and more. We pride at not only being a one-stop-shop for everything watch-related but also for offering exceptional customer service to our clients in Highlands Ranch, CO.

Watch Repair for Most Models

Watches come in various types including manual mechanical watches, automatic mechanical watches and quartz watches. We repair most types of models ranging from Rolex, Hamilton, Citizen, Michele, Raymond Weil, G-Shock, Swiss watches, sport watches, pocket watches, vintage timepieces and many more.

We, therefore, are adequately equipped to provide after-sales service for most brands. With specialized tools and equipment as well as a wealth of knowledge on most brands of watches, you can trust us to leave your watch in top condition in no time.

Our vast knowledge in watch maintenance and repair service allows us to serve a diversified network of clientele who keep returning for more services. We are committed to delivering high-quality repairs at quick turn-around times and competitive pricing.

No Job is Too Small or Complicated

With many years of experience in watch repair and restoration service, we’ve worked on just about every repair imaginable. Our master technicians have the necessary training and experience needed to bringing your watches back to their former glory. We expertly service and repair a wide variety of watches, helping maximize their life and continue their proper operation.

From a simple battery replacement to fixing of bands, crystal polishing and complete overhaul of the movement, we have what it takes to handle the job with speed and accuracy. So whenever your precious timepiece stops ticking, don’t hesitate to call on us for a hassle free repair service that makes a huge difference.

Prior to working on your watch, we’ll provide you with a free estimate in advance. We want your repair service experience to be as smooth as possible.

Watch Repair Services

We specialize in a wide range of watch repair and restoration services. Among the common services we offer include;

Automatic Movement Service 

The movement is often regarded as the heart of your timepiece. If you notice that your watch is having trouble winding. loses/gains time in an usual manner or fails to perform at its optimum capacity, then you might want to have it checked by a professional.

Battery Replacement

We offer battery replacement for a huge selection of watches. Our qualified technicians have the knowledge and tools to open your watch, test the exiting battery and replace with a new cell to get it to working again. We ensure that the case is sealed properly afterward to ensure your watches remain water-resistant is they were previously.

Crystal Replacement

Have you accidentally broken the crystal on your favorite watch? Don’t fret. It still can be repaired. With an expansive inventory of crystals, we sure can find the specific material for your watch and get it back to its original condition.

Over time, your watch crystal may take some of the hardest times and start showing signs of wear and tear. We offer crystal refinishing to enhance the overall appearance and value of your watch crystal.

Bands/Straps Replacement and Repair

We wear our watches almost daily, meaning they are constantly exposed to dirt, moisture and every day wear and tear. Replacing an old, worn out watch strap can make a huge difference in how your watch looks. We can quickly repair your damaged metal bands and replace your bands, clasps and buckles to improve the look and feel of your timepiece.

Quartz Conversion

If your watch refuses to keep time, a quartz conversion may be the way to go. It’s a great choice for repairing an older wind-up watch that doesn’t seem to work as it should anymore. With a quartz conversion, your watch will still look the same but will require periodic battery changes to keep it working properly. All your original parts will be returned to you as well.


Watches in need of a complete overhaul are disassembled and inspected for worn out and damaged parts. They are then cleaned, oiled and tested using state of the art equipment to verify their accuracy, winding function, water resistance and power reserve.

A complete overhaul of your timeless timepieces should be done to keep them in top condition.


As a leading watch sales and repair company, we also offer restoration services designed to enhance your watches brilliance and shine. We clean dust, debris and corrosion on your watch surfaces leaving amazing results.


If you are a regular swimmer or spend a lot of time in water, it’s important to have your seals checked every three years to keep moisture away. Gaskets also will need to be replaced from time to time so that they protect your watch’s precision mechanical and electrical components from dirt and moisture.


Don’t toss it yet! With a tune-up service, we can perform al the checks to bring your watch back to life.

Stem and Crown

We perform high-quality stem and crown replacement services for all watch types and models so the next time you pull out or unscrew your watch crown, simply get in touch with us.

Professional Parts Sourcing

Finding genuine parts especially for rare vintage watches can be a daunting task for most people but having been in the industry for so many years, we have access to great sources around the globe.

Contact Us Today

A well-maintained watch can give you years of service and can serve as a wonderful heirloom to pass down to your children someday. If your watch is need of a repair service in Highlands Ranch, CO, please get in touch with the friendly representatives at Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry to schedule an appointment. Let us help you protect and preserve your investment.

About Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry

Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry has been providing quality products and professional services to the metropolitan Denver, CO area since 1951.  The very first repair and service facility ever opened in Colorado. Dan Matheu, watchmaker, pioneered watch repair and services in Colorado. Today, Scott Matheu is at the helm steering Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry. With his vision, Scott opened a watch store in Highland Ranch and has made Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry not only one of the largest watch stores to provide repair in Highlands Ranch, CO but also the entire state.

Whether you need watch repair, watch engraving, or even if you have an antique watch that you would like appraised, you can count on Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry to provide you with superior service each and every single time. All of our watchmakers are factory trained and we have CW21 Certified by the American Watchmakers and Clockmakers Institute (AWCI) on site. This certification has the most stringent standards for watchmakers performing repair, restoration, and service work on watches. With one of the largest service centers in the metropolitan Denver, CO we are not only able to provide watch repair in Highlands Ranch, CO but to the entire 50 states as well.

Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry is also a factory authorized service center for Cartier, Tag Heuer, Philip Stein, Swiss Army and many more brands. When you use Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry for your watch repair in Highlands Ranch, CO, you can rest assured knowing that you will receive our (3) three-year warranty on major watch repairs that we provide. If you are looking for the best watch repair service center throughout the United States, you cannot go wrong when you choose Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry. With certifications from not only AWCI but SAWTA too, we not only stand out from the pack; we lead it.”