The Modern Man’s Guide to Looking Stylish and Sophisticated | Watch Repairs In Parker, CO



They say that your style is an expression of who you are—your beliefs, opinions, and thoughts. It’s a way to express yourself without having to verbalize what’s on your mind.

Your style should be thought of as a blank canvas with which you can express yourself. The elements you choose for your personal style can take you from “that one guy we all know” to “that confident, creative, sexy man.”

So many men believe that by wearing a bold suit, they can leave an incredible and everlasting impression on those around them. But it’s not the suit that makes the modern man—it’s how he accessorizes it!

The tie or bow isn’t as important. But one thing that most men forget about is the importance of an elegant, timeless and classy vintage watch.

Imagine this: you’ve been selected as the best man for your best friend’s wedding. You spent so much time preparing for the speech. You went through a dozen stores to pick your suit. You went to the best barber in town for an amazing haircut.

So when the day finally arrives and you’re giving your speech, you stop in the middle, just to see everyone staring at you.

Except…they’re not staring at you, they’re staring at the cut-price, barely-working digital watch you’re wearing!

Your outfit is perfect. Your hair looks amazing. But that one piece of accessory just ruined it!

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Making a Bold Statement

A timeless, classic, gorgeous watch is not to be overlooked. Even if you’re wearing something casual, a high-quality, beautiful watch has the power to make you stand out.

But when it comes to choosing an incredible watch, you have two options: go for modern watches or vintage ones.

Both types of watches come with their own allure and charm. But whether you choose a vintage beauty or a modern piece doesn’t matter. What matters is that your watch exceeds expectations when it comes to aesthetics, movement, value, and functionality.

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Now you don’t have to go for something that’s purely based on aesthetics. But if you’re purchasing a watch, it has to make a bold statement!

From the bracelet to the bezel, the piece should be exquisite, beautiful, and attractive to the eyes.

Take the Rolex Day Date Automatic 18K Gold Diamond (Ref: 18348) for example. What makes this stunning piece stand out is that it’s decorated with 44 diamonds on the bezel, and 10 on the dial. But these aren’t ordinary diamonds. They’re the best of their kind; exceptional quality.

Furthermore, the lapislázuli stone dial has been decorated with gold and diamond hour indexes. But you know what actually makes this brilliant watch stand out?

It’s been a favorite amongst Arab royals and businessmen because of the superior-quality materials used to built this watch!

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The Movement

A gorgeous watch can give you a slick, sexy appearance. But that’s not the only feature that makes an incredible watch. It doesn’t matter if it’s a vintage or modern watch, its movements should be smooth and seamless.

Some watches come with mechanical movements and some come with automatic movement. Whatever the case, an exceptional watch is all about the experience.

Compared to something low-cost, brands like Patek Philippe, Omega, Rolex, Blancpain, and IWC offer the ultimate experience when it comes to the movements of their pieces.


A beautiful watch should be versatile. From its design to its size, it should offer something unique. From different shapes (circular, rectangular, or square) to the hour indexes (numbers, letters and symbols)—everything should be distinctive.

These are a few things to keep in mind if you want to change your style to something more elegant and sophisticated. Remember that the modern man is recognized by his attention to detail!


You don’t necessarily have to go with a watch that’s expensive in order to look your best. You can even go with a watch that’s under $1000. The modern man needs a watch that’s stylish, flexible, and complements his style.

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Whether you’re wearing a suit or a shirt with jeans, it should be able to compliment your style without standing out negatively.

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Easy to Maintain

Make sure that the watch you purchase is easy to maintain. So many men make the mistake of purchasing a watch that isn’t easy to repair. Either the model is discontinued or the parts are made of poor-quality materials.

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Make sure to invest in a watch that’s either the latest model or from a renowned brand like Rolex or Omega.


The phrase, “It’s the little things in life that make a big difference” certainly applies to watches.

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