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Congratulations! It’s time to start shopping for just the right engagement ring. It can be exciting to shop for an engagement ring, and it’s easy to get caught up in the romance. However, remember this engagement ring will be in your lives forever, and you want to make sure you make the best choice.

If you are beginning to feel overwhelmed about choosing the best engagement ring, don’t worry. We have created a user-friendly guide to help you make the right decision. Here’s everything you need to know to pick the perfect ring to showcase the love and commitment between you and your future spouse.

Set Your Budget

Among the many tips out there for engagement ring shopping, you might have heard someone say that you should spend two or three months of your earnings on an engagement ring. It is not necessary to follow such rules.

Instead, you need to determine your budget by taking a hard look and considering any desires of your future fiancé. Getting married and starting a life together can be costly. You will start your marriage off the right way by buying a ring you can afford.

When you walk into an engagement ring jewelry store, the focus should be on your partner and the new life waiting for you.

Know the Diamond Basics

You have probably heard of the “4Cs.” This is the official diamond grading system used by professional jewelers. Here’s a quick guide on what each “C” stands for and how each relates to picking the best engagement ring.

  • Clarity: Even a stone that looks perfect can have some flaws. These flaws are usually tiny black or white spots. These flaws determine the clarity of the diamond. The fewer the flaws, the more the diamond costs.


  • Color: The rarest diamonds are colorless diamonds. Color is ranked on a scale of D (no color and very expensive) to Z (usually yellowish).


  • Cut: Cut means the sparkle factor rather than the shape of the ring. Cuts are graded from exquisite to poor. When a diamond is cut into a specific shape, it is done in a particular way to ensure the ring interacts with light for maximum shine.


  • Carat: The weight of the diamond is measured in carats.

You do not want to walk into an engagement ring jewelry store without an in-depth understanding of the “4Cs.”

Consider Your Partner’s Style

Before walking into an engagement ring jewelry store, consider what type of ring your future fiancé will love. Look at any other jewelry they have. Do they wear colorful jewelry or colorless? Do they prefer modern or vintage pieces?

You can also look at the clothes they wear to gain some insight. Talking to your future fiancé’s family and friends is also an excellent way to determine what ring to get. Maybe they have already shared their preferences with their loved ones. It is helpful to gather this information before walking into an engagement ring jewelry store in Denver, CO.

Pick the Shape You Want

The ring shape you choose will depend on you and your partner’s preferences. From magnificent heart-shaped rings to oval-shaped rings, an engagement ring jewelry store has a ring for every personality type.

A round shape is the most sought-after because it highlights the beauty of a ring. Some people prefer something more unique, like a pear-shaped ring. An emerald or marquise cut showcases the size of the diamond better than other rings with the same carat. You want to ensure the diamond is secure and won’t get damaged easily.

Pick the Best Metal

There are four main types of metals to choose from when it comes to the setting. These are white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum. Choose the color that best suits your partner’s style. If your partner prefers more colors, a rose gold ring may be your best bet.

White gold is generally better than platinum because it requires less maintenance. Ultimately, the decision will be based on personal preference. Do some research before going to an engagement ring jewelry store.

Pick the Stones

The engagement ring is not complete without the gemstones. Any engagement ring jewelry store will have many of the following options for you to choose from:

  • Diamonds: Diamonds are classic, and women love them. They are the epitome of beauty, giving a ring an attractive shine.


  • Emeralds: Emeralds give a mystic aura to a ring. They are very durable and come in different shapes.


  • Topaz: Topaz stones symbolize fortune and success.


  • Sapphires and rubies: Rubies symbolize passion, whereas sapphires show loyalty and prosperity. They give a ring a rich look with their darker hues.

Get the Correct Measurements

This may seem obvious but make sure you get the correct measurements of your future fiancé’s fingers. You do not want to buy a ring that’s so loose that it can fall off at any time or one that’s too tight that it cuts off circulation to the fingers. The ring should feel comfortable.

Always Buy Certified

Buying an engagement ring is probably one of the most expensive purchases you will ever have to make, so take your time and make a good decision. When you finally find the ring you want, make sure you buy a stone certified by an accredited laboratory. Make sure the certification provided by the engagement ring jewelry store matches the diamond.

Negotiate Like a Pro

Engagement rings usually have a high markup. Some rings can be marked up by over 300. Before going to the engagement ring jewelry store, do your research, and don’t be afraid to negotiate. A good jeweler will be willing to give you a quality ring at the price that best suits your needs.

Picking the right engagement ring need not be a stressful process. By following the tips above, you can find the best ring and the best jewelry store in Denver, CO.

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