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Are you ready to pop the question and celebrate your love by getting engaged? Congratulations! However, it is essential to get the proposal right. One of the most crucial things is to have the perfect engagement ring ready for your partner.

Several gorgeous engagement rings are available in the market. But to make it extra special, you have to choose the right engagement band and size. After all, you do not want to ruin your proposal with a ring that doesn’t fit or is too loose.

Read on to know how to pick the perfect engagement ring band and size.

Factors to Consider

While looking for a perfect engagement ring in Denver, CO, consider the below factors to get the ideal engagement ring band and size:

Metal Choice

You can start by figuring out the metal for your engagement ring. Generally, gold is a traditional and popular choice for engagement rings. It is because gold tends to be more delicate than other metal rings. Moreover, it retains its glow much longer.

You may go for white gold or yellow gold. Rose gold is also emerging as a new favorite for its modern and aesthetic look. However, a thinner gold band may bend quicker. If you are looking for a thinner band, platinum may be a good choice.

Platinum engagement rings are sturdier and exude a luxury look. However, make sure to consider your budget as well. Platinum is more expensive. Meanwhile, a silver band is an affordable option. But it may lose its shine quicker.

Finger Size

To get the perfect engagement ring size, you need to know your partner’s finger size and shape. It may seem tricky, but there are a few ways to know for sure. First, take one of your partner’s rings and trace its inner circle on paper. Another option is to press it into a soap bar to get an impression.

If it is possible, you can also borrow the ring. Bring the ring or the impression to a jeweler in Denver, CO. Professionals who deal with engagement rings can identify your partner’s approximate ring size.

Couldn’t borrow a ring? You can still estimate your partner’s ring size by checking the average ring size in the USA. When in doubt, it is recommended to opt for a larger size than smaller sizes.

Finger Shape

Try to assess your partner’s finger shape. It determines not only the ring size but also the engagement ring band’s width.

Does your partner have slender fingers and small hands? An engagement ring with a broader band may look too chunky. Instead, look for a thinner ring band around 2mm.

If your loved one has long fingers and bigger hands, go for thicker bands. It can be about 4m or more. Your partner can then lovingly flaunt the engagement ring without worrying about it being unnoticeable.

Unsure about your partner’s finger shape and size? You can always ask their family or friends for a bit of help.


While looking for the perfect engagement ring band, you have to consider your loved one’s lifestyle and profession as well. For instance, does your partner have a manual job? Do they follow a very active lifestyle? Then, choose a ring band of more robust metal.

Platinum is the strongest metal for engagement rings. However, if it doesn’t fall under your budget or preference, you can go for gold and silver. Make sure that the gold or silver ring bands are thicker.

Thicker ring bands can handle the daily wear and tear better. As a result, they suffer less from breakages and dents. Moreover, they can protect the ring’s precious stone.

Stone Shape and Size

The engagement ring band’s width and metal also depend on the precious stone you choose. Make sure to coordinate them well. You can decide if you wish to go for a diamond or other precious metals such a sapphire and emerald.

The ring band can affect the appearance of the precious stone. Engagement rings with thinner bands are the latest trend. However, a ring band of less than 3mm cannot support a precious stone higher than one carat.

If you wish to choose a smaller stone, a thinner ring band emphasizes its shape and size. Generally, ring bands between 3 to 4 mm complement most precious stone sizes and shapes.


Engagement rings reflect your love and commitment to your partner. Make sure to choose a high-quality ring that remains durable. For quality ring bands, it is essential to look for a reliable jeweler.

Check if the jeweler will provide the necessary authenticity certificates for rings. Ensure that the precious stones are certified. Otherwise, you may risk ending up purchasing a fake stone. In addition, it may break or lose its shine quicker.

Additionally, inquire if you can receive an appropriate guarantee with the engagement ring you choose. It assures you of better-quality rings.

Partner’s Taste

While the above factors are essential, it all comes down to your partner’s personal taste and preference. Does your partner prefer a classic style? You can go for an elegant and plain metal band with their favorite precious stone.

If your partner loves trendy and outgoing pieces, you can look for engagement rings with ornate style. Moreover, you know your partner the best. Try to select an engagement ring that reflects their personality the best. Look for an engagement ring that matches their everyday style and makes them comfortable.

Place Your Trust in Professional Jewelers

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