Tips For Shopping For Engagement Rings | Denver, CO

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Finally, you have found the right one, all the stars are aligned, and you know this is the person that you want to spend the rest of your life with. There is nothing else that you could ever ask for and when you see your partner you are filled with that mushy happiness that you thought only happened while watching rom-com films. There is just one thing standing between you and your engagement: finding the perfect engagement ring in Denver, CO. Most people are worried that there won’t’ be enough engagement rings to choose from, but most likely you are going to end up with the opposite problem.

There is no shortage of engagement rings and what you will soon discover is that there are a million different trends, cuts, shapes, bands, and sets to choose from. Spend one-afternoon shopping at jewelry shops and you might be ready to run and hide. However, if you work with the right jeweler you can still keep the magic alive that you felt when you first realized you were going to get to look at engagement rings.

It just might help if you narrow down a few things before you head out to the shops. Once you are in the jewelers you will see a lot of dazzling options that are all going to look perfect at the moment. That is why before you leave your home you need to define a few variables that will help you cut past the sparkle of a thousand rings and really delve into what the better fit is for you and your finance. The following is everything you need to know about engagement rings before you leave your home so finding the perfect ring does not turn into a needle in the haystack situation.

Figure Out Your Ring Size

First of all, if you have never shopped for rings before (men, we are looking at you), then you need to know that engagement rings are not a one-size-fits-all situation. Fingers come in various sizes, and you need to make sure that you buy a ring that will actually fit your fiance. While a lot of rings can be resized, depending on the overall design of the ring and the band some rings cannot be resized, so you don’t want to buy a custom ring that will not fit.

There are several ways to figure out the size of a ring finger before you go shopping that doesn’t always require telling your fiance that you need her ring size. While a lot of couples shop for the ring together, some men still like the idea of surprise. An easy way to figure out the ring size is by finding a ring in the jewelry box that your future spouse wears on her ring finger. Keep in mind that not all fingers are sized the same, so you can’t just pick a random ring. What fits on one finger may not fit on another.

If you manage to snag a ring head online print out a ring sizing chart and then place the ring over the different sizes to determine which one is her size. Second, if all else fails ask a good friend of your future spouse to get involved. They can snoop around or casually ask to borrow something that can help you get to the bottom of the ring size.

Choose the Right Band

Next, you need to choose the right band for the ring. It is not as simple as walking into a jewelry shop in Denver, CO, and asking for gold, because even there you have to choose between rose gold, white gold, and traditional gold. Many people also chose silver or platinum-based on their overall preferences. The band will influence the cut and the setting so you need to ensure that you choose carefully. This can be another challenging decision if you are not used to picking out jewelry, but chances are if you pay attention to your fiance their daily dressing style will give you some answers

Take a peek back into their jewelry box and look to see if most pieces are silver or gold. Most women have a preference and it should be easy to figure out which one it is. If you are not sure, you can ask their friends because they probably already know. Finally, if you aren’t sure, it’s usually a safe bet to go with traditional gold because not too many women would turn down a classic ring if they are being proposed to at the same time. In fact, classic styles should always be your go-to anytime you have a question.

Choose a Cut

Next, you need to think about the cut of the diamond that you want for the ring. These days you have many more choices than just the princess cut. While the princess cut is a classic that will never get old, right now pear-shaped cuts are very popular along with oblong cuts and circular cuts. Keep in mind that the cut will not only influence the sparkle but also probably what type of setting you can have around the ring. Therefore, if you know that your want engagement rings that also feature other gems or have wide settings, you will want to stick to more traditional classic square or princess cut shapes.

Decide: Trendy or Classic?

Last not least, you need to think about the overall style of the person you are marrying while shopping for engagement rings. Do they tend to go for timeless beauty or are they always on the cutting edge of fashion wearing the latest trends? This will likely heavily determine what they expect from their engagement ring as well.

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