Finding The Perfect Engagement Rings | Highlands Ranch, CO

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When it comes to choosing engagement rings, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices that you have to make. Would your partner prefer a cushion cut or a princess cut, for example? How about how big the diamond will be, or whether they even want a diamond at all? And what kind of band would they like? Throw in that it’s the most important piece of jewelry in many couples’ lives, and it’s easy to see stress levels increase.

Luckily, when buying engagement rings, you’ll always be able to ask a friendly jeweler for assistance. But to make your job and theirs even easier, it helps to do your homework in advance and make sure that you really know the person that you’re buying a ring for. If you take the time to consider a few things, you can make sure that when you surprise your beloved with the ring, they’ll be as excited about the ring as they are about the fact that you’re giving it to them.

Know What They Value Most

When it comes to engagement rings, knowing the thing you want most can help you save money on less important details. If your significant other really wants a round cut but doesn’t care much about the size, for example, you can opt for a smaller stone that’s perfectly cut to their desires. If clarity matters most, you can make that the focus of your search.

Regardless of what you’re looking for, you should always know in advance what your significant other cares about so you can communicate that to your jeweler. If your relationship has gotten serious enough that you’re thinking about getting engaged, your significant other has probably mentioned once or twice what kind of ring is most attractive to them. Be sure to pay close attention to them when they discuss rings; you’re likely to pick up a clue that you can use to make their ring perfect for them!

Know Their Size

If you’re buying a ring as a surprise, you need to find a way to either approximate the size of your significant other’s ring finger or figure out what it is exactly without them knowing. The best way to do this is to borrow one of their rings that they regularly wear and take it to your jeweler when you go discuss rings. Your jeweler can use that to find the perfect size so that the ring will fit properly when they try it on for the first time.

If you can’t borrow a ring, there’s still a way to get the measurements without them knowing what you’re up to. One thing you can do is offer to put away a ring when they’re about to take it off for the evening. When you do, bring along a piece of paper and a pencil and trace the inside of the ring. Then, bring that with you and show your jeweler when you meet with them. It won’t be as accurate as if you brought in a ring, but it’ll be close enough for your jeweler to figure out which size they should look for when searching for engagement rings.

Be Sure It’s Cut Properly

Above all else, this is the thing to get right in terms of how the ring looks. That’s because the way that the stone is cut dictates how the ring will look to the naked eye, making it more important than anything except how well it fits.

This is also the reason why you should always go to a jeweler you trust in Highlands Ranch, CO when you consider engagement rings. If a diamond is cut perfectly, the way it is when it’s crafted by a reputable jeweler, it’s going to sparkle, even if it wasn’t the greatest rough diamond in terms of color or clarity. If the diamond is cut poorly, nothing is going to save it from looking second-rate. Even if the diamond was top-quality when it was pulled from the earth, a bad cut can make it look like costume jewelry.

Before you agree to purchase engagement rings from a certain jeweler, it’s a good idea to ask to see examples of some of the cuts they’ve made to other pieces. If they’re happy to show you their work, that’s a good sign that you can trust that they’ll perform the same quality work on your own engagement ring.

Choose the Right Band

When you consider engagement rings, don’t forget about how the band is going to look with the stone! Depending on the band that your significant other prefers, you’ll either have a bit of freedom with your diamond choice or you’ll need to be strict with its color. If your significant other wants a ring in yellow gold, for example, it’s actually OK to choose a diamond that’s got a yellowish tinge. Against that backdrop, nobody is going to be able to tell that the diamond has a yellow tint to it.

If your significant other prefers engagement rings in white gold, you’ll need to go up slightly in terms of color grade. But that doesn’t mean you must buy a flawless diamond from your local jeweler. A lower-quality color will work just fine as long as it’s still indistinguishable to the naked eye. Remember, what matters most is how the ring is going to look on your significant other’s finger, so if a diamond with an I-color grade looks colorless in the store, it’s going to look brilliant on their finger as long as it’s correctly cut.

At Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry, we know that engagement rings mean the world to the couple who purchases them, and we strive to provide a beautiful piece that captures the feeling of love that the ring symbolizes. When you’re ready to search for the right ring, come see us in Highlands Ranch, CO to find a ring that truly reflects the person it’s for!