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The pleasure of a Swiss watch is derived from classic style, thoughtful functional design, skilled engineering, and exquisite precision construction. The Oris Calibre 400 watch combines the best of these traits in a timepiece designed for those who, in this age of ephemeral computerized devices, prefer to wear a modern watch with a classic heritage. Critical to the Oris design is the red rotor, indicating watches that are naturally powered, with no charging or batteries required.


Oris has been refining the art and science of Swiss mechanical watchmaking for over 115 years. The rich heritage that the company has carefully built over the years has been preserved in one of the few independently owned and operated Swiss watch companies. The Oris Calibre 400 watch follows in a tradition of fine watch craftsmanship with a home in Holstein, a beautiful area of Switzerland that has been attracting discerning visitors since the 19th century. This area of Switzerland where this watch was created has been populated for thousands of years. Here in Highlands Ranch, CO, our local watch experts can show you the Swiss Oris line and take care of your watch care needs.


The Oris Calibre 400 watch provides, for those who have specific expectations of what they drive, fly, sail, and wear, the best possible watch for the money. As a classic diver’s watch, the stainless steel case and bracelet protect the resilient inner mechanisms with water resistance that endures up to 30 bar pressure, or 300 meter depth. The solid construction includes a rotating unidirectional bezel with a ceramic insert for additional protection.


As an additional reassurance of reliable timekeeping, the Oris Calibre 400 watch is constructed with elevated levels of anti-magnetics isolating the mechanical movement from environmental magnetic influences, exceeding the relevant ISO 764 standard. A ten-year warranty provides the foundation of reliability for this superior modern watch, and in recognition that the wearer might sometimes use wrist-based electronics, the mechanical energy storage system provides for a five-day power reserve.

Diving Durability

Three hundred meter water resistance is a promise that your watch is the last thing you have to think about whether you’re jumping in the pool in a playful moment, or taking a romantic swim in a tropical lagoon, snorkeling and exploring the colorful world under the sea. This watch is a can-do, carefully sealed stainless steel watch that’s spontaneous and secure in its function. Of all the timepieces you can wear these days, it’s one of the most functional, versatile, and beautiful ways to tell time no matter where you are.

A Dress Watch or Business Accessory

Many of today’s watches employ beautiful, dazzling designs that look great on the wrist, but demand attention as they do so. In business, subtle style speaks to the wearer’s strength. In cultural and social environments, skillful choices are part of a balanced, centered individual’s attire. Oris understands the elevation of style that rises to a point where it supports an overall theme of practical elegance. Whether at a mountain home celebration, urban business meeting, or secluded river fly fishing expedition, Oris has created a watch that stands up to the occasion.

The Luxury of Common Sense

A balance of elegant, practical styling and superior timekeeping design, the Oris Calibre 400 watch provides the “luxury of common sense.” It’s a trait that evolved owners expect of the devices on which they rely, whether they provide the hour, minute, second, and date, smooth road transportation, efficient flight and navigation, or relaxed nautical enjoyment. Common sense as a luxury means that the more you experience this watch, the more you appreciate the insight with which it was designed, as if the Swiss precision was implemented to your specific wishes.

At-a-Glance Information Display

Powered by a mechanical energy source with five days’ reserve that keeps it ready when you are, the Oris Calibre 400 watch offers Swiss precision presented in a display that provides both satisfying design language and quickly informative data. A glance provides easily-read, analog representation of time down to the second, with current date in addition. In an active life, there’s often too much happening to parse a complex digital display, and with this watch, critical time diving underwater is easy to judge.

Four Lines From Which to Draw Inspiration and Features

The strength of a diver’s timepiece such as the Oris Calibre 400 watch is not only in its purposeful design. It’s also in the fact that it is part of a family of watches designed for the water and also aviation, motor sports, and upscale culture. The evolved lines of Oris timekeeping provide the company’s designers with a wide variety of functional and stylistic challenges that linger in their repertoire as they take on new designs such as this watch. There’s a bit of the freedom of air, immersion of water, fire of powerful engines, and cultural grounding combined in this device.

Useful Complications and Functional Design

In the Oris Calibre 400 watch, designers have followed the company’s standard of functional design and “useful complications.” Taking the refinements developed by watchmaking tradition and adding insightful new features and eye-catching innovations, Oris has created yet another watch that goes beyond heirloom devices and adds carefully considered enhancements. The result is one you can wear everyday, perfect for any occasion, and ready for rugged use when needed. Why not start a tradition you can pass on, a watch that encourages appreciation of refined design and engineering?

Come Inspect the Newest Swiss Timepieces from Oris

Matheu’s Fine Watches in Highlands Ranch, CO presents the recently released Oris Calibre 400 watch and its legendary associates for cultural, diving, aviation, and motor sport enthusiasts. We welcome you to become acquainted with the Oris line and our well-respected timepiece experts. We sell and service devices that not only tell time, but endure stylishly as well.