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A Rolex watch is more than just a status symbol; it is an investment in a timepiece that represents quality craftsmanship and classic style. However, given the degree of quality in which this watch was made, caring for your watch requires a little more attention to detail and effort than other timepiece types.

When you are seeking a company for Rolex watch repair to ensure that it is properly cared for, one of the things to remember is that experience counts. Avoid allowing anyone to repair your Rolex watch unless they already have experience with working on these watches and understand their complexities.

The craftsmanship with which Rolex watches are made is complex, much more so than other watch types. It takes extensive knowledge of timepiece technology to understand the complexities of a Rolex watch, which is why experience and knowledge matters when the watch in question needs to be repaired.

The model of your Rolex watch is also a factor in the way that you care for it and the company that you choose for Rolex watch repair. This is why it is important to maintain purchase records for your watch, so that if you need to get it repaired for any reason, you can provide the company with information about when and where it was purchased, the model number and any descriptive elements about the watch that will aid in proper repair.

Clean Your Watch Carefully

To avoid the need for frequent Rolex watch repair, Denver, CO, clean it carefully. Avoid using any harsh chemical cleaning agents that might damage the material or erode the links. In most instances, you can wipe the face of the watch down with a damp cloth. You don’t need to clean it daily; it is enough to clean it routinely to avoid eroding the watch material.

This is especially true for those watches made of leather, as they are more sensitive than their metal counterparts.

If it is especially dirty, you can use a very mild soap and a soft bristle brush, but this is only applicable to metal watches. If you attempt to clean leather Rolex watches this way, you will ruin the material.

Avoid Over-Winding

If you wear your Rolex watch daily, you don’t need to wind it each time you wear it. The watch holds the charge for at least two days, sometimes more depending on the specific model you have.

If you’ve gone a few days without wearing your watch and you see that the time has stopped, then you should wind it manually.

However, avoid over-winding or handling the watch aggressively or you might find yourself in need of Rolex watch repair sooner than you think.

Seek Professional Rolex Watch Repair, Denver, CO

When you need Rolex watch repair, it is of paramount importance that you choose a watch repair specialist that not only understands the nuances of this brand, but will care for your watch with the same attention and focus that you would.

There are various reasons why you might find yourself in need of watch repair. For example, if you are unable to manually wind the watch or if it is not working even after you have wound it, then you might need to have it checked for potential repair needs.

You also need professional repair if you have cracked the face of your Rolex watch or broken the screw on the crown.

Whatever the reason for the repair need, don’t assume that the watch cannot be salvaged – especially given the degree of your investment. Take it to a professional watch repair to have an assessment of the damage. The professionals can then let you know if the watch can be salvaged.

Determine if You Need Repair or Overhaul

Depending on the issues you may be having with your watch, you may need Rolex watch repair or an entire overhaul. A Rolex overhaul means that you need the watch to be disassembled entirely, including the watch case, the bracelet and the movement pieces inside of it. If this is the case, you need to work with a Rolex specialist that understands the complexities involved in this process.

An overhaul also involved cleaning the water using an ultrasonic method and then polishing and refining the material accordingly. This will remove any scuff marks from the watch as well as any scratches on its face.

In other cases, a simple Rolex watch repair is all that is necessary. Determining which is necessary will extend the life of your watch and ensure that it operates as it should well into the future.

Schedule Routine Maintenance for Your Watch

As is the case with anything, your Rolex watch should be scheduled for routine maintenance. The brand recommends that you get your Rolex watch oiled and maintained every five years. This ensures that it continues to operate with the same quality that you’ve become accustomed to from the Rolex brand.

It also extends the life of the watch and allows you to enjoy this classic timepiece over many years.

Store Your Rolex in an Appropriate Place

Unlike other less-expensive brands, you want to ensure that wherever you store your watch is someplace cool, dry and safe. Throwing it into a jewelry box with other pieces of jewelry and watches might end up compromising the material of the Rolex.

To extend its life, keep your Rolex in the box in which it came so that it also keeps its shape when you are not wearing it.

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