Answering Questions About Rolex Watch Repair | Highlands Ranch, CO

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Rolex watches are very popular both as a status emblem and as an extremely reliable and attractive piece of jewelry. Whether you are male or female, Rolex has a watch that is designed to meet your needs and capture your attention. While smartwatches are growing in popularity these days, there is no escaping the attractive qualities of a metal Rolex strapped across your wrist. In fact, for some owning a Rolex is a rite of passage as they transition into adulthood, but it is a rite of passage that comes with some responsibilities if you want your watch to actually be a lifetime piece.

Rolex watch repair is an extremely important part of owning a Rolex, and not something that should be taken lightly. Therefore, before writing off your new watch as invincible, it’s a good idea to recognize that like all mechanical reactions it has its limitations and will function at its best if you keep up with recommended watch repair and service visits. New to Rolex and therefore Rolex watch repair requirements by association? Here is a quick list we put together of the most frequently asked questions to help you sort out the best way to care for your new watch.

How Long With A Rolex Last?

Most of the time a Rolex can last for the lifetime of the owner, and in some cases can even become an heirloom piece that is passed down to the newer generation. However, the only way to make sure that you get that much life out of your Rolex is by keeping up with Rolex watch repair and service. Regular service helps keep your watch properly lubricated so that it can function correctly without components rubbing on each other which leads to eventual wear and tear.

How Often Does Rolex Recommend Rolex Repair?

Any time that you believe something is wrong with your Rolex you need to take it to a trusted jeweler in Highlands Ranch, CO for Rolex watch repair. Rolex recommends that most of its watches be serviced at least once every ten years. In other words, at least once a decade, but a lot of jewelers will recommend that you have your watch serviced at least once every five to seven years to prevent a problem.

While there is nothing wrong with a service every ten years, in a lot of cases you will end up requiring Rolex watch repair for small issues throughout that timeframe. Therefore, scheduling a service every five to seven years can help you proactively prevent the need for breakthrough Rolex watch repair and simply fix any issues before they cause your watch to stop functioning. Ultimately it is up to you, but your jeweler is a good source of information if you are attempting to figure out a good service schedule for your Rolex.

Keep in mind that older Rolex watches might require more frequent Rolex watch repair for obvious reasons. As mechanisms age, they become more fragile and prone to small issues. There is no way to prevent normal wear and tear, but keeping an eye on wear and tear can once help you address issues proactively before they occur. In short, there is never a bad time to schedule service so if it has been over 7-10 years since your last Rolex repair it may not be a bad idea to start thinking about scheduling a new repair visit.

What are Common Signs I Need Rolex Watch Repair?

Highlands Ranch, CO is a great place to own a Rolex because the dry heat is an excellent way to prevent humidity from damaging your timepiece. However, if you travel or you get water trapped inside of your watch then you will need to have it serviced in a timely manner. Humidity can cause damage to the pieces inside of your fine watch that cannot be reversed, but by having your watch cleaned and dried out thoroughly, you can prevent humidity from being an issue. Therefore, if you have any reason to think there is water trapped in your Rolex then you need to have it serviced.

The most common sign of course is that your Rolex watch is not properly keeping time. One of the top benefits of owning a Rolex is that they keep time extremely well. Therefore, if the timing begins to slip on your watch you know that something is wrong. This usually happens when the battery starts to die and is a simple issue to solve if you preemptively schedule Rolex repair the minute you notice that its ability to keep time is slipping. The good news is that it is always cheaper and easier to just swap your watch battery versus more involved watch repair, so pay attention and actively get help before it’s too late.

What Happens During Rolex Servicing?

During a typical Rolex watch repair and service, all components of your watch will be dismantled. This allows each piece inside of the mechanism to be thoroughly cleaned and inspected. Due to the danger of introducing humidity to a Rolex, usually ultrasonic methods are utilized to clean all pieces without leading to any future issues.

A jeweler will also carefully inspect every tiny piece to ensure that there are no signs of wear or breakage. Once the watch is fully examined it will be put back together and then set to the correct time. At this point barring any major unforeseen instances, your watch should be good for another five to ten years.

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