Everything You Need To Know About Rolex Watch Repair | Denver, CO

Rolex watches are synonymous with prestige and luxury, but there’s more to these watches than just a status symbol. Rolex watches are also known for their practicality, durability, and serviceability – built for an active lifestyle and to last not just one but many lifetimes.

Some Rolex owners claim that their watches are so solid that they don’t need maintenance – but this isn’t entirely accurate. Even the best-made watches may need cleaning, adjustments, or simply part replacement. Today, we’re talking about Rolex watch repair and service and what to expect from your Denver, CO, fine Rolex watch repair service.

Should I Use an Independent Rolex Service Center?

There are benefits and drawbacks to both. Official Rolex Service Centers (RSC) will replace all the worn parts – whether or not the owner wishes it. Vintage watch owners may wish to preserve the original parts – flaws and all. In addition, RSCs won’t service a watch if it has customized parts, including after-market lab-grown diamonds or other gem settings.

These and other limitations mean that many Rolex owners choose an independent service center, like Matheu’s Fine Watches & jewelry, to service and maintain their Rolex watches.

The Rolex Watch Repair And Service Procedure:

We offer professional, careful Rolex watch repair and service from expertly trained watch technicians.

Disassemble the Rolex

We carefully disassemble the Rolex, removing the bracelets from each side of the watch case and returning the fluted case. To do this, we use a special key to prevent any damage to the metal’s surface. Once we remove the case back, we then remove the movement.

Cleaning, Repairing, and Reassembling the Rolex’s Watch’s Movement

During the Rolex watch repair and after removing the movement, we then disassemble each component and clean it, replacing any owner-out parts. All the oil and dirt are removed, ensuring a smooth, fluid operation of the watch. If we need to apply lubricant to reduce friction, we do that, too. Gaskets, which ensure water resistance, and the mainspring and reverser wheel are the main parts that are replaced.

Once we’ve cleaned and refurbished the movement, we carefully reassemble it.

Restoring the Exterior

Keeping your Rolex beautiful, including cleaning and checking the settings of any lab-created diamonds added to the face, is the next step. We use specialized polishes, pastes, and cleaning techniques to restore the Rolex’s case, bracelet, and bezel, ensuring that we don’t alter the silhouette of the watch.

Matheu’s Rolex watch repair and service also include restoring dials to the original condition, even if the surface is rusted or badly damaged. We can even replace the crystal if necessary.

Testing For Quality

We then rigorously test the timepiece after cleaning and restoring your Rolex, including polishing your aftermarket lab-created diamonds. Our routine involves a specialized pressure machine that ensures your Rolex is performing with proper accuracy and the right level of water resistance.

What Does Rolex Service Include?

The standard Rolex watch repair and service includes all the labor and replacement parts; if you need additional components outside standard service, such as a new dial, addition or replacement of lab-created diamonds in the face, or a new crystal, we’ll let you know, as this will be an additional fee. We also provide bracelet resizing and replacements, and engraving.

How Often Does a Rolex Need Service?

The age and “workload” of a Rolex determine how often you should have it cleaned and maintained. If you wear it every day and frequently sweat or expose it to water, you’ll need more frequent service. However, if your Rolex is more of a special occasion watch, you may need service less frequently. About three years is our general recommendation for Rolex watch repair and service.

How Do I Know If I Need Rolex Service?

If it’s been longer than three years since your last service, or if you’ve inherited or otherwise obtained the Rolex from another person, then it’s time for service. If your lab-created diamonds are loose in the setting or need one replaced, this can also be part of your personalized service.

A few other signs you need service include:

  • The watch is running too fast or too slow
  • Moisture underneath the crystal
  • The power reserve drains quicker than usual

If you generally wear your Rolex swimming or diving, we recommend you have it serviced at least every two years to ensure moisture hasn’t damaged the parts and so we can replace worn-out gaskets.

Caring For Your Rolex Between Service

When you’re wearing the Rolex, make sure the winding crown is screwed tight to the case to prevent any moisture or dust from getting to the watch, as the water depth is only applicable if the crown is completely screwed down.

Store it in a cool, dry place, away from magnetic fields when you aren’t wearing the watch. Prolonged exposure to magnetic fields will throw off the precise timekeeping mechanism of a Rolex. Also, avoid storing your watch on a winder. While you can use a winder to wind the watch, don’t keep it on there longer than necessary, or you’ll wear the parts out faster. If the watch depletes the power reserve while off your wrist, manually wind it up before putting it back on.

You can clean your Rolex at home with warm soapy water, gently rub any dirt from the bracelet and watch face. Then, dry thoroughly with a soft cloth. Before cleaning, make sure the winding crown is screwed tightly in place. If you have a vintage Rolex watch, avoid submerging it in water.

The Best Rolex Maintenance Schedule

The best way to ensure that your Rolex remains in great working condition is to take great care of it at home and follow a good maintenance schedule. Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry of Denver, CO, are experts at cleaning and maintaining Rolex watches, including vintage ones. We have trained specialists that can clean and refurbish any type of Rolex in any condition. Following our cleaning and maintenance schedule, as well as our professional tips can ensure that your Rolex and any added lab-created diamonds settings will last not just a lifetime but long enough to pass down for several generations. Call us today for a professional quote for your Rolex watch repair and service.

Photo by Rudenkois at Shutterstock