How Do You Know If You Need Rolex Watch Repair | Denver, CO

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Rolex watches emanate the air of luxury and regality. These high-quality wristwatches are the perfect combination of style and efficiency. Thanks to these qualities, Rolex enjoys sales of around $5.2 billion annually (as in 2020). Not only do they enhance your look, but they also remain by your side for a long time. You may not have to look for a repair for ages.

However, this does not mean that your Rolex watch is invincible to any damages or glitches. Periodic maintenance and proper care are essential to keep it running smoothly. With regular servicing and repair, you can extend your watch’s performance to several years.

But how will you know when it is the right time to repair your Rolex? Read on to know the indicators that call for a Rolex watch repair in Denver, CO.

Signs Your Rolex Needs a Repair

Your Rolex watch usually gives out some signs that show a gradual dip in its regular functioning or appearance. Call for a Rolex watch repair as soon as possible if you see the below signs:

Moisture in Your Watch Case

Do you notice moisture or condensation under the crystal or on top of the dial? It is a sign that your Rolex needs repair. Generally, it occurs more in humid areas. In Denver, CO, there is a little risk of any condensation form, such as water seeping into your watch. The dry climate is ideal for flaunting your Rolex.

However, make sure to avoid taking a Rolex near a pool or any water source. Even if your watch is water-resistant, it is recommended to give it an inspection for resistance level every few years.

Additionally, if you take a trip to a region or another city with higher humid levels, check to see if any moisture accumulates in your watch case. Even a hint of moisture or water can corrode its parts. Call a Rolex watch repair service immediately as any delay can lead to permanent damage.

Inaccurate Time

Is your Rolex running too slow or fast? It is an obvious sign to get a repair.

Rolex follows a strict time margin. The company follows a vigorous quality test and control before releasing its products. However, over time, there could be room for issues to develop.

Any lag or higher speed is not a good indicator. It could be an effect of magnetization from electronic devices such as computers, speakers, or mobile phones.

Loose or Stiff Crown

With a Rolex, you do not have to adjust the date and time constantly. However, the watch allows you to change these settings whenever you wish. If you find the crown too loose or stiff, any alteration can be complex. Call a Rolex watch repair when you face such a situation as it indicates a severe problem.

The cause could be the watch’s internal stem. It may be stuck or snapped. Loosening of the crown also indicates damage to the mainspring. When these essential links are lost, you have difficulty adjusting your Rolex’s settings.

Most individuals overlook these issues with a Rolex. They believe it to be a minor setback. However, ignoring any defect regardless of its impact can be a grave mistake.

The Second Hand Starts Skipping

Do you notice that the second hand of your Rolex suddenly begins to skip every two or five seconds? It is a sign that something within your watch is not functioning properly. You need to hire a Rolex watch repair service immediately to save your Rolex.

A simple check-up from a professional watch repair company can prevent the watch from a complete shutdown. It also avoids any potential damage that can arise from a continual malfunction.

Unusual Rattle Noise

Rolex watches come with high-standard machinery that aims for precision. The durable gears and springs can withstand a hard knock or a fall well. However, a jostle at the wrong angle may sometimes cause any screw, wheel, or spring to loosen.

It usually makes a rattling noise. You can pay attention when you strap your Rolex. Do you hear any unusual noises? You may call a Rolex watch repair service to look into it.

When Should You Give Your Rolex for Servicing

If you own a modern variant, the need for servicing may not come for a long time. However, if your Rolex is a vintage one, you have to give it for servicing often. These watches use an older lubricant that does not last very long.

Modern Rolex watches use synthetic oil as a lubricant. Since vintage watches do not utilize this oil, the protection may wear off quicker. A Rolex watch repair service can lubricate your Rolex to keep its functioning seamless.

Additionally, if your last Rolex servicing was over three years ago, it may need an evaluation.

Call Professionals for the Job

Do you notice any of the above alarming signs in your Rolex watch? It is best to assign your Rolex watch repair to professionals. Contact Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry for efficient Rolex repair services in Denver, CO.

We provide reliable and high-quality repair services. You can trust us with your Rolex watch repair to get it back to its usual premium performance. Moreover, you receive our warranty for three years with every major watch repair with us.

You can give us a call at 303-471-8463 or 970-453-8463 for more information. You may also visit our website to submit your repair or servicing request. Our representative will call you back promptly.