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There is no contest when stating that Rolex is one of the most popular and well-known watchmaking companies in the world. The amount of Rolex timepieces that are sold year after year and the ones that are sought after is one fact alone that attests to just how popular Rolex watches are.  Long regarded as more than just a watch, a Rolex is a status symbol. For many, owning a Rolex is as major as one owning a vehicle and their own home. With this great demand in these luxury watches, there is also a booming counterfeit market for them as well.


Unfortunately, with as many Rolex timepieces that are sold each year, there are also many owners being tricked into buying counterfeits also.  So, if you are in the process or thinking of purchasing a timeless Rolex watch for yourself or a loved one, then it is critical that you take the time to understand what you are purchasing. In this (2) part article we will go over how to tell the difference between a genuine Rolex and a counterfeit one.


Genuine Rolex Compared to a Counterfeit Rolex


A Rolex ranks as one of the most desired luxury items for many across the world. With that in mind you can see just how there is also a thriving market to produce counterfeit Rolex watches also.  Most of the counterfeit watches for the time being are made in China. However, as time progresses, more and more counterfeit Rolex watches are being produced throughout all of Asia. Counterfeit Rolex timepieces will usually have a street-value price of around $25 to $200 USD and surprisingly enough, the quality has gotten sufficiently better over the past making it even harder to determine a genuine from a fake.


Even some dealers may get fooled by counterfeit watches. Some of the counterfeit Rolex watches are easy to determine that they are counterfeit right away, while others that are more sophisticated may take a bit more time in determining if they are genuine or fake.  Novices will have a very hard time when it comes to determining fakes that are more sophisticated and that is why it is critical in WHOM you purchase a Rolex from.


Purchase from a Reputable and Trusted Seller


The simplest and easiest way to prevent purchasing a counterfeit Rolex is to buy from a reputable and trusted seller.  There are plenty of reputable dealers across the globe and it is not that hard to determine whom is who. It goes without saying that you are better off purchasing a Rolex from a brick and mortar location that specializes in selling fine and luxurious watches than buying a Rolex off of some guy on Craigslist, Ebay or standing on the side of the road at your local convenience store. However, when deciding to go with a dealer make sure that they include a guarantee of authenticity with every purchase.


Be Wary of Ebay, Social Media, & Craigslist Sellers

The internet offers a filter of anonymity that makes it easy for disreputable and shady sellers. Afterall, Ebay, Social Media Sites, and Craigslist are only platforms that are used in order to bring buyers and sellers together. They are not held accountable for what may happen once a buyer and seller make a transaction and/or meet.  These platforms are continuously plagued with fraudulent goods and sellers alike.

Rolex = Quality

Rolex is well known for their quality, which is why they are one of the most well-known and popular luxury watchmakers in the world.  The company uses some of the best steel produced in the world.  It is called “904L steel” and it is highly rust and corrosion resistant. Rolex also produces its own alloys and rolls its own metal to ensure the integrity of every single timepiece.  With Rolex timepieces, every single component is crafted to be absolutely perfect. So when inspecting a Rolex, take a close look at the case, crown, hands, bezel, bracelet and clasp – if any of the components appear to be cheap, then you can surely bet it is a counterfeit.

The Top 10 Methods to Determine if a Rolex is a Countefeit


In the next article, we further dive into how to determine if a Rolex is genuine or counterfeit by going over the top 10 methods that can help determine so. If you are in the market for a Rolex either for yourself or a loved one then do not hesitate to get in touch with Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry or come pay us a visit to browse our vast selection of genuine Rolex timepieces.


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