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Seiko is one of the globally-acclaimed watchmakers, having been in the industry for more than 100 years. The Seiko Holdings Corporation began as a small shop in Ginza, Japan, in 1881. Today, the watchmakers boast a massive following of watch enthusiasts from all over the world. Most consumers in Highlands Ranch, CO, with a knack for design watches have often applauded Seiko for their watches that demonstrate Japanese artistry excellence.

The Japanese watchmaker has continuously improved its collection of watches by keeping up with the latest technological and design trends. The company has managed to evolve throughout the years, and it is proud to celebrate a 12-watch milestone. One of its remarkable accomplishments is creating the SEIKO Prospex watch, commonly referred to as the Diver’s Watch. This article discusses the excellent features of the prospex watch and some of the top reasons you need to invest in it. Before we delve into that, let us try and first understand the Seiko watch company’s history.

A Brief History of the Seiko Watch Company

As mentioned earlier, the Seiko watch company was established by Kintao Hattori in 1881. It started as a small retail shop that sold and repaired watches. During this time, Hattori was 22 years old. The company grew within the first decade, and in 1892, he opened another watch manufacturing factory in Seikosha, the name that inspired the company’s name.

To Hattori, Seikosha was a special place because it was in this town where he could manufacture different types of timepieces, from pocket watches to wall clocks. He created the first pocket watch, which he loved and called it “The Timekeeper”. What never occurred to him was that this creation was the beginning of a journey that would lead him to design and manufacture the first-ever wristwatch in Japan.

The year 1913 marked a significant turning point for the Seiko company, as it was the year when the first SEIKO wristwatch made its market debut. Still, it took Hattori a decade to officially release a wristwatch bearing the iconic label: SEIKO.

The Seiko Prospex Watch

In 1965, about a year after Seiko released its first clock made in Japan, the company designed and engineered the Seiko Prospex watch. It was the first waterproof, Japanese-made watch, the SEIKO Diver’s 150.

It all started with a diver’s quest for a watch that could withstand intense water pressure of up to 300 meters. The company then moved aggressively and established a team of designers and engineers to produce such an incredible watch.

As the name suggests, the Seiko Prospex watch [Seiko Diver’s 150M] was built to withstand underwater pressure of up to 150 meters. It has a sturdy, water-resistant casing made of high-grade aluminum material. Measuring a diameter of 38mm and a thickness of 13.4mm, the Prospex featured a bidirectional rotating bezel that gave it a stylish and functional design.

In 1968, the company released an upgraded version of the Diver’s 150M, delivering water-resistance of up to 300 meters. Seven years later, the first Pro Seiko Prospex [the Seiko Diver’s 1000M was introduced. This time, Seiko’s creative designers used a durable Titanium material that raided a 1000-meter water resistance.

The Seiko Prospex XL Watch

Since Seiko Holdings Company released the first Seiko Prospex Watch in 1965, the company has continued to invest in research, creating innovating technologies to ensure you get stylish and scrupulously-engineered timepieces that not only accessorize your look, but compels you to your adventurous side, whether you are swimming, walking, or flying. The Seiko Prospex Watch collection comprises a wide range of designs and colors that appeal to professional and casual watch enthusiasts.

Below are the top features that set the Seiko watch collection apart from the competition:

Stand-alone Aesthetics

One of the aspects of these watches that captures our discerning consumers is the stylish aura that each piece exudes. It comes with a compelling upper case that features angular lines that allow the Zaratsu-polished body to stick out. It is one of the watches you will love if you are looking for a high-end option.

Improved Comfort

Seiko did not design the Prospex timepiece just for the sake of it. The model was created to offer an ergonomic watch with high wearability and comfort level. The designers ensured that the center of gravity of the case was lowered to enhance stability without hurting the wrist. After all, it fits perfectly, offering comfort regardless of what you are doing.

The Exclusive Spring Drive by Seiko

A Seiko watch wouldn’t be labeled, so without the original spring drive that gives the company’s wristwatches the performance and reliability levels that consumers have come to trust. The spring drive particularly appeals to elite athletes because of its reliability in active sports scenes, such as climbing.

The Seiko Prospex Watch: Where Practicality Meets Aesthetics

No watch in the market combines practical features and high-end aesthetics like Seiko does. With a high focus on appearance, the watch’s creative minds did an excellent job creating a watch that offered the functionality required for the sporting fan.

The indexing and width of the parting line undergo scrutiny to ensure it balances with the bezel. As a result, you get a watch that not only makes you stand-out but delivers the performance for which you bought it.

Where Can I Buy Seiko Watches?

It is critical to take caution when purchasing the watch. We’ve heard many cases of counterfeit timepieces. While Seiko officials are doing everything in their power to mitigate that, it is essential to ensure you purchase from authorized and licensed retailers. If possible, ask the seller to provide proof that they are a Seiko Authorized Dealer.

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